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In the book merely should perish before I wake, mcdougal, Han Nolan, portrays

Chana to be a quite strong person emotionally. Chanas power is shown

throughout the book from burning off her relatives one by one, for the consequences

working with escaping Lodz. Chana dropped her daddy first, having been shot simply by

Nazis. (16-18) Next Chanas little sister Nadzia remaining the family to live with

non-Jews. (43-44) In the ghetto Zade passed away of senior years and malnutrition. (89, 90) Anna and her mom were up coming, they were delivered to concentration camps. (137-140) Jakub was the previous person your woman and Bubbe saw prior to they tried to escape by Lodz to Germany. (154-156) Chana and Bubbe escaped Lodz only to be jailed, tortured and sent to focus camps. Just a strong willed person may mentally and emotionally go through such misfortune and horror as Chana did.

Chanas character was also very qualified and compassionate towards

others. Although she was unhappy in the attention camps, your woman was

sincere towards the other inmates. (220-221, Another example of this was

once she was living in the ghetto while using Krengiels. It was a little while until all her

strength to become nice to them, and inspite of her kindness, we were holding hostile to

Chana and her family members. (80-83)

An obvious trait demonstrated in Chana as her character developed

throughout the publication was her religious and spiritual self. In the beginning that

was simply her grandmother, Bubbe who had total beliefs in Goodness, and who have tried

to encourage Chana to have hope also. Chana did not believe Bubbe, she

thought that God was not on her behalf side and that he was nowhere fast. (34, 196) She

resented God until she searched into the eyes of her shvester after which felt

ashamed of her anger with Our god. (236) On the end of the book the lady prays to make Matel well. (253) Next she dons a Legislation ritual wedding ceremony to thank God officially, by the obtain of Matel. (254) This kind of shows that Chanas faith in God had developed through the book during a time of turmoil.

A problem Chana encountered was endurance. She handled the

have difficulties for foodstuff each day and torture and hard labor in the focus

camps. Chanas family handled the have difficulties for foodstuff each day by working

as hard as they could. While in the concentration camps Chana was tortured

and forced to job. She couldnt just rebel because the camp officials

might harm her more.

Another great conflict Chana was required to deal with is the ghetto life. She

existed where it had been very crowded and often necessary a way out. Your woman solved

this problem by hiding in a hole of the roof structure of the House of Culture and

listening to music. She frequently thought of avoiding and working away and

suggested with her family that they can should cover in the House of Culture, nevertheless

Bubbe decided to take Jakubs advice and get imitation papers and go to


If I was faced with Chanas problems I wouldve completed some things the

same as she did, however, many different. Regarding the struggle pertaining to food, I

wouldve brought things which might be very useful and unusual like coffee and

cigs to operate for foodstuff. If a whole lot worse came to more serious, I would have sold the

violin for meals. With the issue of endurance in the Attention camp, I

wouldve attempted to make friends with alot of persons in the concentration camp

because like Dvora, if one of all of them became an assistant to someone significant, they could have pull into putting me somewhere else the place that the work and torture are much less. If I were required to make the decision if to run away through the ghetto lifestyle, I wouldve done the same as Chana and Bubbe, but I wouldve hid whilst in public places and so i wouldnt be as noticeable to people. Total Chana produced good decisions considering the ambiance she was living in the majority of the time.

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