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Research from Composition:

Article Critique one particular A Phenomenological Study

This information critique analyses the article by simply Corb, Taggart and Cousins (2015) entitled People with intellectual disability and human research research: A scientific review of phenomenological studies applying interviews for data collection. The experts, Deirdre, Taggart and Cousins (2015), evaluated the manner through which people suffering from intellectual disabilities could permission to their involvement in a exploration. The experts also discuss the methods info dissemination as well as the methodology utilized in that dissemination hence raising research value. Further, the researchers look at the manner by which Heideggerian phenomenology can be applied on people battling intellectual afflictions.

This analysis by Corb, Taggart and Cousins (2015) utilizes a systematic investigation review that employed phenomenological strategies in executing interviews amongst intellectually handicapped participants. The investigation entailed 5 electronic info bases. The inclusion standards utilization occasioned the 28 relevant magazines. The content selected were examined and pertinent data derived. The findings were presented through examination of the theory and philosophy that motivated data collection, recruitment methods, thoroughness of research of data, website link between members and analysts, and the results statement. The results of the exploration entailed the important issues that worried people battling moderate and mild mental disability. Through critical analysis it will be possible to prove that the investigation had all the characteristics of the phenomenological analysis approach. The researchers also highlighted the implications with their research to future studies. It is crystal clear that creating awareness through research intended for intellectually impaired people is usually fundamental and coming up with ideal measures to get disseminating conclusions in formats that are available is important. Corb, Taggart and Cousins (2015) challenge researchers to consider utilizing the Heideggerian hermeneutic phenomenology method due to the ability to look into intellectually handicapped peoples encounters.

Corb, Taggart and Cousins (2015) succeed in proving that individuals suffering from intellectual disabilities might not have an ability to benefit from sufficient information in order to reflect any potential problems they go through (p 453). As a way to ensure that the sounds of the intellectually disabled happen to be heard analysts found it necessary to modest the research models consensual characteristics while at the same time upholding the research integrity. Researchers replaced words intended for symbols pictures to help nonreaders (intellectually disabled) with an ability to understand the content. The researchers go through materials to get the research participants with a browsing ability that is lower than typical. The experts took time

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