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” (Redhead 2008) (Manow 2001)

These factors happen to be showing how institutional buyers are playing an important component in providing additional numbers of liquidity to a variety of businesses. This helps those to address several issues they may be facing including managing proper acquisitions to having additional auto financing for getting new products or services in the market. When this happens, these types of organizations be a little more competitive and versatile in getting together with the demands of customers. (Manow 2001)

Institutional investors and the short-termism theory

However , one the biggest criticisms of the position of institutional investors can be they are encouraging companies to focus on meeting initial objectives. The reason is , all buyers want to see an increase in their income. When this happens, the cost of the share will approach higher via these favorable perceptions. During the annual proxy server vote (for the plank of directors), this makes certain that they will be reelected to their situation by having huge institutions issues side. They will work with managers who are able to achieve the Wall Street quotes. (Palley 1997)

In situations where the company is definitely dealing with weak earnings and stock prices; they can replace the management staff and whom sits on the board. This is because these corporations are seeing negative returns. To reduce their risks and improve functionality, they will substitute executives with someone who is capable of these targets. (Palley 1997)

This kind of initial thinking can be problematic, mainly because it will limit the focus of management in meeting these goals versus The long run benchmarks. During these moments, there are improved amounts of movements and organizations are joining practices that may hurt overall performance. This can trigger the price of share to have great amounts of unpredictability. (Palley 1997)


Clearly, institutional buyers are playing a major function in the economic markets. This is certainly occurring through: increased shareholder activism as well as governance, increasing transparency as well as disclosures and enhancing fluid. These factors are important, because they will help companies to become more open and capable of receiving the working capital they need. Once this occurs, these companies can perform role in assisting these types of corporations in meeting the demands of customers.

Nevertheless , at the same time these stockholders are interested in the initial financial effects. This is because they want to see the benefit of their investments continually increasing. Over the course of period, this means that businesses will engage in practices that happen to be hurting their very own ability to deliver long-term development to shareholders. As a result, institutional shareholders are experiencing positive and negative affects on the financial markets.


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