intervention to get depression among young mothers

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Depression for Young Mothers

Depression offers emerged among the most common psychiatric disorders between mothers with disabled children. Actually, this disorder is regarded as the second most incapacitating condition between psychological disorders that impact young mothers of handicapped children. Consequently several studies have been performed to examine the various issues relating to this trend. One of a quantitative study conducted on this concern is the research by Venetike Merkaj, Migena Kika and Artan Simaku on the symptoms of depression, stress and panic among father and mother of autistic children. The objective of the research was to compare these types of symptoms between parents of kids with incapacity and those whose children are expanding normally. As being a quantitative research, the analysts employed a self-administered questionnaire i. electronic. DASS (Depression, Anxiety, Anxiety, Scale 42). They discovered that father and mother with kids with this kind of disability often suffer from depressive disorder as well as anxiety and stress. Moreover, these researchers figured mothers of such children are more likely to go through severely via depression as compared with fathers (Merkaj, Kika Simaku, 2013, l. 345).


Through examining the symptoms of depression among parents with disabled kids and those with normally developing children, this kind of study gives significant information regarding the symptoms of this condition among parents with disabled children and its influence on them. One of the main strengths from the study is that it was performed for a long period of your time i. elizabeth. February to October 2012, which allowed the experts to effectively examine the issue and increased the study’s findings. The use of the same number of parents of disabled kids and those with normally-developing children also helped in producing accurate findings through steering clear of potential prejudice. The study gives detailed information regarding the inclusion criteria for participants relative to children together with the condition, tools used in the research, and statistical analysis way. This illustrates that the research process was comprehensive and provided trustworthy results.

Nevertheless , this research has many weaknesses that generate issues regarding the stability and validity of its results. Initial, the experts specifically dedicated to parents of kids with autism, which signifies that the outcomes may not successfully represent almost all disability circumstances among children. In essence, the consideration of other problems in the analyze would have supplied different results that may not need led to the findings, conclusions, and recommendations provided by these researchers. Second, while the creators

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