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Teacher: Contents Task 16 Research the characteristics required to work in the IT sector4 Identify the characteristics and display that in a table.

4 Task 26 Create a table with two columns, regarding task role and descriptions6 List the different sort of roles obtainable in the ICT sector6 Illustrate each of the job roles6 Task 311 Produce a booklet concerning ONE work role11 List the characteristics required for the specific job role11 Activity 414 Expand the guide -Explain for what reason certain qualities are essential for the specific jobs. 14 Task 519 Write a written are accountable to justify the task role which usually meets these criteria. nineteen – Aim of Assignment The goal of this product is to make sure that learners know about the obtainable job functions involving specialist IT plus the characteristics employers demand inside the IT sector. – Learning Outcomes 1 . Know the attributes that are used by employers inside the IT sector 2 . Know the common job roles carried out by persons working in the IT sector – Key phrases Industry certain: technical knowledge, working types of procedures, health and safety knowledge Basic: skills electronic. g. interpersonal skills, planning skills, organizational skills, time management, team working, number skills, creative imagination, problem solving Perceptions: preferred at the. g. determined, independent, sincerity, tolerant, dependable, leadership, confidence, self-motivation General IT: roles e. g. solutions architecture, solution advancement and setup, network management, information secureness, technical authors, data facilitators, IT services management and delivery; equipment specific elizabeth. g. anufacturing, repair, supply, installation, sites; software certain e. g. applications developers, systems programmers, website creator, communications developers Investigation and design: analysts; designers; job managers – Scenario THAT Venture can be an ICT recruitment agency which specialises in THAT jobs.

Inside the recent times obtaining a job in the IT sector has become really hard. To help the folks who want to get into the industry the company wants to run an article and alongside it they will advertise job functions which will include the ideal staff attributes. In this assignment you are a jr recruiter doing work at the company.

The supervisor has asked you to carry out the task of writing the content about characteristics needed to work in the ICT industry. You could then produce a stand with a selective number of IT job roles, the job roles will condition the employee characteristics needed to these people. – 1 . Researching the requirements Grade P1 You will have to study the characteristics that happen to be needed to take a job in the industry. The easiest method to go about the job is to express the characteristics after which to describe them.

Task one particular For P1 you need to: Analysis the characteristics needed to work in the IT sector Describe the functions and screen it in a table. P1 -Evidence to be submitted: 1 . Table with 2 articles using the titles = characteristics and information Characteristics essential in the THAT industry Characteristics/skills | Information | Sociable | 2. Definition- Associated with others, making with people (and getting the job done) * Needed since you must get on with people. * If you don’t get on with persons then you simply cannot get the job done!

Persons may find you a negative impact if you cannot work together with others effectively. | Planning | 2. Definition- Planning your work, activity lists, performing things in the right buy, ensuring you may have all the solutions required. 2. Needed because unorganised people tend to acquire less work * Employers dislike unorganised people mainly because they can make havoc in the workplace * If you plan when to do things then you may have more free time to do whatever you want| Organisational | * Definition: Becoming organised is having a clean and tidy work space where you can operate to your optimum capacity.

Becoming unorganised can be quite annoying to other members of your crew if you are in a single * Unorganised network support managers won’t be able to monitor the computers they control. | Problem solving| 5. Definition: Solving problems is coping with situation as effectively as is feasible and getting a great positive outcome * Having the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently will mean that you save time. 2. If you are an THAT technician and you are unable to fix a problem than clients and customers is going to view you as unprofessional and that you don’t have the abilities to be a specialist. Creativity | * Classification: allowing you to ultimately make untamed and crazy yet smart ideas or suggestions.

2. It is important being creative to be able to stand out in your workplace. * You can reach different viewers which will be best for business. 2. IT experts need to be imaginative to be able to create programmes that are suited to the audience, for example a children’s program. | Numeric| * Explanation: using and applying mathematical skills in case of where it is needed. 5. When an THIS Programmer can be working they have to use number skills to code the application.

Basic mathematics skills will be needed for certain programs and also you need to know how to do equations. | Group working| 2. Definition: functioning amongst a group of people while giving support and also receiving help. 5. You would be surprised how much you discover from your peers and co-workers. * A Programmer would need to work in a team to help complete the project to their best potential. | Time Management| 2. Definition: Hanging out wisely and productively. 5. During a function project you may need plan how you can15484 use your time and efforts so you can end the task to a good standard.

In case you can’t take care of your time properly then you will be delayed about tasks as you may have basically wasted period. | – 2 . Describing the job part and stating the characteristics Level P2, P3, P4, D1 For this section of the section you will be looking at several job roles and you will take note of the job and a description from the job. You may then have to jot down the characteristics requirements for each task role. Intended for the attribute that you have particular you will need to describe why a unique characteristic is needed for each work.

Task two For P2 you need to: Create a table with two articles, regarding job role and descriptions List the different kind of roles that can be found in the ICT sector Describe each of the task roles P2 -Evidence being submitted: 1 . A desk with a set of jobs and job roles. P2 Functions and Responsibilities in THAT Job Work Title| Jobs and Responsibilities| Desired Personal characteristics| 1 . Network Technician| Computer network technicians build and maintain computer system networks utilized by business, education, government, and health-care institutions. Networks relating desktop pcs allow users to send electronic mail (e-mail) and to share data, computer applications, and Online connections.

As even more institutions set up computer systems, the demand intended for skilled computer system network professionals will expand. | Period management is really important as you may have a lot of work to accomplish on a deadline. Problem operating skills are also important mainly because you may need to evaluate a problem before working it out. You also need to resolve a problem when as perhaps but as well as successfully as possible. installment payments on your Website Developer| The web developer has the responsibility of the design and structure of the site.

They also have to responsibility for coding the site. They also have the responsibility to upgrade any software program and the program also maintenance of the website. | Creativity is very important as they have to design an online site that is initial and outshines the rest of the competition. Another skill is solving problems. This is required because there could be faults and glitches inside the system which makes using the website hard pertaining to users. Hence the designer should iron out any cheats. | three or more.

Systems programmer| A coder needs to research and take a look at current devices. They need to work well other acquaintances in the style and analyst compartment. They have to write the software need to find faults with any applications. | You require problem solving expertise as you need to find flaws with a program and then fix it another skill is deductive skills.

This is certainly needed mainly because you have to be capable to solve complexes and uncomplicated problems. Also this is similar to problem solving skills. 5. Data administrator| A data source administrator provides the role monitoring the efficiency, integrity and security of your database. | They need to have got team functioning skills mainly because they control the data basic of the organization in a staff; this is because in a team they are going to work more proficiently. Also they have to have find solutions to problems skills mainly because if users of the database are having complications they need to resolve as quickly and efficiently as it can be. | 5. Network manager| As a network manager, you could have two roles.

You’ll be responsible for installing and preserving the company’s computer sites, and also to coach staff to provide first rate tech support team. | Like a network manager you will need to include problem solving abilities, this is because you could face challenges in the sites that you need to solve. Also you have to have team operating skills whenever you will be working in a crew and you will have to work with all of them efficiently. Furthermore you must have interaction skills, since you will need to instruct staff and communicate very well with all of them. Some other social skills necessary are the capability to communicate face to face and have clear written interaction also tuning in skills is very important. | 6th.

Technical writer| The jobs and responsibilities of a technical writer is that they must ensure all their audience recognizes the text. This is due to their work is to make complex specialized information appear relatively easy. | They need communication skills; it is because they need help to make information straightforward instead of a technological jargon which many customers do not understand.

Likewise they need to have got team working skills, because they will be usually working in a team. | Source via www. wikipedia. com Process 3 Pertaining to P3 you need to: Create a report regarding ONE job position List the characteristics needed for the precise job role P3 -Evidence to be submitted: 1 . A booklet with ONE jobs and job characteristics Task 4 Pertaining to M1 it is advisable to: Extend the booklet -Explain why selected characteristics happen to be needed for the precise jobs. Facts to be posted: 1 . A booklet with a list of jobs, job qualities and reason of certain characteristic requirements Why specific characteristics are important for system analysts (M1) This composition will be highlighting the important skills that are necessary for a system analyst.

Characteristic which might be required for a system analyst are: * Sociable skills 2. Analytical skills * Organisational skills * Technical expertise * Repair * Group working 5. Communicational 2. Time Supervision * Versatility * Adaptability * Patience * Integrity * Willpower and self-motivation Interpersonal expertise The system analyst needs to be capable to interact and communicate with the corporation, business and colleagues in order to solve concerns. Interpersonal expertise consist of many things; communicating with others, but as well our assurance and our capability to listen closely and understand. Problem solving, decision making and personal stress are also regarded interpersonal skills. System expert need to be in a position to clarify all their ideas and judgment.

System analyst with sound interpersonal skills may identify which are the best ways of collaborating with system users. Analytical expertise Analytical expertise are the capacity to visualize and solve the two uncomplicated and complex complications and ideas and generate decisions which might be appropriate towards the situation. Analytical skills can be referred to as problem solving skills, which is a necessary skill necessary, as a system analyst. System analyst must be able to manage to see issues as devices, identify, examine, and troubleshoot or fix problems in an optimal means for a specific organization. Also, as being a system analyst you have to be capable of being an active spanish student, complex issue solver, effective listener, essential and logical thinker.

Efficiency skills Organizational skills are to be able to plan ahead, timetabling, working deadlines and meeting all of them. Furthermore, organization helps you to really know what is anticipated of you each day and to be prepared to satisfy those objectives. As a system analyst, being organized is important mainly because you will have to meet deadline, total all tasks at a higher standard. Should you be not completely organized therefore you will are unsuccessful tasks and produce low quality grade work which could obviously get you in trouble together with the business and resulting in your dismissal from your workplace. Specialized skills Technical skills happen to be ability to know how computers, info networks, sources and operating systems work.

You must have good know-how and understanding of hardware and software since it is to know what exactly you are analyzing. Technical skills are crucial for program analyst as they need to be able to decipher problems, and having knowledge of pc and network systems associated with IT on the macro level. This will help to be able to provide solutions to system users. Team working Team functioning is the process of working collaboratively with a group (strangers and colleagues alike) in order to achieve a goal.

Group working abilities are crucial in businesses. Team-work means that people will try to cooperate and participate, utilizing their individual expertise and offering constructive opinions, despite any kind of personal discord between individuals. Theoretically they all pitch in ideas to help to make a converted hybrid extremely idea.

Program analyst have to be interactive the moment working in a group because you talk about different experience and you can attract more knowledge through the people in the group. Also, to be capable examine devices more efficiently and quickly. Protection Maintenance is when you maintain and preserve a system often instead of ignoring it. It will help stop challenges as anything is up to particular date.

Maintenance can be utilized for repairing and rendering solutions. Program analysts are responsible for the operating system and associated different systems. Provide system-level support of multi-user operating systems, hardware and software tools, including installation, construction, maintenance, and support of those systems. Program analyst ought to keep their particular work in mint conditions; have lots of responsibility of devices and be prepared in order to fix problems.

Communicational skills Communicational skills include effective interpersonal communication (written, verbal, image, electronic, face-to-face conversations, demonstrations in front of groups), listening, and group skills. The purpose of interaction is to get your message across to others evidently. Communicational expertise are lifestyle skills and needed with businesses or organisation they are also acquired on day to day living.

As a system analyst, it is important and useful to have communicational skills as they need to speak to and connect to system users to find them, and their acquaintances for information. And also, system expert look at current existing devices and concerns in all those systems, consequently they have to interview users to look for their conclusions and fix the problem they may be trying to deal with. They need great communicational skills, as they take part in business speaking, business writing, interviewing, hearing, technical dialogue and technological writing. Versatility The general, fundamental definition of versatility is not really similar to this kind of definition of flexibility.

For program analyst, their very own timetable and plan must be flexible, this implies can adjust to modify for a day time. For instance, if they have prepared or prepared for a working day of conversing and reaching system users, but instead they had a company meeting, chances are they have to adjust to it. Adaptability Adaptation can be described as natural process that all microorganisms have gone through.

However in these types of circumstances there is certainly altered. It still has a similar principle which can be that you modify a feature that evidently means you are better. Adaptability may be the ability to in order to fit changed circumstances. This is similar to flexibility, as they need to adapt to within their plan. Tolerance Patience is having the capability to remain affected person at challenging times.

This is certainly vital for every occupation, but as a system expert, they will ought to communicate and work in crew with others most of the time, thus having threshold and be sufferer at times, like when selecting or requesting system users, working with other folks at tough times, they require be understanding, in order to prevent conflict or perhaps argument that may cause trouble in work. Honesty Integrity is a quality penalized honest, truthful and having strong ethical principles; meaning uprightness. As a system expert, your ethics is the honesty and respect and sense of duty at work, and in existence.

Your workplace needs to be capable of trust both you and you need to have a good bond between you and your employer and colleague’s, because then you can certainly have more responsibility and because on this, your company will give you a higher priority within your profession. Your integrity produces bonds in your workplace.

Willpower and self-motivation System analyst need to have ambitions or prefer to achieve or perhaps succeed in the situation. (E. g. Self-belief and perseverance in resolving a technological problem) Determination and inspiration will make the system analyst narrower and concentrated on their work and they will harder to try to attain something, they will have complete control of their particular work and possess the confidence to complete most given responsibilities. This is a useful skill for anyone; it also assists parts of company skills. Resource: www. wikipedia. com (Written report explaining characteristics to get jobs) (Extension of booklet explaining you will of specific jobs) Task 5 Dork Tipton the director of the agency requires a specific person to improve the company.

You have been given a set of attributes from the director for which you is going to determine the best person to get the job and can have to justify your choice. The subsequent characteristics are: Good communication skills Problem solving Time administration Confident Reliable Technically Strong Qualifications: MCP Microsoft 7 MCP Microsoft 2003 Carbonilla CCNA To get D1 you should: Write a written report to justify the job role which fulfills the above standards. Evidence to be submitted: Created report for your justification Task 2- A network specialist (D1) Jasmine Zerbanski is suited for the task role of a Network Specialist. A Network technician has many responsibilities to get a business or organization that they work for.

The standard job of the network tech involves monitoring network activity; configuring network equipment; analysing network security; and coping with cables, especially in connection plug-ins. There are array of skills necessary for being a network technician and several of these expertise include: Organizing, analysing, communication and problem solver skills. Jasmine Zerbanski can be suited for this job because she has great communication abilities. This is important while she can interact with users and fellow workers clearly and effectively.

Though she is a little shy, the lady easily prevails over this and works very well individually and with other folks. She is extremely self-motivated and is capable of manufacturing quality work. Jasmine has amazing conditional skills; this means that she can easily identify network errors quickly. Jasmine features experience with creating and keeping networks. Jasmine has built a small network in her home, and this reveals her genius and creative imagination skills.

Creative imagination skills are necessary for a specialist as they are in a position to come up with first ideas that make the life in the users much easier. Jasmine features interpersonal skills. She has demonstrated that she is capable to interact with other people. She has a chance to plan multiple tasks, and perform those to the highest quality.

This is stated in her reference. She can diagnose IT concerns, predict and forecast issues and recognize relevant informal factors will not goal setting. She’s very well organised, she is capable to put her work in a timetable and meet deadlines, and this wounderful woman has very good organisational and time supervision skills, she can control time more than specific actions, as a network technician you need to manage your time and energy, when you fix problems. Jasmine has crew working abilities, she is able to work with other folks in organizations to identify and solve THIS problems; the girl with able to speak with other people.

This wounderful woman has numeric expertise, as an IT technician, you need numeric skills in order to use distinct methods on how to fix problems. The lady can solve problems (problem solving expertise, she has the intelligence to work with different strategies in solving problems and she is capable of quality work, so as a specialist she will manage to solve and fix several hardware’s and software’s and many more IT developments. She also possesses good created communication abilities. This is useful in she ever before needs to compose notes and hand created letters.

Total, Jasmine Zerbanski is most well suited for the role as a Network technician. She gets many beneficial skills which in turn coincide with being a network technician.

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