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In the short film Im Going to Mothers?, the director, Lauren Knutson forms the film through different aspects such as soundtrack, camera work and symbols. The 2nd act is a good example of these types of aspects. I selected this take action because it portrayed how the overseer shows divorce through a Childs perspective, also how Jacob takes action against his parents to halt using him and his clothing to argue together. In the second act this focuses on Jacob rebelling against his father and mother. One aspect that stood to me was your soundtrack.

In this act the soundtrack can be described as fast Pacifica drumming and it creates uncertainty. For example the moment Jacob operates outside wonderful dad employs him the music is playing proper Jacob is catagorized on the ground and his dad yells that Jacob should pay attention to him the background music stops, this helps to give the a sense of shock and intensifies the scenes tension. This as well relates to the scene were Jacobs mum is acquiring his garments off and the soundtrack starts off slow and slowly gets faster and faster when his mum finishes takings all of his shirts from the music ceases.

This also gives tension to the picture because the target audience doesnt know if Jacob will wake up and the the way the soundtrack increases it makes the audience more anxious and when the music halts it gives the sensation of alleviation The reason the director did this, was so the viewers get a better effect of the scenes. Another aspect i looked at in act 2 and several was camerawork. At the start of act several, we see the beginning of the scene through a low angle, keyhole view shot to give the effect of seeing the scene through Jacobss eye while hes wearing a balaclava.

Lauren Jackson did this because it makes the audience feel like they are observing the start of the scene through Jacobss eye. This picture relate to when Jacob is definitely watching his parents dispute through the distance in the door and converts to the camera and tilts it down, that implies that John has had enough and wishes his parents to stop fighting with each other. The ultimate, and what actually is the most important part of the film, are the signs.

The main mark is the garments because they represent the baggage the parents have with each other such as when Jacob walks in to his mums living place she says that he can have on his cool shirt to his men cause their only clothing so Jacob starts to take his shirts off after that his mother says that if his dad reduces it they can pay for one more so Jacob quickly places his t-shirts back in because he is tired of these little comments that his mum or perhaps dad makes.

This landscape also connects to the end scene were Jacobs dad is at his mums residence and they are sitting outside so when Jacob perceives that his parents are laughing he appears straight on the camera just like they finally are getting along better then simply he strolls outside within his under garments, this gives the effect that the luggage that the parents have with each other are nearly gone.

This gives Jacob the feeling of that he finally won and got his parents to get along better then at the beginning of the film. In conclusion, looking at the aspects of soundtrack, camera work and symbols helped me understand how John felt although his parents were fighting and left me with the sense of a cheerful ending.

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