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In respect to Raymond Vernon theory (Product life theory) and the examples of the developing countries performance inside the international market that where shown. These nations permit the increase of foreign firms in their market who take a huge part of the national firms industry, as a result, with their poor competitive skills to preserve their customers. Moreover, national organizations tend to engage in international markets at a flash where they are all ready saturated, for that reason it is hard to make money from it.

Beneath these circumstances, it is tightly related to developing countries to be able to improve (product and service) and recognize fresh potential market segments where they can profit.

Because order, developing nations should consider what they possess, in order to know what they should generate. The theory of comparative edge states that “a nation should produce and export those items and support for which is actually more effective than are other countries, and import those goods and service that other countries are relatively more effective than this is.

(Mahoney, Trigg, Griffin & Putstay, 2001, p. 102)

Under this theory, a country should develop those services and goods that it is able to produce fairly well, and get other services and goods from all those countries that may produce all of them relatively well. According to facts, the country may focus on specific goods and services taking into account international standards of productivity and quality. However, this is not the sole issue that developing countries governments is going to take into account if perhaps they want to solve the financial (devaluation, current account deficit, international debt), social (unemployment, income equality), personal and environmental problems that the economic development process could potentially cause.

In addition , they have to add benefit to the solutions they have, making a competitive benefits (Doryan, 1993, p. 451), that help them in eco friendly growth. As previously stated, the export expansion could help economical growth, of course, if a country has the capacity to create a competitive advantage that will help them to get a significant position inside the global marketplace. Under these conditions, they will avoid complications such as devaluation, foreign personal debt, unemployment, salary and equality, political instability and environmental problems.

Relating to Porter’s theory, government authorities must ensure the introduction of four factors in order to get the nations continued competitiveness, they are: Productivity: Government authorities should veal for the industry productivity creating a macroeconomic and monetary dynamism, sufficient infrastructure and a competitive domestic market with the participation of foreign firms.

Socio-political Stability: You ought to build a place that let freedom of expression, human being rights and were can be found a confidence toward the judiciary system and the government, and very good living criteria. (Doryan, 93, p. 453)Human resources: “The human factor may finally come to represent the new competitive edge intended for the global organization, more than physical and other resources (Kedia & Mukherji, 99, p. 235). Government needs to be conscious of the top of human resources, for that reason it is vital to create available educational and training chances.

Environmental Conditions: In order to attain Environmental durability governments should certainly control proper management of natural assets, establish rules and types of procedures to control waste and pollution, and make a social mind of the significance of environmental preservation at businesses and residents levels. Furthermore, Porter states that in order to obtain monetary growth through great international trade, the us government should be able to showcase the creation of intercontinental clusters. For example , this is what South america is doing by simply linking with the United States. This can be a situation, where Mexico can obtain many benefits inside the growth of transfer and foreign trade. In addition , america can gain access to their technology and recruiting and incorporate them into their own country in order to maintain steadily its economic development and growth and internationally competitive strength. (mirar bibliografia mexico)


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