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In Usa, the need for more robust information technologies in the classroom can be apparent. The outmoded strategies of education continue to practiced, for example. ones which often not ascribe to the Global Village concept, are refractive of the viewpoint of Michel Foucault. Foucault argued that the modern education system had become too prison-like. We need to “understand the simple, complex and harmful effects of power contact that shape and control educational institutions, inches (McDonough, 1993). A revolution in education is necesary, one that retains some of the important social and political structures comprise modern Usa while likewise incorporating liberalizing elements that bring Persian students in to the era of globalization.

Foucault’s analysis of the importance of electrical power in the educational system is specifically apt the moment applied to educational institutions in Iran. “Foucault was concerned mostly with electric power, ” while Cheshier (n. d. ) points out. The analysis can be far further than that. It is not power itself that is the problem nevertheless the ramifications of these power. Learners are incapable in the classroom to guide and direct their own learning, when they do not have access to the Internet and also other crucial types of information systems. It will be impossible for Persian students to achieve high levels of social, monetary, and educational success without having the same usage of technologies that their alternatives in European countries and North America do. That is why, an hunt for the specific features needed to revolutionize the Iranian education method is fruitful.

Jacques Derrida recommended an educational system that is certainly firmly grounded in moral responsibility. Education, like different social corporations, should be accountable to the requirements of the persons. Ideally, education improves culture so that long term generations will be better off and thus that the world as a whole prospers. Based on the critique of power that Foucault provides in his writings, and on the tip that values are required in modern schools, educators can develop a core set of ideals, goals, and equipment. This research is based on the philosophies of Foucault, Derrida, Farmahini, Jiroux. Building about core educational philosophies and sociologies, this kind of research will help to elucidate what educators require in order to execute their honest duties to students. It is crucial to explore also to clarify the philosophical underpinnings of any kind of change, especially change as dramatic while revamping the Iranian educational system. Not necessarily enough to discuss what solutions are needed in the classroom. Additionally it is important to discuss about it the principles where those technologies are primarily based, and how individuals technologies provide students. Technology is not really

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