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1 ) Deviance is relative, and refers to behavioral deviation by established sociable norms within a specific community (Schaefer, 2016). Therefore , precisely what is deviant in a single period of time can become normative within and vice-versa. Likewise, what is deviant in one culture may not be considered deviant in another. Although deviance is usually framed since maladaptive tendencies that either leads to or perhaps is labeled as lawbreaker, deviance may also be constructive, productive, and positive, (Hughes Coakley, 1991, l. 307). Actually athletes engage in what is known since positive deviance, in that their very own behaviors amount to a cohesive sport ethic that includes acquiring risks, forcing past personal limits, and making surrender for the greater good in the game (Hughes Coakley, 1991, p. 307). The 2010 documentary We Am In is about the Uruguayan game teams exceptional survival inside the Andes, which is a perfect example of positive deviance in action. They take innumerable risks that involve pushing past their mental and physical limits, most notably the decision simply by Nando and Roberto to trek throughout the mountains against all odds of survival. They also do so pertaining to the good with the team instead of just to save their particular lives.

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Of all the behaviors displayed by the men in the film, the one that is most universally deviant would be anthropophagyconsuming human drag. Although a number of small civilizations have applied ritual cannibalism in some contact form, eating the flesh of human beings is regarded as deviant in almost all contexts (Osborne, 2010). The remainders use a variety of methods to rationalize their deviant behavior which includes using the Eucharist as an analogy and the most importantly, effective themselves that anthropophagy is important to their own survival. Although anthropophagy is deviant, it really is as deviant to give up about life, or turn down the opportunity to survive once there is a obvious and logical solution to the condition of misery.

2 . Conformity and obedience are not overt themes of I Am Alive, nevertheless the film will show just how conformity and obedience helped the remainders maintain unanimity and collaborate on their strategies. The type of management exhibited in I Am Alive is collaborative. Even though Nando Parrado does emerge as the strongest organic leader, this individual defers to other users of the group for areas of specialty area, as when ever Roy shows he is a radio expert (Osborne, 2010). It

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