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creation and consumption of material solutions is a great often forgotten but very important aspect of human life that is known, as we will be increasingly struggling to maintain durability of the global population. The administrative centre of all-natural resources will be drained while economic and political factors influence the availability and usage of material methods. Developed nations around the world have fared much better than poor undeveloped countries in terms of moving towards having the capacity achieve sustainability. Two development habits linked to material resources that can be mentioned and that are essential for the sustainability in the global human population; are the development of vehicles for transport and also the creation of electric appliances. Both of these types of material resources have great influence on the potential sustainability of the world’s population. The availability habit of vehicles pertaining to transportation, specifically cars can be driven with a global economic climate that demands the production of millions of new vehicles every year. This production habit is usually driven by ambition of large corporations and governments to excercise and preserve their economy by providing clients with fresh vehicles every year, which in turn drains the organic resources and over saturates the market by having people believe that people have to have their particular car, cash by endorsing a sense of individualism. This frame of mind which is used by car owners creates the needless waste of fossil fuels that are non-renewable and which as well affect global sustainability. The production of electronic devices is another development habit that must be considered. Just like the production of motor vehicles, electronic digital appliances such as computers make a huge of amount of waste and depleting valuable and organic resources. The production of electronic digital appliances is likewise motivated by economic factors that come into play. Businesses and corporations motivate customers to constantly upgrade and purchase new products. This results in the creation of what is known as “e-waste, ” the decomposition of e-waste releases large amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere, thus impacting the sustainability of the world’s populace.

The usage habits relevant to the above mentioned material resources happen to be negatively influencing the durability

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