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Enterprise Resource Planning

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Pro And Con

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There are a number of particular reasons that NIBCO built a dedicated efforts to apply an Business Resource Planning (ERP) program. Firstly, the organization ascertained from a number of different resources that the information technology devices prior to the setup of ERP were inadequate. The company hadn’t invested in any of these resources for a long period, and identified from several consulting corporations and higher level managing appraisals it “could not prosper” having its plethora of “legacy systems” (Brown and Vessey, 2001, p. 468). Additionally , one of the particular conditions that NIBCO was experiencing was your fact that their legacy devices were most functioning because silos, and effectively “could not speak to each other” (Brown and Vessey, 2001, p. 468). ERP directly addresses problems in a couple of different ways. First of all, it features as an integration centre between numerous various themes for individual business units in an organization, and has a centralized database which will helps to aid the integration procedure (Harper, 2011). Additionally , employing ERP helped the company in the future desired goals of globalizing and becoming an organization that a new presence more than several different countries and continents. Most importantly, an ERP system was a method of modernizing the information management system utilized by this company so that it would be in a position to incorporate new technologies in the future and still include a basis for sharing those methods throughout the venture.

There were both equally pros and cons to the particular approach that NIBCO deployed in order to expedite the implementation of its SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS system which will helped to update the information technology features. That method, of course , was known as the Big Bang and pertained that in a relatively short amount of time (approximately 15 months) the company would attempt to “convert to SAP R/3 by any means ten crops and the 4 North American division centers exact same time” (Brown and Vessey, 2001, g. 468). One of the primary benefits of this kind of approach was the fact that it might attempt to attain its objective in a fairly brief length of time, which would definitely behoove the business if it was successful in the attempt. In addition , the organization could dedicate a substantial amount of resources and attention to obtaining this goal done, which can be another benefit for this approach. Alternatively, however , these pros may also

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