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Shelly produces a wonderful bit of irony in Ozymandias. When looking at Ozymandias we have to look at the Traditional breakdown from the name. “Ozy comes from the Greek ‘ozium, ‘ which means to breathing, or atmosphere. Mandias originates from the Ancient greek language ‘mandate, ‘ which means to rule,  notes Biterman in his research of the poem. The fact which the derivative of the great Ozymandias’s name is definitely Ruler of Air is definitely where the paradox begins. When one appears upon the fact that was written around the base with the statue and after that to what is now of that statue and all that surrounds it one views how sarcastic that term really is.

It is simplest to begin through the inscription within the base from the statue as it provides us the very best insight into the man it represents. ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Appear on my performs, ye Enormous, and hopelessness! (lines 10-11)’ This offer infers his belief that no one will ever surpass his works.

One may even conclude out of this that he would even challenge God himself. We then simply can go as well as look at how Shelley described the figurine. His description tells us what condition Our god leaves the model of this kind of mocking fool: “Two huge and trunkless legs of stone Wait in the wasteland. Near these people, on the sand, Half sunk, a broken visage is, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command. (lines 2-5) The condition of the statue by itself shows that Ozymandias was not the best ruler generally there ever was.

In taking a look at the condition of the statue wonderful words once you really do begin to see the irony from the situation. Most which fantastic king achieved and what he was previously has worn away into the sand leaving only “two great and trunkless legs of stone.  God permits only the lower limbs and words to stand so that he may prove a spot. The point Shelly tried to increase in the poem was that Goodness will outlast all those who attempt to help to make a mockery of him.

Shelly publishes articles, “Tell that its sculptor well all those passions go through Which but survive, placed on these kinds of lifeless points, The side that mocked them, plus the heart that fed. (lines 6-8) On this point I would personally have to agree with Joe Kelly in his belief that Ozymandias’s heart fed on the passions of his people. In the event he had nurtured his people instead of oppressing them theirpassion would have been with retaining his recollection, instead of eliminating it.

We have a great deal of paradox in Ozymandias’ shattered minois on the crushed stone. The california king who therefore terrified individuals he commanded for such a long time no longer offers any electricity, yet, his face even now tries to control all he sees. The very actions that brought to him a period of glory likewise brought the destruction of what he worked thus vigilantly in. Once finished you can look as well as realize just how ironic the whole situation is; at one point this ruler was (or assumed himself to be) one of the most powerful person to have ever lived, and after this people check out his lifeless shrine and realize the fact. As long as this poem continues being browse Ozymandias will live on.

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