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Tonight I am speaking about the subject is Technology a blessing or a bane? What is technology, the definition of technology inside the Macquarie spending budget dictionary is a branch relief of knowing that deals with technology and executive. To me it indicates anything that helps us to live our lives less difficult. Over the past 10 years, Australia has been advancing with all of its technology.

It is said that this decade experienced the most technical advancements at any time. Some examples are phones, tv set, and computers. Most of the things we have now just like tablets and touch phones were a dream for people within the last century. If any of you may have watched star trek venture, you would see that they applied items that appeared like a tablet but wasn’t one. As well technology can be described as blessing in the educational place.

It is because we now have the smart table, which will help the instructors with displaying different resources, plus it helps the students because they will learn more about this issue. Technology can be described as blessing. The key reason why I choose this topic to relate to Sydney is because Down under is swiftly developing in all areas. But the most is in the technological area. This century is said to be the technological age.

Technology is actually a blessing because without it we would not be able to many things just like contacting family members who happen to be overseas, watching TV, calling people instantly with telephones and driving in order to places in a car and so forth Everything we all do everyday involves employing technology. Think about the world without technology, zero phones, zero electricity, zero sewage, no clean drinking water and no vehicles. All these issues have or use or perhaps need technology. Another reason it is a blessing is really because in colleges and places of work, it is simpler for the folks to access the info needed for time. For example for some of the students here could have used technology for right now there speech.

Whether it were not for technology, we might have to do straightforward things to us now and also have it harder to do. For example sending an email to a relative overseas who does receive this within 10secends would turn into writing a letter and sending through a postal workplace, which needs a long time frame. Technology is also a curse. The new advancements of technology have induced major part affects on us humans and the environment. The first floor is that there is an increase of teens needed glasses to read to see.

Another reason is the fact in our environment it is afflicted a lot by the extra green house gases, which can be killing pets or animals, destroying refuge and temperatures rising our world triggering the extremely ice shelves to dissolve which enhances the sea level. To use technology, now you will need electricity and power. For making these things you have to burn coal, which emits carbon exhausts. Another reason this can be a curse is basically because us humans are becoming extremely reliant on Technology. Teens always need the new i phone or father and mother asking their kids how several items job.

We are turning out to be dependent on technology too much that if we would be to just remove technology, we could certainly not live an excellent life and we have to commence learning different things like sending a notice. In conclusion In my opinion that technology is a blessing rather than a curse because it features helped us have an simpler life to live. Without technology we would have to walk to varsity, which might be more than 15km away but now we just have to pass public travel or travel by car to different places.

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