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The history of hotels is usually closely associated with human world. In the times of Greeks bath were prevalent for entertainment. In the middle Age groups inns and monasteries had been familiar places for weary travelers to stay. However the real trend of hotels and resort had taken a boom in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Following World War II; in 1950s, the hotel sector roared. The era was notable to get construction of great hotels and resorts.

A single main reason pertaining to such growth was the advent of airlines sector that made traveling easier.

In the sixties new travelers flourished coming from Spain to Greece and Turkey giving rise to countless areas and beach hotels in the continent starting their entry doors to clients home and abroad providing them relaxed vacations on distant shores. Fashionable was adopted in the Italy and Scandinavian countries too.

1970s ushered the age of business travel as airline market attached alone to accommodations and places. One major reason for this kind of trend was your newfound wealth in the Middle East; which opened the way for the development of great resorts chains in the Arab countries.

The finish of 70s saw China and tiawan opening their door to foreigners that helped in boosting the tourist industry. It was early on 1980s that set the pace of big luxury and elegance for the newest clients who were willing to dedicate to luxury.

In 1984 Turkey started to transform itself leading great say of speedy hotel and resort development increasing its status as a best tourism vacation spot. The eighties saw modify of center in Far East countries; just like China, Japan, Korea and Thailand broadening their economies and appealing to international tourists. The nineties were affected by IT making online booking and booking a hassle cost-free way of reserving hotel rooms. Hence we can declare the last five decades lodge industry has become helping in expanding economies of holiday destinations.

Hotel market is no longer an isolated market, but designers developers and engineers and managers happen to be constantly working together to provide friends their preference of extravagance.


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