impact of psychological charges over buyer

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58% with the respondents feel that the order decision of Nano features quite damaged their position whereas 42% say that they have made not any difference in any respect. Indeed, low involved consumers, those who are miserly and have a illutrative connection profile, low educate g, low income and younger customers will be vulnerable to pick the nine-ending priced products and services. Consumer buying behavior is the decision method in which buyers or buyers of goods tend to react when purchasing the product of their choice. The obtaining behavior of passenger cars are based on major bunch of factors inclusive of social, cost effective, cultural, and psychological demands.. The recognition of consumers behaviour is important for successful marketing ideas. Evidences make clear that the mental pricing communicates meaning to consumers. Along with obtaining behavior one other inconsistency in customer’s approach on deciding factors just like price, salary distribution, and service, traditions, family size, etc consider major role in decision of selecting a product to acquire or to not buy.


  • To understand the consequence of psychological costs over customer taking the example of Nano vehicles in India.
  • To determine the reasons at the rear of buyer inclination towards Nano vehicles.
  • To discover the different facets of pricing approaches used retailers.


The present analyze is based on the awareness of TATA NANO cars among the consumers. A sample study of 128 respondents was undertaken to learn the understanding of Nano vehicles in Tricky Town. Ridotto car has become one of the ground breaking products in designing the “cheapest car”. It has caught attention and admiration by many significant car companies all over the world during Geneva Meeting. The developing pressures of extremely competitive marketing surroundings make it more critical that organisations realise, especially, consumers’ decision-making process as they seek to gain competitive benefit. The statement presents a controlled economic experiment the studies set up way rates are presented or “framed” to buyers has results on consumer decision making and consumer well being. In framework of American indian market, American indian Automotive industry has experienced a radical alter with the mergers of small and medium sized cars. Among these, Acara susunan acara Nano due to a small price tag is the most accepted car by Indian Purchasers. India requires advancements with the grass main level. This strata concerning base with the pyramid has an enormous possibility of new market creation as there is undocumented inactive capacity of its purchasers. Tata Piccolo popularly generally known as people’s car was launched for such period when India’s largest car company praised for its cost powerful products Maruti Suzuki was thinking to discontinue the Maruti 800 the cheapest car of Of india Market.

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