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In art there are various movements and time periods in which to immerse oneself and study. In such moves, one may arrive to the summary that often occasions, one artwork movement begets another-either so as to reinvent that era just as the Renaissance touching upon classic Ancient greek language and Both roman sculpture or in the case of Impressionism doing away with that classical canon for something totally new. This paper will discuss and evaluate two artists: Vincent van Gogh and Max Beckmann.

Beckmann’s painting Even now Life with Three Skulls is directly influenced by van Gogh’s painting Skull (although skulls are a practice in the portrait world and a lot of such paintings exist in several eras). Van Gogh was an Impressionist. This means that this individual followed a college of thought that allowed for particular elements of the painting lifestyle to be immediately involved in his work. Such a practice is shown in Skull (c1887). While the Paris school of thought was significantly involved with staying with that time-honored canon of beauty and representation of life this painting includes more than those utilized boundaries.

The skull, even though certainly a great representation of any skull features certain characteristics that were not the standard to get painting body anatomy for example , the outlines and also other lines in the skull are wavy a thing that classical natural beauty in the Rome School probably would not allow. Greatest extent Beckmann’s painting Still Existence with 3 Skulls (c1945) goes a step beyond vehicle Gogh’s impressionistic painting and share these 3 skulls the bare minimum of definition through the use of lines.

Not simply are Beckmann’s lines wavy but they are as well thick but not constitutional for the form of an average skull. Yet another way in which vehicle Gogh’s head can be considered impressionistic is his use of shading. While classical shading portends to the subtleties of an object’s bends and breaks, truck Gogh’s shade providing is an onslaught of thick color that seems to be placed in the correct areas but that gives the audience more of a truly feel of consistency and not necessarily a feel for the bends and breaks in the skull.

In Beckmann’s piece of art as well, shading seems to be a formality best left to the classical artists. Beckmann’s shading is carried out in thicker lines and exaggerated forms. His highlights as well supply the viewer a striking comparison in the form of the skulls. Since the skull is a metaphor for death another aspect of these works of art may be reviewed. Van Gogh’s skull offers a burst of highlighting color around the form that might make the viewer feel a specific boom together with the presence with the skull ” as though completely just demonstrated from thin air onto the canvas.

This kind of startling have an effect on is done in Beckmann’s art work as well. This individual has his three skulls surrounded by distinct objects: key among that happen to be playing cards (also the candle light on the left with the painting is blown out). These items reveal the image of death for the viewer. Meaning perhaps life is a gamble, a lot more short (the candle which can be a mention of the Shakespeare’s Hamlet when he says Out away brief candle). In any example, either portrait portends to death by the mere fact of the existence of the head no matter in what aspect of artwork that head is painted.


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