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A. Defining Democracy

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1 ) Democracy is actually a means of selecting policymakers and of organizing authorities so that policy reflects citizens’ preferences.

B. Classic Democratic Theory

1 . Equality in voting

2 . Effective participation

3. Enlightened understanding

4. Citizen control of the agenda

5. Introduction

6. Democracies must practice bulk rule and preserve community rights. several. The relationship between the few market leaders and the various followers is one of manifestation.

C. Three Modern day Theories of yankee Democracy

1 . Pluralist theory claims that teams with distributed interests influence public policy by pressing their problems through prepared efforts.

installment payments on your Elite and class theory contends that societies will be divided along class lines, and that an upper-class high level pulls the strings of government. 3. Hyperpluralism contends that many groups are so strong that government is unable to act.

D. Challenges to Democracy

1 . Elevated Technical Experience

2 . Limited Engagement in Government

a few. Escalating Plan Costs

4. Different Political Hobbies (policy gridlock)

At the. American Politics Culture and Democracy

1 . Politics culture involves the overall pair of values generally shared within a society.

2 . Liberty

several. Egalitarianism

4. Individualism

your five. Laissez-faire

6. Populism

F. A Lifestyle War? (Is America polarized into rival political camps with different politics cultures? )

G. Preview Concerns about Democracy

VI. The Scope of Government in America (pp. 23″26)

A. How Active Is usually American Government?

M. Preview Questions about the Scope of Government

VII. Summary (p. 26)


After studying Phase 1, you should be able to:

1 . Illustrate what authorities is and what governments do.

2 . Learn how politics may be the struggle over “who gets what, the moment, and how.  3. Recognize the important popular features of the policymaking system and explain just how public plans are the choices that authorities makes”and declines to make”in response to politics issues.

some. Understand the characteristics of democratic government and traditional democratic theory, and the key questions concerning democracy.

your five. Distinguish among the three modern day theories of yankee democracy and politics (pluralist, elite and class, and hyperpluralist) and identify a selection of their strengths and weaknesses.

6. Be familiar with nature of American political tradition and discover the portions of the American creed.

7. Understand the nature in the scope of government in America plus the key concerns concerning the opportunity of government.

The following physical exercises will help you satisfy these aims:

Objective one particular:

Illustrate what government is and what governments do.

1 . Specify the term “government. 

The institutions that make authoritative decisions for any given culture.

2 . Precisely what are the two primary questions regarding governing that serve as themes throughout the textbook?

1 . How will need to we govern?

2 . What should certainly government do?

3. List the five functions that most national governments perform. 1 . Maintain a national protection

2 . Provide open public services

3. Protect order

4. Socialize the young

five. Collect fees

Objective two:

Realize that politics is the struggle above “who gets what, when, and how.  1 . Define the term “politics. 

Determines whom we select as the governmental frontrunners and what policies these types of leaders


2 . Give types of the “who,  “what,  “when,  and “how of politics. 1 . Who: Arrêters, candidates, organizations, and parties

installment payments on your What: New taxes, medical treatment for the elderly

a few. When: When people speak up

4. How: Voting, supporting, limiting, lobbying

Target 3:

Identify the top features of the policy system and make clear how public policies would be the choices that government makes, and declines to make, reacting to political issues. 1 ) Draw a diagram of how a policy program works.

Political issues can get on policy plan Policymakers produce policy Policies affect people People Addition institutions Policy Agenda Policymaking institutions Coverage People

installment payments on your List several key linkage institutions within a democratic world. 1 . Get-togethers

2 . Interest organizations

three or more. Media

4. Polls

3. Establish the term “policy agenda. 

The difficulties that entice the serious attention of community officials and also other people in fact involved in politics at in given point in time.

4. How can a government’s policy plan change?

Responds more to social failures than successes. For example , when jobs are hard to find and organization productivity can be falling, economical problems occupy a high situation in the goal.

5. List the several major policymaking institutions in america. 1 . Congress

installment payments on your The Presidency

3. The Legal courts

4. Bureaucracies

6th. Define the term “policy affects. 

The effects a plan has on people and concerns. Impacts happen to be analyzed to view how well a policy has met their goal and at what cost.

Objective four:

Understand the nature of democratic government, traditional democratic theory, and the key concerns concerning democracy.

1 . Define the term “democracy as found in this text message.

Something of selecting policymakers associated with organizing authorities so that coverage represents and responds for the public’s preferences.

2 . List the five cornerstones of the ideal democracy.

1 ) Equality in voting

2 . Successful participation

3. Enlightened understanding

4. Citizen control of the agenda

5. Inclusion

3. Describe the principles of majority secret and group rights. When choosing among alternatives, the will of over 1 / 2 the voters should be followed, but vices protecting the minority’s legal rights.

Objective five:

Distinguish among the three contemporary ideas of American democracy and politics (pluralist, top notch and course, and hyperpluralist) and discover some of their strengths and weaknesses.

1 . Total the following desk comparing pluralist, elite and class, and hyperpluralist theories according to who retains the power and exactly how policy is made.

Theory| Who have Holds Power| How Policy is Made|

Pluralist| Groups with shared interests| Pressing their concernsthrough structured efforts| Top-notch and Class| Upper -class| They can afford to finance election advertisments and control key institutions| Hyperpluralist| Groups| Groups are so strong that government is definitely weakened|

installment payments on your List the major challenges facing American democracy.

1 . Increased Specialized Expertise

2 . Limited Participation in Government

3. Escalating Campaign Costs

some. Diverse Politics Interests

Target 6:

Understand the characteristics of American political culture and identify the elements of the American creed.

1 . What is ‘political culture’ and why is it crucial to understanding American federal government?

An overall set of principles widely distributed within a contemporary society. It is crucial to understanding American government since Americans are extremely diverse when it comes to ancestries, religions, and heritages. A set of shared beliefs and values connects Americans.

installment payments on your List and provide an example of the five aspects of the American creed relating to Seymour Martin Lipset.

1 ) Liberty

2 . Egalitarianism

several. Individualism

4. Laissez ” effectuer

a few. Populism

a few. List three ways in which America might be going through a crisis of cultural principles.

1 ) A damage over time of traditional principles, such as the need for religion and family life 2 . An unfavorable evaluation with the people of different countries in terms of values such as patriotism or support intended for moral concepts 3. The division of culture into compared groups with irreconcilable moral differences

Target 7:

Understand the nature of the range of government in the united states and the key questions regarding the scope of presidency.

1 . Want of items that illustrate the scope of American government. Has 1/3 from the land I actually the U. S., owns and operates over four hundred, 000 nonmilitary

automobiles, employs more than 2 . 2 million people, etc

installment payments on your What is gross domestic item and how will the term illustrate the range of American govt?

The sum total of the value of all the goods and services produced in a nation. Gross home product shows the scope of American federal government because it not only spends big dollars but likewise employs many people. Regarding 18 mil Americans improve our govt.


Identify and describe:

Government ” The organizations that make respected decisions for just about any given world public products ” Companies the government gives that can be distributed by everyone and cannot be denied to anyone governmental policies ” Can determine whom we select as our governmental leaders and what procedures these market leaders pursue personal participation ” The ways in which people get involved with politics single-issue groups ” Groups and so concerned with a single issue that members ensemble their ballots on the basis of that issue just, ignoring the politicians stand on everything otherwise policymaking program ” Discloses the way each of our government responds to the goals of the people entrave institutions ” The political channels by which people’s concerns become politics issues around the policy plan. In the US, entrave institutions incorporate elections, personal parties, curiosity groups, and the media. policy agenda ” The issues that attract the attention of public representatives and other people actively linked to politics at any time political issue ” The consequence of people disagreeing about a issue or regarding the public coverage needed to repair it policymaking corporations ” Congress, the presidency, and the courts public insurance plan ” Every single decision the us government makes

plan impacts ” The effects that a policy is wearing people and on society’s problems democracy ” A means of selecting policymakers and arranging government so that policy displays citizen’s tastes majority regulation ” In choosing between alternatives, the will of more than half the voters ought to be followed minority rights ” Rights the majority cannot infringe on

manifestation ” The relationship between the few leaders and the many citizens pluralist theory ” States that groups with shared hobbies influence public policy simply by pressing all their concerns through organized attempts elite and class theory ” Contends that our culture, like most societies, can be divided along class lines and that a great upper-class elite pulls the strings of government hyperpluralism ” Groups are incredibly strong that government is definitely weakened, as influence of numerous groups cripples government’s capacity to make plan policy gridlock ” Every policy parti finds it is way blacklisted by other folks political traditions ” The overall set of principles widely distributed within American society Major domestic product ” The whole value of most goods and services developed annually by the United States

Term that term:

1 ) Something through which any member of society may share devoid of diminishing the provision to any various other member of culture.

____Public Goods__________

2 . This consists of themes and concerns getting the interest of government representatives and their affiliates.


3. This is a choice that govt makes in response to an issue on their agenda. ____Policy Agenda_________

4. This arises when people disagree about a problem or about community policy choices made to overcome a problem.

_____Political Issue________

five. Political get-togethers, elections, and interest organizations are the key ones in the us.

_____Linkage Institutions___

6. The results a policy is wearing people and society’s concerns. _____Policy Impacts_______

six. The most primary aspect of democratic theory.

_____Majority Rule_______

almost eight. According to the theory of American government, various groups are extremely strong and lots of that the authorities is unable to action.


9. This problem is definitely magnified the moment voters choose a president from one party

and congressional majorities through the other party.

____Policy Gridlock_______

10. An important factor that holds American democracy collectively.

____Political Culture________

11. The total value of goods and services created annually by United States. __Gross Domestic Product____


Circle the correct answer:

1 ) Which in the following claims is TRUE?

a. There is not any relationship among political expertise and age group. b. In the mid-1960s, there was clearly virtually no marriage between politics knowledge and age; at this point, in the early on twenty-first century, political understanding increases with age.

c. In the mid-1960s, there was virtually no relationship between political understanding and grow older; now, in the early twenty-first century, political knowledge lessens with age.

d. Today, in the early twenty-first century, there is virtually no romantic relationship between personal knowledge and age; in the mid-1960s, political knowledge increased with age group.

electronic. Today, inside the early twenty-first century, there is virtually no relationship between personal knowledge and age; in the mid-1960s, personal knowledge decreased with grow older.

2 . Politics scientists believe higher levels of political expertise a. promote tolerance.

b. promote intolerance.

c. promote partisanship.

d. enhance bipartisanship.

e. increase wealth.

three or more. Despite their particular differences, most governments

a. present public solutions.

m. maintain a national protection.

c. collect fees.

g. All of the above

at the. C only

4. Which will of the subsequent is among the a open public good?

a. Libraries

m. Parks

c. University education

d. Each of the above

e. Both a and b

your five. Single-issue groups

a. aid effective policymaking for the public fascination.

w. are concerned having a wide range of challenges.

c. have very little influence upon voters or politicians.

d. tend to have a slim interest and dislike compromise. e. perspective politics being a vocation, rather than as an avocation.

six. Which from the following is NOT a element of the policymaking system? a. People

b. Entrave institutions

c. Coverage agenda

d. Felony justice institutions

elizabeth. Policymaking institutions

7. Which of the subsequent is TRUE of the policymaking system? a. Entrave institutions transfer people’s interests to federal government. b. Mass media investigate sociable problems and inform persons about them. c. Elections allow Americans to create their thoughts heard by choosing their public officials.

m. People, linkage institutions, multimedia, and polls all help to shape the policy plan?

elizabeth. All of the above

8. Within a democratic world, parties, elections, interest groupings, and the mass media are all instances of ____ between preferences of citizens and the government’s insurance plan agenda. a. cross-pollination

w. inputs and outputs

c. ideological bridges

d. road blocks

at the. linkage establishments

9. Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels published

a. The Communist Chiaro

m. A Theory of Democracy

c. The Federalist Papers

d. Poor Richard’s Almanac

e. War and Peace

10. Which of the following can be NOT a type of public coverage?

a. Congressional statute

m. Regulation

c. Court docket decision

d. Budgetary choices

e. Mandate

11. The principle of “one person, one election,  is an expression of the principle of your. equality in voting.

b. effective participation.

c. enlightened understanding.

d. introduction.

electronic. citizen control over the goal.

12. The principle of traditional democracy theory guaranteeing rights to those who will not belong to majorities and permits that they may join majorities through persuasion and reasoned argument is known as the basic principle of

a. majority guideline.

w. minority rights.

c. representation.

d. pluralism.

at the. enlightened understanding.

13. Pluralists

a. believe that the general public interest can prevail through bargaining and compromise. w. depend on fragmented, decentralized, and dispersed power in the insurance plan process. c. oppose the principle of majority regulation.

d. contend through a approach to “minority rule for impact. e. Each of the above

14. Who known the U. S. as being a “nation of joiners?

a. Thomas Jefferson

b. Alex de Tocqueville

c. Robert Putnam

g. Ronald Reagan

at the. George They would. W. Rose bush

15. Improved technical expertise poses any challenge to democracy because a. it is difficult to have informed inch nontechnical  public debate on technical issues.

b. this goes resistant to the tenets of pluralist politics theory. c. it violates the notion of 1 man, a single vote.

d. selected officials still find it hard to understand technical professionals. e. fascination groups possess a difficult time securing specialized expertise.

16. A condition that occurs when no parti is strong enough to form a bulk and set up policy can be

a. PAC.

b. coverage gridlock.

c. policy failure.

d. coverage impact.

e. hyperpluralist policy.

seventeen. The overall set of values extensively shared within a society is known as the society’s a. politics culture.

b. public opinion.

c. mass media influence.

d. addition institutions.

e. popular culture.

18. America’s fruitfull frontier gives a partial explanation for which component of the American creed?

a. Egalitarianism

m. Populism

c. Individualism

m. Opportunism

e. Freedom

19. Which will of the following is Not really a possible approach that People in america may be experiencing a crisis of culture values, according to Wayne Baker?

a. A loss in traditional ideals, such as faith and relatives life m. An negative comparison with citizens of other countries in terms of patriotism and/or support for ethical principles

c. The division of society into compared with groups with irreconcilable moral differences deb. A drop in citizens’ commitment to equal chance

e. None of the above

20. Which from the following claims is TRUE?

a. Once expenditures expand, tax earnings must increase to spend the additional costs. b. Once taxes do not grow as fast as spending, a low cost deficit benefits. c. Last season, the federal government deficit was more than $400 billion.

deb. The nationwide debt is more than $9 trillion.

e. All of the above


Group the correct answer:

1 ) The décider turnout charge among small Americans is usually consistently higher than among older Americans. T / F

2 . Zustande kommend communication solutions and the growth of tv set channels generate it better to avoid information regarding politics. T / F

3. Almost all governments shield national sovereignty, frequently by maintaining a national defense and armed forces. Big t / Farreneheit

4. The daily recitation of the Promise of Allegiance in public schools is a tool of personal socialization utilized to instill national values among the young. Big t / Farreneheit

5. The courts is surely an example of a linkage company. T as well as F

six. The plan agenda responds more to societal failures than that responds to societal success. T as well as F

several. Most people around the globe believe that democracy is the best sort of government. Big t / N

8. Over one-third with the nation’s wealth is kept by just 1% of the populace. T as well as F

being unfaithful. The taxes burden on Americans is definitely small when compared to other democratic nations. To / Farreneheit

10. Lincoln’s famous phrase, “government in the people, for the people, and by the people,  is a traditional expression of laissez-faire. Big t / Farrenheit

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