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? Innovations in Behavioral Advertising

Electronic digital Commerce?

Time: June 12-15, 2000

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Preface??????????????? you

?. Introduction

?. Benefits associated with Electronic Advertising

?. Effectiveness of E-Commerce

I. Ways to get Promoting your internet site

II. Learning about your Visitors

III. Segmenting your online Market

?. Web commerce in Lebanon

I. Lebanese Companies on the web

II. Customer Adaptation to E-Commerce Websites

?. Conclusion

I actually. Introduction

An online marketing channel is one that a person can reach via laptop and device. A modem connects your computer to a telephone line so that the computer user can reach several online info services. You will find two types of online channels:

Commercial Online Channels:

Various companies have create online information and marketing services which can be accessed by those who have subscribed to the assistance and pay a monthly fee. The best-known online services will be: CompuServe, America Online, and Prodigy, exceeding 3, 200, 000, three or more, 000, 000, and one particular, 600, 000 subscribers correspondingly. These on-line channels provide subscribers with five main services: data (news, your local library, education, travel, sports, reference), entertainment (fun and games), shopping providers, dialogue possibilities (bulletin panels, forums, talk boxes), and E-mail.

The web:

The Internet can be described as global world wide web of a few 45, 000-computer networks which includes made instant and decentralized global connection possible. Originally established to facilitate study and scholarly exchanges, the Internet is now open to a much broad audience, several 25, 000, 000 people. Users may send email-based, exchange sights, shop for products, and gain access to news, meals recipes, art and business information. The web itself can be free, though individual users may need to pay a commercial service to be hooked up to this.

2. Benefits of Electronic Marketing

Why have on-line services become so popular? Initially, they provide 3 major rewards to would-be:

? Convenience: Consumers can buy products 24 hours a day wherever they are. They do not need to sit in traffic, discover a parking space, and walk through many aisles to look for and look at goods. And in addition they do not have to travel all the way to a store, only to find away that the wanted product is sold-out.

? Information: Consumers can find reams of comparative information about businesses products, and competitors with out leaving their office or home. They can focus on goal criteria such as prices, quality, performance, and availability.

? Fewer complications: With on the web services, clients do not have to encounter salespeople or perhaps open themselves up to persuasion and emotional factors.

Second, on the net services offer a number of benefits to marketers:

? Quick changes to market circumstances: companies can easily add goods to their giving and change rates and descriptions.

? Lower costs: Web marketers avoid the expense of retaining a store and the accompanying costs of hire, insurance, and utilities. They can produce digital catalogs pertaining to much less compared to the cost of producing and emailing paper catalogues.

? Marriage building: Web marketers can talk with consumers and learn much from them. Marketers can also upload valuable reports, or possibly a free trial of their software program, or a free trial of their newsletter, onto the system Consumers can then download these items into their electronic mailboxes.

? Audience sizing: Marketers may learn how various people stopped at their on-line site and how many stopped at particular places on the site. This information may help the entrepreneurs improve their gives and advertisings.

Clearly, marketers would want to consider using online services to find, reach communicate, then sell. Online marketing provides at least four advantages. First, equally small and large businesses can afford that. Second, there is no real limit on promoting space, in contrast to print and broadcast mass media. Third, information access and retrieval are fast, when compared with overnight mail and even send. Fourth, shopping can be done privately and immediately. However , online marketing is designed for every firm or for every product, thought has to be provided to if, when, and how it ought to be done.

III. Effectiveness of E-Commerce

In order for your enterprise to be effective in the electronic business, some circumstances must be pleased. For example , your company should showcase its website properly in order to attract guests who would be the companys customers. Thus a lot more the guests, the higher the probability of having more buyers. Another point of interest is the size of the Internet, which will constitutes a humongous market. Consequently , attacking that as a whole might be a difficult task pertaining to the company. For this reason , companies usually tend to segment the market into small niches to give every one of them an equivalent portion of the companys attention. Additionally , the company must keep in mind there are millions of surfers with different wants and needs, distinct age groups, sexes, ethnicity, sociable lifestyles, educational levels, and so on. This issue forces almost every business with a site running online to start being aware of its online customers in order to serve these people best, with the knowledge that online competition is increasing vastly each and every day.

A. Ways for Advertising your Website

The most crucial first step is to register your web site with the main Web search engines, so all of us begin with procedure for prepare your Website pages for ideal indexing.

1 . Write a Page Name. Write a detailed title for each and every page of 5 to 8 words. Take away as many filler words through the title, such as the, and, and so forth This page name appears online search engines as soon as your page is located. Entice surfers to click the title by causing it a little provocative. Apply certain descriptive keywords along with your business name in your home page. For example , instead of LAU use LAU? Leading University or college in Central East. The greater people observe in the blue highlighted area of the search engine that interests them, the much more likely they are to click on the link.

2 . List Keywords. To get your fruit drinks flowing, take a moment with some acquaintances and write down ideas a list of 55 to 95 keywords or key phrases the kind of words or perhaps phrases someone might browse to find a organization or site like yours. Then refine the list to the most important 20 or so. Those words are placed at the top of the internet page in house not visible on the site in a META tag1. Search engines like google use them in order to locate the site. Note however , that a few research on search engine algorithms indicates which a fewer quantity of keywords can help you better target the most important search if you are working to increase your web pages ranking within the search engines. Consider using equally lowercase and capitalized types of your very most important phrases, since several search engines happen to be case-sensitive.

3. Create a Page Description. Select the most crucial 20 keywords, and set a sentence or two. You do not need to repeat any kind of words used in the page title. Keep this legible but tight. Those phrases are placed at the top of the Web web page internally within a META tag1 too. They may appear in the search reaction to search engines every time a user requests a search for just one of the particular keywords.

some. Submit Web page to Search Engines. Next, post your page to the crucial Web search engines like yahoo and web directories. The most important search engines like google that robotically spider or index your blog are: Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Lycos, Infoseek, WebCrawler, and North Light.

5. Request Backlinks on Sector Sites. You most likely belong to different trade associations that feature member sites. Ask for a web link. Even if you have to pay something for the link, it may well bring you the sort of targeted traffic you crave.

6. Include WEB ADDRESS on Letter head, Cards, and Literature. Ensure that all reprints of greeting cards, stationery, brochures, and materials contain your companys WEB ADDRESS. And see that your printing device gets the WEB LINK syntax correct. In print, it is strongly recommended leaving off of the http:// component and which include only the portion. By doing this it is much easier to memorize.

six. Promote employing traditional media. Do not stop print promoting you have located effective. However , be sure to the URL in any display or perhaps classified ads you buy in trade journals, magazines, etc . View your website because an information adjunct to the advertising. Catch readers attention with the ad, and after that refer them to a Web page where they can obtain additional information or perhaps place an purchase. Sometimes these types of ads are definitely more targeted, far better, and less costly than internet marketing. Consider various other traditional media to drive people to your site, including direct mail, classifieds, post credit cards, etc .

almost 8. Develop a Free Service. It really is one thing to express, Come to the site and find out about the business. It is rather another to express Use the totally free kitchen redecorating calculator available exclusively on our web page.

Make certain that your cost-free service is usually closely relevant to what you can sell so the guests you appeal to will be good prospects to your business. Provide visitors multiple opportunities and links to cross over for the sales a part of your site.

being unfaithful. Request Testing Links. Get complementary websites and request a reciprocal link to your internet site (especially to your free service, if you give one). Develop an out-of-the way webpage where you place links to other sites which means you dont send people out the back door as fast as you bring them in the front door.

twelve. Issue Information Releases. Locate newsworthy occasions (such because launching your free service), and send news produces to produce and Net periodicals in your industry.

eleven. Request Backlinks from Business Link Sites. Especially if you provide a free services, you can request links from many of the small company linking web pages on the Web. When you have something liberal to offer, a large number of doors on hand. Surf the Net trying to find places which may link to your blog. Then email-based the site owner or Marketer with your web page name, WEB ADDRESS, and a short 200-word explanation of the things you offer presently there.

12. Capture Visitor Email-based Addresses and Request Permission to Send Updates. On your websites response form, add a checkbox in which the visitor can provide you with permission to e-mail changes about products or services. Now the e-mails to visitors are not Spam. You are responding to their ask for more information. It is recommended capturing initially and last name in individual fields so that you can market in person to all of them. But simply ask for the information you need or perhaps they will not fill it.

13. Publish an Email-based Newsletter. While its a big dedication in time, creating a weekly, monthly, or quarterly e-zine is one of the absolute best ways to connect with your prospects, generate trust, develop company awareness, and build future organization. You can deliver your newsletter using your email-based program, or have people subscribe on your internet site directly to a listserver plan offered by your Internet Service Provider.

16. Install a Signature in your Email Program. Many e-mail programs such as Eudora, Netscape, or Outlook allow you to designate a signature appearing at the end of each and every message you send. Limit it to six to 8 lines: Company name, address, phone number, LINK, e-mail addresses, and a one-phrase explanation of your exceptional business offerings. Look for good examples on email messages delivered to you.

15. Promote Your Web page in E-mail lists and Media Groups. The web offers a large number of very targeted mailing lists and news teams made up of individuals with very specialised interests. Will not use hostile marketing and overloaded plug the product or service. Rather, add to the conversation in a beneficial way and let the signature by the end of your email message do your promoting for you. Persons will little by little get to know and trust you, visit your internet site, and do business with you.

16. Announce a Contest. Persons like having something free. If you advertise a tournament or attracting available on your web page, you will generate more traffic than normal.

17. Join a Banner Exchange Program. Essentially, you accept to show a rotating banner on your web page for different Link Exchange members, and so they do the same for you, and there is a possibility youll earn some thing through paid banner advertisements, too.

18. Purchase Banner Ads on Appropriate Sites. You may need to spend cash to boost targeted traffic by purchasing banner advertising. Select sites that seem to entice the types of people who will be good prospects for your business or product. You can find press brokers who can help you find ideal and budget-friendly places to market, especially if you have a significant advertising budget for branding purposes.

19. Buy a Text Advertisement in an Email-based Newsletter. Web based finding that some of the best advertising purchases are pertaining to small four to doze line advertisings in established e-mail ezines. Ads can both inform and motivate readers to click on the WEB LINK, and are likely to bring a lot more targeted visitors.

twenty. Rent targeted e-mail lists. Bulk untargeted, unsolicited email lists are despised, and youll shell out a very rigid price in reputation and cancelled solutions if you produce to temptation here. Nevertheless the direct advertising industry has created targeted email-based lists you may rent comprising people who have decided to receive industrial e-mail messages. Do a smaller test initial to determine the top quality of the list.

21. Get started an Affiliate Program. Essentially, a retailers affiliates program pays a commission to other sites in whose links for the retailer result in an actual sale. The target is to make a network of affiliates that have a financial risk in promoting your site. If you are a merchant2 you need to (1) determine the commission you are willing to pay out (consider that your promoting cost), (2) select a company to set up the technical information on your software, and (3) promote your plan to get the right kind of affiliates who will link to your site.

22. Question Visitors to Bookmark Your Site. It appears so simple, but make sure you ask surfers to bookmark your blog.

23. Formulate Viral Advertising Promotion Approaches. So-called viral marketing uses the conversation networks (and preferably the resources) of the site visitors or customers to spread the word about your web site exponentially. Word-of-mouth, and network marketing are offline models. Typical example is definitely the free e-mail service hotmail. com which includes a tagline of their service at the conclusion of every message sent out, thus friends notify friends, whom tell friends. Another case is the Recommend-It. com service to tell close friends.? Why never you suggest this site at the moment to see how it works, and enter to win a prize?

Certainly, ways to promote your internet site will never end. To efficiently market your blog you need to spend some time adapting these kinds of strategies to your own industry and capacity. (Wilson. 06 99)

B. Understanding your Visitors

As part of developing your online Marketing Strategy, you need to cautiously define your visitors. Everything runs from whom your customers are: your website style, your service or product offerings, along with your modes of advertising. For anyone who is to succeed off-line or on the net, you need to have an excellent understanding of your customers. Here is the kind of information you should be looking at to build your profile.

Here are some elements of a buyer profile to consider. To get business-to-consumer businesses, these consumers are people. Of course , b2b customers will be companies, they generally have a runner face that may well have some specific attributes as owner, purchasing agent, engineer, webmaster, VP of promoting, etc .

Let us start to define customers with some of those parameters:

? Geographic. Are they grouped regionally, country wide, or throughout the world?

? Ethnic and Ethnic. What languages do they will prefer to do organization in? Will ethnicity impact their tastes or shopping for behaviors?

? Economic conditions, income and purchasing electric power. What is the average household cash flow or purchasing power of your customers? What are the economic conditions they encounter as individuals? As a market?

? Electrical power. What is the degree of decision-making level and title of your standard B2B customer?

? Size of company. What company size are you greatest able to provide? Do you identify this best by annual revenue or perhaps number of staff?

? Era. What is the age of the companies you need to do business with? Dot-com start-ups or a lot of decades old. What is the predominant age bracket of your concentrate on buyers? Just how many kids and of what ages the family is of?

? Principles, attitudes, philosophy. What are the predominant values that customers have in common? What is their frame of mind toward the kind of product or service?

? Knowledge and awareness. How much know-how do your clients have about your product or service, with regards to your industry? Just how much education should be used? How much manufacturer building promoting do you need to choose a pool of shoppers aware of whatever you offer?

? Lifestyle. Just how many lifestyle characteristics is it possible to name about your purchasers? CACI ( is rolling out the exciting ACORN system of 43 strongly targeted way of living profiles that can be tied to particular ZIP codes. If you were to geo-code your existing customer repository using their ACORN system, you can determine patterns for your greatest customers that would guide long term marketing.

? Buying patterns. There is a growing body info on how buyers of different ages and demographic groups shop on the Web. This is vital details for your promoting plan, even though you have to pay to get it.

? Media Utilized. How do your targeted buyers learn? So what do they browse? What magazines do they subscribe to? Exactly what are their favorite websites? These are all pretty evident to making a marketing campaign.

(Web Promoting Today. The spring 1999)

We have just carressed the surface right here, but we hope it gives you an idea from the process. Once you have collected this type of information via a wide variety of sources, you are ready to publish a description of the best customers. Distill is really as learned into a maximum of 3 to 4 paragraphs, even if you may include spent days or several weeks researching.

Once for good measure, almost all repeat with each other: The main of our Internet Marketing Plan can be understanding our customers. Have this right and you could carve out a successful business online. Be reckless in understanding your customers, and you may doom your web marketing, no matter how much money you present to it.

You can learn about your website visitors in a number of ways. But before functioning at any of those, we need to discuss privacy. Your visitors main concerns is a steady chafing of his privacy. If you need to gather details, you will need to display integrity regarding the way you utilize information. It is recommended that you build a site online privacy policy, link to that from every form (and preferably via every site in your site), and follow it rigorously.

Here are ten ways you can discover your site visitors:

1 . Keep an eye on E-Mail Queries and Problems

It is vital that you just find a way to monitor e-mail inquiries and complaints from the site visitors. Although you may have an staff handle this e-mail for you personally, have them print an get of essential questions and complaints so you can keep your finger on the heart beat. We have found that my personal blind sides are quickly spotted simply by visitors, wholl fire away an email. Do not take a look at these nachrichten as opponent fire, they are your friends who will help you make your site. As you spot something occurring frequently, it is a signal that you need to deal with it more fully or more noticeably on your web page. And, this tells you what is important to any visitors.

2 . Offer Online Forms

You might want to create an online questionnaire with which you can gather details from your site visitors. What kinds of inquiries are important? Internet World subscription form? can be an example concerns asked with a Business-to-Business mag (

3. Distribute E-Mail Questionnaires

The strength of online forms is definitely the ease with which the data can be collected to get analysis. The downside is that on the net forms will be essentially passive, they wait until someone concerns them. Email-based questionnaires, on the other hand, are energetic, the receiver can complete it out and reply without needing to open an online browser.

E-mail questionnaires, however , can be the survey of preference because of their immediacy and ease in sending.

4. Use Cookies Strategically

One more information gathering strategy is to use cookies. Cookies are tiny pieces of information that can be put on your site guests web browser intended for retrieval later. These are trusted to display banners, keep track of searching carts, keep in mind passwords, observe affiliate referrals, etc . Permit is declare you want to discover how many of the people who responded to a particular ad in fact made a purchase. The first thing one needs to do is to make a special website URL for the advertisement. When somebody clicks on the ad URL, they come for the special page where JavaScript code places a cookie on their web browser indicating that they will came from a particular ad. Each time a purchase is made in the web page ordering program the biscuit (if any) is retrieved and a list is made of the source of the sale.

five. Examine Order Files

Work out learn about visitor shopping habits is to evaluate individual buy files as well as summaries. Once a visitor places an order or provides an e-mail address, any information gathered about that person can be used to build a personal profile. Amazon. com uses such information to supply recommendations of other books or acquisitions based on your previous purchases.

6. Present Site Personalization

Larger firm sites are employing data source tools that harvest information about visitors in what products they look at or perhaps purchase, which banners they will click on, etc . Then this kind of data is definitely merged to databases rendering demographic details by ZIP code, and so forth to give a client profile.

7. Analyze Your Visitors Logs

Substantial data about your customers and their surfing behaviors can be obtained from studying the traffic logs for your website. These can tell you the way the visitor found your site, browser used, course used to browse through your internet site, most well-liked pages, domain name of site visitors, and much more.

8. Employ JavaScript on Your Web page

In addition to placing cookies, JavaScript may be programmed to harvest information contained in the visitors internet browser, such as plug-ins available, the resolution of his computer keep an eye on, operating system utilized, and version of web browser.

The information you learn from each of these strategies can help you gain a sharper picture of the people visiting your internet site. Use the info with ethics, adhere to the privacy policy. But use whatever you learn about your visitors to fine tune your website product sales and income, and youll come out ahead. Careful attention to customer data is a key factor in unique successful from unsuccessful sites. Neglect it at your danger.

(Web Marketing Today. Nov. 1999)

II. Segmenting your Internet Marketplace

Once you have examined the customers whom are likely to purchase your goods and services, you may find there are several kinds of buyers, each based on a interests and needs. When you section your market in this way, you increase your likelihood of success.

One of the profitable exercises you can conduct is to portion your site site visitors into particular categories. This takes researching the market on your customers and then mindful analysis, nonetheless it will let you be far more successful within your website marketing efforts. Then use in your Internet Promoting Plan a paragraph or two explaining how you will segment the potential customers. Afterwards in the prepare, you will indicate which services or products are most suitable for each section, and an advertising strategy to reach each part of your market.

From a web-marketing perspective, one of the issues you deal with when you give you a number of goods aimed at several groups is to segment tourists quickly and move these to their own section. Imagine the problems with a company as diverse while Microsoft (http://microsoft. com), by way of example. Their website uses these kinds of categories:

Product Friends and family Sites


Developer Equipment


Home windows

Web Companies


BING Customer Sites

Home & Personal




IT Specialist


Spot the redundant method they portion by both product/service family members as well as simply by customer type. We think Microsoft does a pretty good job only at that.

(Wilson,? Web Marketing Today? )

IV. E-Commerce in Lebanon

The web invaded the Lebanese marketplace in 95, where in those days few companies (ISPs) monopolized the market. Nevertheless , in less than five years, corporations working in this kind of sector flower to a lot more than twenty companies competing to possess a higher business and attracting more buyers, which triggered many value wars just lately. At the beginning, Internet was just sought pertaining to the fun and entertainment part of it, not being aware of how important this kind of technology is for trade, economic system, knowledge, and so forth But with period, companies got to understand the significance of business for the Internet, bringing about the existence of a brand new sector inside the national economic climate, that of data and conversation. This development paved the way intended for e-commerce to flourish the Lebanese? E-Market?.

A. Lebanese Companies on the internet

Roula Mousa, taking care of director of Netways, could hardly control her excitement while speaking within the global ramifications the World Wide Web may have on the planets future.

Speaking for a workshop hosted by ministry of economys transact information center she indicated to the selection of benefits that being connected to the Net may bestow.

If a organization needs to know how their stocks are doing for the Beirut Bourse, it can usually just hand techinque in ** and find the days shutting prices.

Want to look at new real-estate investment possibilities in the country? Take a look at ** and you may get a listing of land and property for sale in accordance to your specs.

The possibilities are countless, but? the a war here,? she said. If the company would like to compete in todays global village, it takes to learn how you can market and sell its products, generate employees and search out clientele, all over the Net. For this reason, the ministry of economy will be hosting free of charge Internet training courses for Lebanese companies on a monthly basis.

You will find more than 100m Internet members across the world, which 60 % are in america.

Of the number, 95, 000 happen to be from Lebanon, half of all of them university students.

There are a lot more than 8m websites on the World Wide Web and, according to the estimations, more than 5, 000 Lebanese companies are displayed on the Net.

Some have made it into a valuable tool.

Exotica is usually an example. Through its internet site at ** a client can order, pay out by credit card and have delivered an purchase of bouquets or a plants, without having to get around rather than click a mouse switch.

The standard Internet Web commerce includes catalog-shopping merchandise, circulation, wholesaling and other commercial activities. The success of these kinds of solutions will be driven by consumer self-confidence in the secureness and confidentiality of their transactions.

The basic method to handle business via the internet should be to setup a great HTML form where users can enter the items they would like to buy, shipping and delivery address and credit card data. By using a protect socket level (SSL), storage space and web browser will ensure that third parties are not able to discover the mastercard information.

Alternative method to increase the safety of credit-based card transaction is to use a trusty transaction business between the service provider and customer, so the vendor does not start to see the customers mastercard number.

II. Customer Edition to Ecommerce Websites

Reaching the world, and even more specifically rewarding Arab markets, does not need grandiose planning. Computer systems are distributing and making Arab people potential customers to an electronic form of business dominated simply by multinational companies with huge financial and technological methods. Despite international competition, the world wide web can fuel economic growth in our nation.

Ecommerce is practiced differently between two powers that rule virtual organization in the world, European countries and the United states of america. European ecommerce is mostly comprised of retail selling, such as buying flowers, video cameras and computers on the Net using bank cards, or other? secure? repayment methods designed not to allow financial accounts fall into an incorrect hands.

In the U. S., there exists a large and increasing consumer appetite to get goods and financial services on the Internet, although firms as well rely on the Web for their materials and to maintain stocks at least through the system known as? business to organization? transactions.

In Lebanon, the volume of both types of online trading can be negligible. Businesses tend to imagine the Internet being a method of presenting their goods and services on-line, much less a tool to improve sales and cut costs.

At the global level, predictions for e-commerce growth are very daring: From $59 billion last year, international consultants Deloitte says that virtual trade would combination the $1 trillion hurdle by 2002, mainly via business-to-business deals.

Asia, it seems, can be destined to continue lagging behind with a less than $50-million discuss compared to much more than $800 mil for U. S. businesses. Such calculations cast of grim shadow over the Arabic East, which is already becoming left behind the rest of the world economy inside the traditional areas of industry and services.

The majority of Asias e-commerce is done in advanced nations including Singapore and Japan. What can we expect then coming from Arab businesses? How can all of us avoid being confined to one other footnote inside the globalization story?

The Arab online market is tiny. The U. A. At the. is the most digital with more than two hundred, 000 Internet surfers up to April. Lebanon is in very good condition with respect to the Arab neighbours and is not too far from 95, 000 members. The Syrian government limitations the propagate of the Net to its citizens who have dial-up employing Lebanese services.

Saudi Arabia is finally booming after the government allowed a highly censored Internet to get to the population. In terms of personal computers, we notice that Arab saudi has solid infrastructure (almost 1 million PCs), which justifies the net explosion presently there. The Levant enjoys a lesser amount of purchasing electric power, but with any luck , economic liberalization will finally hit the full region, boost the standard of living and spread computer systems more rapidly to a eager, multi-lingual and well-informed population.

One of the very few studies My spouse and i managed to run into showed that 9 percent of Arabic Internet browsers make online purchases. Nevertheless the market intended for credit cards, the key settlement mechanism on the Internet, is also growing. Lebanons 40, 000 charge cards two years in the past are have exceeded to 100, 1000 in 1999, and it is expected to climb to three hundred, 000 in 2001 with banks just like Credit Libanais working to expose state of the art chip-based plastic.

Lebanon specifies itself around the virtual map by a set of encouraging amounts and some innovative approaches to ecommerce. A generous business code has allowed the spread of tens of Net firms which can be competing generally by undermining each other folks prices and making the expenses of being able to access the Web among the lowest in emerging marketplaces.

Deficient huge R&D budgets, Lebanese firms will be devising affordable, yet effective, ways to wash consumer anxiety about the Internet. Fransabank began by introducing credit cards with a regular monthly limit of $100-$200 to become used when creating on-line acquisitions. If a mastercard number is usually stolen, the resulting deficits would be minimal.

Various other banks most notable Lebanon & Gulf Lender, Credit Libanais, Blom, Audi, Inaash have got followed with even reduce limit Internet pre-paid greeting cards. Local providers are teaming up with worldwide firms to advertise the protected payment strategies adopted internationally, such as Data Management, which linked with Kleline, and Inconet with Global Sign.

While a serious credit card company, CSC provides teamed with Moscanet to get providing a fresh way of safeguarded payments in Lebanon.

Another great development has occurred on the net itself. Several firms managed to break through the monotony and dullness that characterized Arabic sites and carved a niche of advertising goods into a large foundation of Lebanese expatriates, just like sweets company Hallab. In the financial industry, customers with the Arab Fund Corporation transact on-line.

Despite these kinds of bright locations, the market is definitely stagnant and has not reached an international amount of maturity. Most sites will be dull, slower and difficult to control. I attempted to buy a book on-line by a local web page. I simply had a choice of the latest readily available publications (about six books) and anxiously waited for what seemed a decade intended for the necessary webpage to open. It had been much easier to go to the bookshop, purchase the book and come back prior to the page completed downloading.

So there is huge area for scientific improvements to make the Internet faster and the interconnection more efficient.

But a reasonable bit of expense is needed to update system speed, create complex sites and conduct large-scale marketing campaigns to familiarize the customer and vendor with the new medium, especially the business-to-business part.

The probability that such opportunities can be built through the small firms that form the market is tiny. All their small sizes limit their usage of finance and the amount of salaries they can pay professionals capable of taking the elektronische geschäftsabwicklung a step up. (Majzoub L., downloaded from

Sixth is v. Conclusion

Individuals will be able to process documents and pay their charges using the government authorities network.

Mohammed Amin of the Ministry of Economic climate and Operate made the announcement and many conceded that at present you will find obstacles in the path to the future incomplete telecommunications infrastructure, non-existent e-commerce legal guidelines and too little of consumer awareness.? Electronic trade and its different services represent an easy and cheap opportunity for Lebanese businesses to compete within the regional and global marketplaces,? said ‘s Amin, director-general at the ministry.

? The private and non-private sectors are responsible for the development of e-commerce in Lebanon,? stated Amin.? The Lebanese govt intends to experience an active part in this area.?

The government technique includes the creation of your flexible legislative framework to get electronic trade and its adoption as the model in government orders.

The government also desires to15325 encourage small to medium sized businesses to take on new technology and increase expense in information technology education and infrastructure.

Louis Hobeika, chairman of Sodetel, anxious the importance than it development in every companies.? Speeding transactions and minimizing costs is the key to doing business,? this individual said.? Electronic-commerce helps businesses reach this kind of target.?

According to Hobeika, particular drawbacks limit the propagation of electronic-commerce in Lebanon, including slower network rate, consumer understanding and safeguarded transactions.

? Fraud online is a major matter for a great e-commerce organization,? he explained.? But the fact is that less money is definitely lost to Internet fraud than cellphone fraud.?

According to Forrester Study, only $1 is dropped to Net fraud every $1, 000 revenue orders, compared to $19. 63 for the mobile phone industry.

Electronic-commerce turnover reached $59 billion more than a decade ago, mainly in business-to-business deals.

? Later on, technology allows people to avoid local authorities just like Customs,? stated Salah Rustom, president of CIE Lebanon.

? Government authorities that present flexibility in their legislature will benefit a lot more than those who never,? he added.

? The Beirut Chamber of Commerce is working on a proposal to aid the motion of information, services and goods,? said Hobeika.

? Couple of Lebanese firms make use of their website for business,? said Rami Majzoub, sales exec at Reuters.? They use this mainly for promotional purposes.?

Majzoub recommended that ecommerce could help Lebanon regain the global muscle, but the fact that market was still in its infancy and needed offers to grow.

? Lebanon has the competitive advantage in a few areas which includes low dial-up costs, a growing number of credit card owners, and businesses that recognize the potential of the internet,? said Majzoub.? But the market is still by a crossroads and needs to consolidate and attract joint venture capital to grow to its full potential.?

Majzoub asked businesses to acknowledge the electronic market, and to act now since tomorrow is actually late.


Foot Notes:

1) Meta marking: is a encoding script indicate used in CODE (Hyper Textual content Markup Language), which is used pertaining to developing web sites. This marking includes a description of the website and some keywords that illustrate the web site. The purpose of it is to allow search engines to index the web site for users to easily find it. Case in point:

*META NAME=KEYWORDS CONTENT=university, education, Lebanese American University, etc 5.

*META NAME=DESCRIPTION CONTENT=LAU is the leading university at the center East and so forth *

2) Merchant: is a company that links between the world wide web surfer as well as the company in the web site. That ensures that the credit card of the surfer is definitely valid, that he has the amount of money to become paid in the bank, and transfers the needed quantity from his account towards the companys savings account.


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