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Islam means Peace and Submitter (The peace that comes from submitting, the attention to God that comes from peace. ) Allah Akbar means “God is great. “

Sunni = 85% of Muslim population; Shia = 10%; Sufi lower than 5% Islam is not only a religion of the Middle East: major population of Muslims is within India. Largest Islamic region is Dalam negri. Of same faith traditions as both Christians and Jews

Muslims & Jews are both monotheistic, differ just on primarily messianic theology Places of worship change yet can easily coexist; Spain fostered all three Abrahamic faiths during pre-Ferdinand and Isabella era (pre-1492)

Part 2 of on the lookout for: Pre Muslim Mecca, Quraish tribe, Muhammad’s early years & first perspective, Qur’an, very first pillar shahadah, and start of 2nd quitar prayer: http://www.

vimeo. com/watch? v=KtFkhC7DIIo

Muslims originated from Hagar and Ishmael, who fled to the desert Abraham, relating to Muslim legend, built Ka’ba Quraysh tribe controlled Mecca as trading city. Later on put symbols and statues of various tribe Gods inside Ka’ba and so Mecca could become more importantly as a pilgrimage site.

Muhammad was created several years later in 570 ADVERTISING into a prosperous family. His dad passed away, his grand daddy sent him to live with trading caravans. As a young man this individual became a talented caravanier, married Khadijah Muhammad illiterate, so others recorded his recitations

Qur’an means “recitation, ” a mix of poetry, testimonies, admonitions, guidance and safety measures.

Part a few of on the lookout for: 2nd entender (prayer) continuing, Muhammad benefits followers, issue with Meccans, Hijra, to Ummayad empire; beginning of 3rd quitar: com/watch? v=5h4bcCSsc9A&NR=1

Muhammad gave sermons against polytheism to pilgrims arriving at the Ka’ba in Mecca; was persecuted simply by Quraish Muhammad had simply no strong personal ally, couple of followers at first. Journeyed to Yathrib (later named Medina, “City of the Prophet”) to arbitrate challenge between city states. Started to be year zero in Islamic calendar, 622 CE. Create first Islamic community (Ummah)

Meccans were enraged, bitten Medina to destroy Muslims.

Struggle of Badr, outnumbered by Meccans, but Medinans gained

Muslims triumphed

630 ADVERTISING Muslims went back to Mecca

Cleansed Abraham’s sacred temple (Ka’ba) of idols of pilgrims, retained the Ka’ba (lit. “cube”) as the central appearance of monotheism Offered Meccans freedom to get peace, various converted

Arab tribes came to pay tribute to Muhammad and convert

Umayyads 1st dynasty 750  Within a century of Muhammad’s death Muslims controlled even more land than the Roman Empire—Turkey to regions of China. Jews and Christians were not impacted by conversion to Islam

3rd expoliar: Charity is usually heavily emphasized in the Qur’an, even more than the subordinate position of women

Component 4 of 9: 3 rd pillar, charitable organization, continued; 4th pillar, Ramadan, Abbasid empire; Crusades; Mongols: com/watch? v=ZKsm3O23Itg&NR=1

3rd Pillar: Charitable organization: From all you own you give 2 . 5%

Almost all money collected must be given to prospects in need One must follow the fast through the month of Ramadan since the 4th pillar Fast lasts via sunrise right up until sunset Exceptions are created for the sick, fragile, children, plus the mothers whom are expecting 2 weeks . time to heighten your efforts to build your relationship with God The festival with the great Eid (Lit. festival) of the disregarding of the quickly Shia divide from the Sunni after the loss of life of Hussein (680 AD) There was a discrepancy of how leaders needs to be put in place Shia believed that leaders needs to be direct descendants of Muhammad Sunni thought leadersshould always be elected democratically

8th century golden era in War, Abbasid empire arose in Bagdad Abbasids valued learning, Greek philosophy and organic science. Algebra invented, decimals, exponents.

Medicine developed, orthopedics, mental illness treatment, surgery. Crusades: Jerusalem is 3rd the majority of sacred metropolis for Muslims

1099: Christians slaughter 30k Muslims

1258 Genghis Khan’s grandson & his Mongols plundered Bagdad

Part 5 of being unfaithful: Mongol age: 5th Entender, Hajj; vacation, interfaith assistance: com/watch? v=KXWJDY8AsFo&feature=related

The Mongol Khan becomes a Muslim

Reduced pilgrimage can be taken to Great place at any time in the year (min 0: 30) Hajj, more suitable pilgrimage, occurs only once 12 months a. Ihram1 = 2 white towels in which you will probably be buried will be worn during Hajj, significance is equal rights, Ihram2 is likewise = tranquil demeanor to take all while brothers & sisters.

n. Ablution (ritual washing) brings about first level: circumambulation six times God is the axis of one’s life c. 2nd step is always to march between 2 hillsides representing Hagar’s search for normal water for Ismael; represents your struggle in every area of your life d. Following day they go the plain of Arafat. Pilgrims walk in quiet plea confessing sins at Attach of Arafat. e. Subsequent, to Sl?ktens to toss stones for 3 key elements representing Satan, sins happen to be forgiven f. Last celebration prayer service at Ka’ba

Muslim students preserved writings from large numbers

711 CE: Muslims arrive at Gibraltar

a. Called Moors, dwelled in Andalusia, cities of Cordoba & Seville b. Horticulture, math, course-plotting developed

c. Muslim, Jewish & Christian scholars worked with each other became a source to get the Renaissance

Part 6th of on the lookout for: Spain, Ottoman Empire; place of women; Colonialism: com/watch? v=6olUPtXRC6U&NR=1

Recuperaci�n, Christian re-conquest of Spain expelling Moors and making conversion or perhaps expulsion of Jews 1492 the Moors were started out of Spain 1453 Greek Constantinople droped to Muslim troops; name changed to Turki = “Islam in Abundance” Sultan was the ruler of Islamic Ottoman society. Sultan means leader Sultan’s Harem (Haram – forbidden, taboo)– group of concubines, in American eyes they are really dens of iniquity, however in Islamic practice they were centers of safety for women and sources intended for caucusing regarding political electricity Islamic polygamy: all wives or girlfriends need to be treated equally

Could rights precise in Qur’an

Qur’an tried to get rid of negativism toward women.

Gave girls basic rights

To own real estate

receive inheritance

vote (1300 years before western communities permitted it)

choose spouse

The hijab – the cloth that Islamic women wear on the heads Symbol of humility before God became synonymous with oppression in eyes of West Burka refers to a total body covering

Inside the 1800s the Europeans start taking advantage of the Islamic globe, esp with Industrial Trend Ottomans vulnerable, starting with Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt.

Portion 7 of 9: Suez Canal; Portugal colonizes Algeria; WWI; colonialism; Wahabism, Jihad: com/watch? v=IH2lGUr7eJ4&NR=1

Colonial sense of superiority disparaged Muslims

France overtook northern Africa and the north part of the Middle East, discouraging Arabic dialect and Islamic faith. Great britain expanded in to Egypt after creating the Suez Canal, as well taking the Sinai Peninsula, Palestine, and War. Ottomans on the sides with Australia in WWI, so England & Italy took Muslim lands when Germany dropped (min 2: 40) Muslim Brotherhood came about in Egypt in 1928

Some Muslim states encouraged western style central severe dictatorships; Muslim Brotherhood opposed these. Following WW2 Muslims throughout Euro colonies flower up, challenging release from the European areas. Mohammad ibn Abdul Wahab – started to be a leader inside the Islamic community, preaching a great ascetic, puritanical form of Islam Created Wahabism, founded Saudi State, joining desert soldier spirit with puritanical change. Very critical and major form of Islam

Was supported by Saud friends and family, who would turn into rulers of Saudi Arabia Oil gave Saudis great prosperity allowing them to expand Wahabist philosophy. Giving the amount of money to businesses has brought on an even more major group of philosophy to happen Jihad = “struggle. ” The greater jihad is the struggle of one’s will against your passions and weaknesses, an inner have difficulty. The reduced jihad is known as a defensive war, using only war standards. Some teams called for a radical Jihad –war against western nations around the world The end justifying the means leads to terrorism.

Osama Bin-Laden in particular

Portion 8 of 9: Malcolm X; His home country of israel; Iran hostage crisis, War: com/watch? v=cKHuc0ehFPc

Malcolm X: “We (blacks) would not land on Plymouth Rock; the rock was landed on us” Walhid Farad created the Nation of Islam

Elijah Poole joined him; changed brand to Elijah Muhammad & took impose in 1934 Malcolm Little heard about Nation of Islam in Prison, changed name to Malcolm X Malcolm X: “What was a message before you lost this? “

Malcolm X returned from hajj inspired to join Nation of Islam to traditional Islam; Gunned down By 75, Elijah’s kid brought about Malcolm X’s desire: changed brand to World Community of Islam Louis Farrakhan extended in old ways of separation

Israel made a state in 1948. In 6 Working day War in 1967 stress increased with Muslims 78 Iran’s Shah fell to Shiite Ayatollah Khomeini; ALL OF US cast while

“Great Satan” Learners took US embassy personnel in Tehran as hostages for 444 days Sadat in Egypt assassinated; he previously signed a peace treaty with Israel. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990; coalition business lead by US stopped him, imposed no-fly Zone

Portion 9 of 9: Suicide bombing; Islamic hell & heaven; wrap up: com/watch? v=egTCPablawQ&NR=1

9/11 made persons aware not merely of revolutionary fringe of Islam, but also of the calm Muslim friends and neighbors. Even in heaven one particular cannot observe God

Pleas pertaining to peace

Few stable & reasonable Muslim governments have substituted colonial governments

Part you of being unfaithful: Intro and basic specifics: com/watch? v=hAjsu1ATrts Component 2 of 9: Pre Muslim Mecca, Quraish group, Muhammad’s early years & initial vision, Qur’an, 1st expoliar shahadah, and begin of 2nd pillar prayer: com/watch? v=KtFkhC7DIIo Component 3 of 9: subsequent pillar (prayer) continued, Muhammad gains supporters, conflict with Meccans, Hijra, to Ummayad dynasty; start of 3 rd pillar: com/watch? v=5h4bcCSsc9A&NR=1 Part 4 of being unfaithful: 3rdpillar, charitable organization, continued; fourth pillar, Ramadan, Abbasid dynasty; Crusades;

Mongols: com/watch? v=ZKsm3O23Itg&NR=1 Component 5 of 9: Mongolico era: 5thPillar, Hajj; vacation, interfaith assistance: com/watch? v=KXWJDY8AsFo&feature=related Part 6 of 9: The country, Ottoman Empire; place of girls; Colonialism: com/watch? v=6olUPtXRC6U&NR=1 Part 7 of on the lookout for: Suez Canal;

France colonizes Algeria; WWI; colonialism; Wahabism, Jihad: com/watch? v=IH2lGUr7eJ4&NR=1 Part almost 8 of on the lookout for: Malcolm Times; Israel; Serbia hostage turmoil, Iraq: com/watch? v=cKHuc0ehFPc Part on the lookout for of being unfaithful: Suicide bombing; Islamic heck & heaven; wrap up: com/watch? v=egTCPablawQ&NR=1


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