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The business is usually JOLLYTAPZ this can be a fast food restaurant they started year 2003 and. They offered Tapsilog, Chicksilog, Porksilog, Mixsilog, Longsilog, Hotsilog, Tocilog, Daingsilog, “silog” means fried rice and egg, Mixsilog is blend beef and tocino. They’re main dish is Tapsilog. The reason for having this kind of organization because yr 2003 gound beef and fried rice with egg referred to as “Tapsilog” is yearly challenging until now, this is why owner placed this kind of organization.

It is 24 hours of support. It is located at #90 M. Almeda St . Pateros, Metro Manila and this can be described as main department. After a yr owner add 3 even more branches it is on the Pateros also and it located at 962 P Herrera St . Pateros Metro Manila this is 12 hours of services, The owner held this land while the main branch is only renting as the land was so high-priced and they can’t afford to obtain. The Owner constructed a twigs at same location because Pateros have got only two direction to venture to another metropolis so they will built a couple of branches in 2 path in same location.

The second is located at Dahlia St Pembo Makati City that they built presently there because it is near at the hospital and it is 24 hours of services and the last is around the 235 Mayon St . part Sta Catalina Quezon Town this is half of the day operation the owner built generally there because it is a crowded Town and it is near in North Cemetery and this is certainly not also recommended for 24 hours because of many criminal offenses happen from this location. The method of their promoting, They need to see a market, Get what they require in their retail outlet in order to protect that we serve freshly prepare products.

They have 2 problems that they encounter during the business operation first is the staff because some of the workers having an attitude difficulty and second is the costumers, sometimes they’re complaining about the food they offered. They observe their business 5 years from right now they expect that it would be more better than before and it would as well becoming a big establishment. The proprietor said “Business planning is very important. Plan and discover the right site before starting the business. ”

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