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1 ) Hollywood videos affect nationwide culture beyond the United States because it leads individuals to stereo-type other cultures. Including the stereo-type of Japanese people as robotic caricatures who also mix generally there L’s and R’s and Bill Murry who enjoyed a character was taking a shower room in a Five-star hotel and must bend down to scrub his locks in the shower but in reality their isn’t a five star hotel in Tokyo that hasn’t made up the varying heights of its customer.

Some positive effects of Showmanship movies in world cultures is that it brings civilizations together by using a sense of comfortably and laugher. 2 . Culture takes on a big position in business, Videos have impact managerial activity, Company activities and other methods of doing business all over the world because it has open many roles and also has to communicate to abroad audience of employees and the market. Watching international films can be an effective means of learning how to conduct business abroad as it shows what the countries affinity for movies will be and also permits you to learn a whole lot about their culture.

3. Showmanship movies are extremely popular overseas because the bring a sense of diversity to the big screen allowing almost all cultures to merge with each other and feel relaxed. While on the other hand international films do not diversity and also have a narrow range of actors/ actress via different nationalities also the diversity of films. Foreign film makers should target more around the genres of movies and more diversity within the movies. 4. I do believe movies constitute a separate category.

Given the size of the movie countries should shield and support their own film industry via protectionism. Candice 2/4/2013 Foreign Management In chapter four I learned about the ethnic environment of international organization. Some of the crucial topics discussed where lifestyle and cross-cultural risk.

Lifestyle is discovered, shared, and enduring orientations of society, expressed in value, suggestions, attitudes, behaviours and other significant symbols and artifacts. Cross-cultural risks come up from a predicament or event in which a ethnic misunderstanding places some man value on the line. Key principles of tradition and Nationwide culture influences consumer behavior, managerial success and the variety of value string operations, just like product and service design, marketing and product sales. The role of lifestyle in foreign business, cultural metaphors, stereotypes, and idioms.

Interpretations of culture exactly where low context cultures count on elaborated verbal explanations and High civilizations emphasize no verbal connection. Subject vs objective sizes of lifestyle. Language like a key dimensions of tradition, contemporary issues in tradition and defeating cross-cultural risk. Candice Scarborough 2/4/2013 Worldwide Management Phase 5 1 . The case suggest that you do items the right way but not by bribery.

Siemens gained his work back although also obtained more people monitoring money flow and amount of bribes. 2 . Many countries have different idea and laws and regulations some imagine bribery is usually ok and some do not believe it is ethical and still have put in place regulations to control bribery. Countries reap the benefits of a strong rule of rules that decreases corruption mainly because corruption prevents development in poor countries and is at the root of persistent poverty in lots of. Bribery distorts legitimate efforts to preserve and boost company business.

3. Simply no I don’t think that Siemens was penalized enough dot it data corruption because many countries and lives had been at risk. Government or various other organizations can easily do several things to discourage from doing corrupt behavior such as producing bribery illegal or to a payment. 4. I believe I do not agree with bribery especially when it is a large huge and is not being controlled adding many persons at risk.

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