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“Innovation is definitely change that unlocks new value”

-Jamie Notter


The world about us is usually changing for a tempo unmatched in the human history. Therefore , applying technology and increasing innovations to find new alternatives for old and growing challenges are of utmost importance today.

Health-related services consists of hospitals, medical devices, telemedicine, medical travel and leisure, health insurance and medical equipment among many others.

Health-related industry has become one of India’s largest industries both in terms of work and earnings generation. India spends around 5% of its GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT on wellness, and yet, the existing state of the healthcare system faces significant systemic problems. To conquer some of these, strategic planning by government to get the dotacion of healthcare services are urgently necessary. Also technologies and new ideas can easily work in the event that designed with a understanding of the latest set-up’s disadvantages.

“Old ways will not open fresh doors”

A common expressing


The tendencies in developments in medication were obvious from nineteenth to twentieth century. Wherein initially primary was in improving the nutritional position and later persons became conscious of the concept of sanitation and health and implemented preventive methods for tackling fatal diseases. This is also enough time of development of immunisation and vaccines to get diseases just like polio, and so forth It was this kind of era when people subsequently realised the importance of health and cleanliness. Also, we were holding able to know what all factors caused disease and disease.

This was followed by advancements in machines for simpler functioning of doctors and subsequently resulted in advancements in surgeries and various surgical procedure.

Together with the current innovations in healthcare sector quality lifestyle and the life expectancy has increased and mortality costs have lowered all over the world. These types of innovations happen to be numerous and still have affected most fields of medicine.

In neuroscience, the technological developments of CT scan and MRI have got helped understand the blood source and doing work of brain and now together with other forms of the image techniques we are able to even identify brain malignancies at early stages. Recently, an important gene leading to microcephaly (a disorder proclaimed by smaller than normal human brain size and mental retardation) has been detected.

Immunotherapy is another treatment modality while using potential to significantly extend survival for cancers patients, without any negative side effects or large pricing like that of classic chemotherapy. It assists our disease fighting capability fight tumor.

Probably the biggest contribution of medical innovations is in the field of genetics and research. Gene sequencing is utilized in molecular biology to study genomes as well as the proteins they encode. Details obtained using this allows us to discover changes in genes, associations with genetic disorders, identify potential drug focuses on and also the human population at risk. There are plenty of more such innovations and their contribution to diagnostics and treatment can be tremendous.

Another medical innovation that has gained reputation recently is definitely Artificial brains. It works with the simulation of brilliant behaviour in computers. The capability of a machine to copy intelligent individual behaviour and perform duties with increased speed, accuracy and reliability, and lower resource use.

The utilization of new surgical procedure with most advanced technology has lowered the post-operative risks in heart surgical treatments or any various other major medical procedures. Many disorders that during the past required intensive operations can be treated with laparoscopic affluence. This has resulted in decreased time, increased effectiveness and decreased costs pertaining to the procedure.

The Robotic surgery is also gaining a whole lot of focus because it is minimally invasive surgical treatment and involves a lot of precision, lowered blood loss, fewer pain and quick healing. Recently automatic surgery of thorax had been performed in Delhi.

In the current circumstance where, diabetics are on a climb, it is very important to find new treatment modalities on their behalf. Apart from the medicine therapy, innovative surgical procedures had been developed to that end. Biocon (leading pharmaceutical company) has not only developed Insulins in India but has additionally developed two affordable novel biologics intended for the benefit of tumor and psoriasis patients in India.


It is one of the less discovered areas inside the health sector. IT is used mainly in corporate hospitals or big pharmaceutical businesses. Although at this point the tendencies are changing.

Among all the medical innovations, the utilization of TELEMEDICINE continues to be perhaps the most beneficial to the people as well as the doctors. It involves the use of telecommunication and i . t to provide medical health care from a distance. It is the best way to treat people who live far away coming from health care establishments. It possibly reduces medical center visits and travel time. The technology is also useful in medical education and schooling of doctors and paramedical staff positioned in remote spots in the country.

Next we certainly have Biosensors and trackers that happen to be basically used to monitor wellness. A clinically applied biosensor is used to monitor blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

Apart from these types of, Electronic Wellness Record (EHR) is finding its method into a large number of health care settings. It systematically collects electronic health information about individual patients, records this in digital format which is often shared around different healthcare centres.

Digital wellness knowledge useful resource is a concept where items are trapped in digital format in digital medical catalogue. It is made to assist medical professionals, health professionals, college students, and medical scientists in finding health and scientific data to improve, update, assess or evaluate healthcare.


An additional innovation which includes gained reputation in recent times is Medical Travel. It identifies people visiting a country aside from their own to obtain medical treatment. Medical tourism can be described as growing sector in India. The primary purpose that appeals to people from other parts of the world travel to India is cost effectiveness, and also the treatment facilities offered are at par with designed countries.

In this respect, heart failure surgeon Dr . Devi Shetty is trying to make access to quality health care nondiscriminatory. He is the founder of Narayana health, Bangalore and has effectively made health care accessible and affordable to the masses. His hospital offers heart surgical treatments at a fraction of what it costs in developed countries and it is a medical Mecca for patients via Africa and also other parts of the earth. The cost of wide open heart surgical procedure in this medical center is quite less as compared to the ones in America, as well as the success rates will be as good as inside the best American hospitals.

The within technical advancements have led to a hike in costs from which these establishments are available to the customers. This has increased the imbalance between rich plus the poor. A large number of people in the rural areas or individuals belonging to sluggish sections of the society cannot access these kinds of medical improvements because they are too costly. But these will be in the best interests of humankind and in the long run these innovative developments and improvements may raise our quality lifestyle and quality lifestyle.

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