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In January 25, 1990, Avianca Air travel 52, a Boeing 707 left Bogota, Colombia achievable York. After more than an hour of delay, the airplane ran out of fuel and crashed inside the town of Cove Throat, Long Island, New york city, killing 73 people, including 9 crew members and 65 of the 149 people, and injuring the rest. Research of this car accident would show how individual error, flawed systems and bad weather circumstances caused this accident.

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The flight team did not officially declare that they were running low on fuel until it finally was already in its final stages.

The accident could have been prevented if the trip crew features clearly stated that they were really struggling. Language hurdle could have played a part considering that the crew only asked for “priority which in The spanish language could mean that these people were in trouble. The crew should have notified their particular fuel weight to Surroundings Traffic Control when they had been put on maintain for the first time. This kind of simple details could have produced the difference.

ATC could have suggested earlier an alternate airport experienced they known this information. Rather, the pilots literally went around in circles looking forward to further recommendations. By the time the flight was cleared to get landing, that only acquired enough energy for one last approach. When the plane was on it is final way, it encountered wind shear, a change of wind direction over brief distances. ATC only informed the trip crew of wind shear at truck feet. The crew had to abort their very own approach because they would are unsuccessful of the runway. The airline flight was doomed after that incident. Even if these people were redirected to the alternate air-port prior to the procedure, they would not have enough gasoline to make that to Boston.

The question now is why the flight crew didn’t check with their trip dispatch regarding possible alternative airports that happen to be not as busy as the John F. Kennedy Worldwide. The answer maybe the breaking of the clean and sterile cockpit regulation below 15, 000 toes. The clean and sterile cockpit secret below 12, 000 ft states that pilots should never talk about things that are not important during crucial stages in the flight, which can be usually beneath 10, 000 feet. The pilots head may include wandered away due to the lengthy delay air Traffic Control has offered them.

In a way, Air Targeted traffic Control did not prioritize air traffic in JFK international. Though Avianca flight 52 did not announce its gas load problems earlier, it did admit it desired priority. In like described earlier, because of language obstacle, “priority might have been already a distress call up. Air Traffic Control affirmed this request but what kind of priority is actually a seventy eight minute wait?

Obviously, the failure in the flight staff and Atmosphere Traffic Control to speak properly lead to this terrible accident. This kind of accident might have been avoided if the airline experienced their own functional control dispatch system that could have aided them when ever Air Visitors Control provides apparently dismissed them. A standardized terms in gasoline related complications also written for the plane’s crash. If there was simply a general term to explain what the airline flight was actually suffering from, the language barrier between Atmosphere Traffic Control and the pilots would have been irrelevant.

In conclusion, the plane crash was a response to contributing factors, communication challenges, probable mental lapse of the pilots, insufficient proper terms, and unfavorable winds. This kind of accident demonstrates that continuous communication is very important in flights and if you are a00 of focus is required pertaining to the job. Aviators should be skilled extensively prior to giving them their particular licences, which include language training that ensures pilots can converse well at English. With this aspect, a regular language intended for aeronautical terms should be founded. Though the blowing wind shear brought on further wait, the plane could have made one more attempt only when it had certainly not been idle for more than hour.

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