Impact of the Collision of the Old and New World on Europeans, Africans, and the Indians Essay

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The collision with the New and Old Universe impacted the Europeans, Africans, and Native people immensely. When the two worlds were introduced to each other they build trade paths, such as the Columbian Exchange. Even though it was new for all three of them, they adjusted very well to the changes over time.

The creation of the new foods, animals, disorders, religious things, etc . manufactured all three teams forced to support. In 1492, Africans together with the Europeans plus the Indians, came up with the Columbian Exchange after Christopher Columbus learned them. The Africans didn’t have an option on whether or not they wanted to arrive to the ” new world ” or not, they were transported here on very small boats and due to the loss of life of the Indians the Europeans forced them to do the hard labor with no pay. They worked in farms and/or plantations for masters whom provided these limited or no rights plus they lived in unpleasant conditions.

In exchange, the Africans received different varieties of seeds, for example , potatoes, corn, coffee beans, tomatoes, and many more crops. Europeans also tried to convert both Africans and Indians to Christianity and succeeded. In 1519, Hernan Cortez, plus1 hundred guys, landed on st. kitts of Cozumel.

The men who landed had been enslaved for quite some time by the Mayans, but finally away. While the Indians settled, they were introduced to a different way of life, soon to become wide-range hunting society in which they roamed the open land for buffalo. The Indians had to adjust to servant work as the Europeans had them operate the sweets mills and cane areas. The Europeans brought along a variety of disorders, which rapidly killed a sizable group of the Indians, the people started in 1 million and ended at 2 hundred. This triggered the Indians into taking revenge against the Europeans.

They were doing so simply by injecting the first sexually transmitted diseases such as syphillis into Europe. Revenge was your only possible option for the natives because how vicious the Europeans were to these people. After the invasion of Hernan Cortes in 1519 and Pizarro in 1533, the Europeans compelled the Indians to give these people their terrain and seeds.

The Europeans used the lands to get agriculture so that as sources of gold and silver, and were able to successfully plant sugar and tobacco plantations. With this kind of great with regard to these vegetation back in European countries there was absolutely essential for a lot of labor. Being that almost all of the indigenous populace was either familiar with the land and can easily try to escape or was wiped out simply by disease, they couldn’t enslave them. To fill the void remaining by the indigenous people, the Europeans decided to enslave an incredible number of Africans instead. The Africans weren’t likely to run away due to unfamiliarity in the land and they wouldn’t know how to feed themselves.

In 1545, Hernando sobre Soto, Francisco Vasquez para Coronado, and Alvar Nunes Cabeza sobre Vaca discovered silver in Potosoi. The Spanish prosperity and electricity was based upon the New World’s gold and silver puits, all the gold and silver made the Spanish in power for about 100 years. The creation with the New World plus the Columbian Exchange impacted 3 ethnicities: the Europeans, the indigenous, and the Africans. Despite the few minimal setbacks the Europeans were required to go through, such as the starving time and the propagate of syphillis, the Europeans were influenced in a very great way. These were able to find silver and gold and herb many plants, and as a result could actually create the 13 colonies.

But the local people would not benefit, most died via disease brought by the Europeans or were tortured and killed. Out of all three groups the Africans experienced the most adverse impact, thousands were required to work and they were left with no legal rights. The issues from the New World still influence America today: Africans weren’t granted their particular rights back again until a long time later and unfortunately there is certainly still racism, the handful of indigenous persons left reside in reservations, also because of the Europeans we have America.

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