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Traveling to “land of opportunities” for long term studies is known as a dream of a large number of people while standards and quality of education is the best in the world.

I am one of those lucky folks who wished to analyze in America and finally landed in United States for this specific purpose. But it had not been an easy task as rules and regulation intended for obtaining a student’s visa is difficult. But troubles do not end with acquiring a student australian visa as following coming to Usa, one discovers himself interlaced in other tough rules.

I myself skilled all these problems and hardships before introduction and after entrance in United states of america. When I applied at the Us consulate in my native region, I had to generate certain protection documents in addition to my I-20 Form (Admission notification from my institute), funding document and passport. Even though these secureness documents had been necessary to crystal clear the security conditions but it took me many days to get these types of from local authorities. Additionally , I needed to come to America thirty days before the start of my program date in order to accommodate myself in the American environment and learn the culture and values of Americans.

However it was not just a simple thing as I have to get a visitor visa first and it was likewise required to register with Division of Homeland Security office upon my arrival in United States. Following one month, prior to starting any research, I must get yourself a change of classification through Form I-539 (application intended for Change of non-immigrant Status). As these rules were hard to understand and were harder to follw, so I chosen to end this kind of venture. In my opinion that these methods are complicated and causes one never to apply for a visa thirty days before the corse commence date. My spouse and i also believe student need to come before (more than thirty days) to Us to receive an acquintance with the local customs, practices and environment.

There is another condition to get F-1 australian visa that pupils must be signed up as a a lot of the time student on the institution. Although sometime Company does offer long duration courses in Dialect Proficiency but does not give it full time training course status to these courses. This kind of creates a lots of problem in receiving student visa for australia and college students in this case only gets check out visa. I think that Dialect courses must be contained in the category of regular courses and also the Visa rule about these training should be peaceful and students visa needs to be issued for people.

There is one more part of the australian visa application method; an interview with the embassy consular section is needed for australian visa applicants. In my opinion that this interview process can be an extra thing as pupils waits a great deal to be required interview. Once again a conversation barrier is yet another problem because students cannot convey the real information as a result of language inability.

He can not really understand the questions of the Australian visa Clearance Workplace in the proper context. This results in the failure of having a australian visa. The migrants rules relevant to medical check up and shots is another issue that pupils face.

My spouse and i myself have to undergo a whole lot of difficult techniques. I believe that vaccination is necessary and Usa has the directly to allow the particular healthy person to enter in its territory but these procedures must be simplified. An additional hard rule is related to job. According to the F-1 rules, maximum of 20 hours/week is allowed while the studies are happening whereas during annual break periods one can possibly work up to 40 hours a week. I think that pupils must be given more hours so that they can generate enough to partially support their non-curricular activities.

It does not mean that their very own studies needs to be sacrificed however they should be allowed according heir spare time. College students should use this money to see various parts of America and also to get knowledge of American culture and location. Another job rule relates to on-campus job. One can not take jobs outside the college or institute property.

I think that this regulation can be unfair while only few jobs can be obtained on the campus. Furthermore, every single international student tries to obtain job on the premises. This will make the situation challenging. So it is not possible for every student to get a task on his or her own campus. I think this rule needs to be relaxed and students ought to b allowed to work in the environment of the university or college or commence.

Again after one year, college students are allowed to function off-campus little it needs an approval of the institute. I believe this procedure again creates problems for the scholars. Although opportunities in the local surroundings are not exceptional but they are prepared so quickly that after getting an approval by institute, they remain forget about available. Though I suffered with only a few of the hard rules but a lot of the prospective students become a patient of one or more of these rules. So I think the particular rules must be altered to be able to take care of the students’ needs.

Government need to take effort to accommodate the students and their genuine requirements.

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