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Public Health Doctor Interview

When it comes to community education and medical care, nurses are necessary. They provide significant services, but in reality provide a wide range of ongoing support and education. Those are important areas of what they do, and can significantly change and affect a community based on how they are dealt with. There are three roles that nurses enjoy in a community when it comes to preventing health care problems: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Those will probably be discussed below, along with an interview executed with Sarah Winters, a nurse that has been doing work in community education for more than 30 years. By merging the educational data of various resources with the personal information that can only be provided by meeting with a person in the field, a much better understanding of the role and value with the community well being nurse is visible. That provides insight to areas who happen to be exploring breastfeeding and whom are identifying whether they wish to have nurses on hand in order to ensure that the members with their community business lead stronger, much healthier lives.

Main Prevention

The nurse’s position in major prevention in the neighborhood is based on actual health care (D’Antonio, 2010). Screenings can be done for several potential health issues, and that can ensure that the nurse teach patients about issues they could have or perhaps problems that they might be developing. If a nurse really does that, he or she is providing a great service to the community. According to the interview conducted with Winters (2014), it is essential that a community provides a nurse or multiple healthcare professionals who can offer this level of primary reduction. Testing intended for blood pressure, cholesterol, and other concerns can carry out done very easily through community health fairs, free and low-cost clinics, and other choices (Longe, 2013). When that takes place, Winters sees one advantage to the people who come to the people events or perhaps places. The lady knows that they may be getting medical that they need, and that severe issues may be prevented for that reason care.

Getting high blood pressure or high cholesterol ahead of they harm the body or perhaps cause a medical event is vital. The same is valid with excessive blood sugar and other issues. While there are still various medical problems that might not be found by a community health registered nurse, problems like high blood pressure, substantial blood sugar, and high cholesterol help toward triggering a number of medical problems (Fairman Lynaugh, 2000). Seeing that these issues could be controlled – or even reversed in some cases – it is vital that they be discovered as soon as possible. That may give the one who has these people the best chance to get better, and may allow that individual to go on and live a much better and more healthy life. Nurses are important in the breakthrough of these kinds of issues in the neighborhood, as persons come to them to be tested for all those sorts of issues and flaws they may have got, so they can improve treatment.

Second Prevention

Winter seasons (2014) thinks that rns also provide second prevention to a community as education. These kinds of nurses can easily help users of the community understand the requirement for these medical tests, and can also help them to determine the value of obtaining treatment in the event the test results come back away from normal limits. Education need to involve not only why anybody should be analyzed, but what the nurse is looking for and why the person would like treatment if the test is usually not regular (Longe, 2013). Pamphlets which might be easy to read and that explain the issues in simple terms are a way to provide information to a community. Flyers work well, just like community events where nursing staff give talks and give away small presents or bags with info and products in them. Even a thing as simple like a refrigerator magnetic can be a tip for a individual who needs a medical test.

Seeing that there are so many methods a doctor can provide community health assistance, it is unlucky that a number of them usually do not. However , that comes from the overworked nature of many nursing staff in the profession.

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