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Intercultural Communication

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Intercultural Communications, Volunteering, Engagement, Change Theory

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Intercultural Communication

EXAMINATION REPORT FORMATTING Use formatting headings addresses answer overarching question ‘Did working a offer contribute take away intercultural exchange communication? ‘: Introduction Outline event, company worked, duties undertaken, happened, undertook activity worked time – qualifications nationality

Intercultural communication

Summary of intercultural communication theory

Intercultural communication inside the simplest contact form involves sharing information throughout cultures and social teams. It requires synonymously comprehending the actions, language, beliefs and values of individuals from distinct social teams or civilizations. Steinfatt and Millette (2009, p. 41)

, adaptation in intercultural connection is important because it ensures a continuous interplay in the two cultures thus allowing them to share morals, values, and so forth And prefer the eminent variations.

Kincaid (1988, p. 98)

argues that for intercultural communication to be effective, there must be ethnic convergence which means the two nationalities must converge at a certain point in time and diverge at another. This kind of convergence allows for intercultural variation where 1 communication funnel adapts to a new and thus they can achieve effective communication final results. As put forward by The theory suggests that when an individual from a new culture chooses to maintain the id of their source, then functional difficulties occur and interaction is impossible. However , when the personalities are predisposed to each other through getting open-minded, emotional empathy and cognitive conformity, intercultural conversation can continue with ease. Therefore , there are several factors of intercultural adaptation and these include adding the two several cultures, reputation of relations within the different cultures, and appreciating the thoughts, awareness, beliefs, and values from the different cultures without actually driving a big change perspective Bohman, 1999, s. 17()

The co-cultural theory suggests that co-cultural communication arises when associates of an underrepresented group communicates with a prominent group. Co-cultural communication is simpler to achieve as the minority group often chooses to associate with the prominent group and vice versa. The strategic ways in which these co-cultural groups talk is because both the groups are looking for a unique identification that complements their current identify Fleming (2002, s. 20)

Community engagement through voluntary function has been shown in several studies to boost awareness of intercultural aspects and thus lead to better intercultural conversation. In one examine, it was found that community engagement, especially voluntary work, leads to learning the local practices, beliefs, and values, and allows the learner to contextualize their particular experience Lauring, 2011, g. 236.

Nevertheless , the study located that this depends upon what degree of purchase of the spanish student in the community, contribution in community events, and community perception.


At my voluntary operate assisting in events dexterity, I found that intercultural communication was of extreme importance. Within my discussion with the two learners from China who were also volunteering at the function, it emerged that they valued the helping out experience as it allowed these to participate in the case in a way that they could discuss their experience of Australians and so learn about the Australian community. This, as suggested by Lauring (2011, s. 242)

, is an important aspect of ethnical learning since it is demand-driven considering that the volunteer is a one considering the social act and thus the offer is eager

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