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Electronic Health Records

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The purpose task investigate safeguards apply moral principles health care technology.

Think about having all of your medical records with you always, thus lowering the issues that arise of patient safety and id when one visits a health service. With the use of an Electronic Health Record (EHR), this may become a reality for every U. S. Citizen. The EHR can be described as collection of a patient’s information about health that is bought over a lot of visits to a health center. It has all the patients’ improvement notes, prescription drugs, problems, lab data, previous medical history and radiology reviews. For this to be achieved, you might need to be implanted with a processor chip or a Radio Frequency Recognition Device (RFID) that would consist of their information about health. When 1 visits a health facility, the health proper care providers might scan the chip and all the person’s health information will be uploaded in to the hospital devices Taghaboni-Dutta Velthouse, 2006.

EHR’s are designed to discuss a person’s health information to health companies securely, therefore ensuring there is open connection and better involvement in regards to the patient.

The RFID chips are suggested for a select group people, they include person’s with Alzheimer’s disease as they might not exactly recall their health particulars, people with diabetes this group is mostly in case they have an unexpected emergency so that the overall health providers can find out first hand of their health condition, those who have heart problems or have stents in their blood vessels, others who already have medical chips incorporated in them like defibrillators and people who require frequent medical assistance.

The pros of implanting the chip

There are plenty of emergency cases that occur, and the healthcare providers might not have information regarding the patients which have been brought to the healthcare establishments during an urgent situation. With the use of the Electronic Health Record snacks, the companies can obtain the person’s health information data, and they could notice virtually any allergies which the patient features, and any kind of medications prescribed to the affected person Peslak, 2005()

The potato chips would hold vital data like to whom the specialists should contact when the affected person has an urgent, this would preserve relatives the hurdle of searching for themselves if they are in the hospital without all their knowledge. A patient’s blood vessels type is vital especially during an emergency because the health care providers can have this information direct from the EHR chip, blood transfusion may be commenced instantly if the sufferer has suffered by too much blood loss and there won’t be any risk of blood group mismatch. Currently the chip contains only an identity number which is what is utilized when accessing the person’s personal data that is stored in a separate database

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