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My spouse and i grew up in a small town inside the mountains in the Philippine Islands, in a tradition that highlighted the importance of food, family members, and alcoholic beverages. In my household, the is the number one concern. You job to provide to your family. You go to school to provide your family a much better future. After family, food is the second priority. To get the population which includes access to foodstuff, it is a luxury, however , not that many Filipino families can enjoy this luxury because of poverty. Growing up in the Filipino traditions, I saw how important alcohol was going to the social experience. This brought people together. The Filipino tradition loves to take in and loves to drink nevertheless no one has had up the effects of these activities. This way of living that the Philippine population is definitely living is also what is leading to a higher risk of high blood pressure. Hypertension is also referred to as hypertension. In line with the American Center Association (2017), hypertension is definitely when the stress, which is the effectiveness of the blood pressing on the surfaces of the arteries, is too large. It is known as the silent great because there are simply no clear symptoms other than fatality. According to WebMD (2017), there are many factors behind high blood pressure including smoking, having, family history, age group, salty diet, and not enough exercise. Medication and a big change in life-style can handle high blood pressure. Folks who do not go to the doctors annually and manage to get thier blood pressure inspected, do not know that they can might have heart disease which will put them by a higher risk of heart circumstances such as stroke and center attacks. The Filipino lifestyle is known to have one of the greatest rates of high blood pressure compared to the other Cookware cultures (Hypertension Among Filipinos). I feel that within my Filipino culture, the family is so prioritized that people miss to take care of themselves as an individual. There are thousands of people that have heart disease but they do not do anything to lower their blood pressure since they are more concerned with taking care of all their family. Households that are in poverty usually do not even have usage of health care and medical treatments since all the funds that they have moves towards nourishing their family and sending their children to school for the better long term. It is sad to know that my tradition does not put enough importance on how hazardous high blood pressure is definitely. A population of the Philippine culture would not go to college because they might rather make use of the tuition money for rent and food, consequently , they shortage the information on what causes heart disease and the remedies that they could learn in school. It makes me truly feel worried that high blood pressure can be killing many people because my culture does not educate how serious it is and how a good way to treat it simply takes a change in lifestyle to reduce the blood pressure.

My own perspective upon high blood pressure is the fact it is a health that my culture experiences because of each of our love in the Filipino cuisines. My traditions emphasizes the importance of foodstuff. We have numerous delicious foods like pancit which is a noodle dish, lechon which is roasted pig, and adobo which can be soy sauce braised chicken breast. However , these delicious dishes are unhealthy and improve the risk of hypertension because they will contain a lot of it has chicken, beef, chicken breast, and seafoods which are expert with a me llaman sauce, vinegar, and salt. I know that because of my culture’s influence on my diet, it improves my risk of hypertension. Finding out how serious high blood pressure is because it doesn’t show any kind of symptoms and seeing the way the people around me have it for their lifestyle makes me wish to change my own attitude in diet and exercise.

Growing up in the Filipino culture, ingesting was a very big area of the lifestyle. Anytime during the day, people would be having. Drinking was obviously a part of a lot of occasions like birthdays and conventions. Even throughout the preparation intended for the event, persons would currently start consuming. I have likewise experienced seeing my uncles consuming in the middle of the afternoon even when there is no celebration. The people in the Philippines have a hard time finding careers and generating revenue but it does not stop all of them from drinking. With the very little money that they earn, they spend this on liquor. Instead of going house, they spend hours using their drinking buddies drinking multiple bottles. I’ve tried to inform my uncles about the consequences of drinking nonetheless it is hard to alter the behavior of somebody that has spent a lot of years ingesting. Alcohol is among the causes of hypertonie which is why I use chosen not to drink how a people in my culture enjoy. Being in a culture that encourages drinking and discovering the effects of that on someones health has made me prevent alcohol. Since the risk of hypertension is also based on genes, I have chosen to avoid things such as liquor that can maximize my likelihood of high blood pressure due to the history within my family.

I am proud being part of the Filipino culture though it is a little unsatisfactory that our culture’s emphasis on the importance of relatives, food, and alcohol are also the reasons why we have a big percentage of Filipinos that are at risk of high blood pressure. I think that hypertonie is a health that needs to be discussed more during my culture so people may start acknowledging their effect on your body and changing their lifestyle to be better. I are glad that we am researching hypertension in school, so I can discuss the information that I learn with my family and improve our overall health.

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