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Excerpt via Term Paper:

This spiritualism is usually indicated in the following estimate:

it is to this kind of inner dimensions that one must turn in in an attempt to see, ful, and understand the One. In Islam this kind of dimension of inwardness is a domain doble excellence of Islamic spirituality, and in truth the Heart… is discovered with this kind of dimension, which is at once over and above and in the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Nasr, 1991, s. xiii)

This individual further talks about the important difference between Sufi mysticism and the Shar? ‘ah or the rules of common Islam:

Most of Islam is definitely, of course , interested in God wonderful Will while embodied in the Shar? ‘ah, the Divine Law of Islam, behavior to which is sufficient in order to live a life of equilibrium and happiness in this world and to be saved at the moment of death. A report devoted to Islamic spirituality, yet , could not be synonymous with one devoted solely to the Shar? ‘ah. While considering the great significance of the psychic dimension of everyday piety plus the Shar? ‘ah, such research must spend special attention to those aspects of the Islamic custom which in the Islamic circumstance itself can be most worried about r-h?

niyyah and ma’nawiyyat… A study of spirituality, therefore , must switch most of all to the inner aspect of Islam. (ibid)

The undertaking in the Sufi cortège is also explored in the job of Henry Corbin. Corbin, in his well known work, the Man of light in Iranian Sufism propounds some of which reveals the Sufi as a great explorer and revealer of the great depth and degree of Islamic spirituality as well as the range of Islamic cosmology. Sufism is aligned to the idea that beyond the sensory world there is another galaxy with a shape and dimensions and file format in a space, although they are not equivalent with the shape and spatiality as we perceive them in the world of physical systems. It is the ‘eighth’ keshvar. The magical Earth of Hurqalya with emerald towns: it is situated on the summit of the cosmic mountains, that the traditions inherited in Islam cal the mountain of Qaf. (Corbin, H. p. xii)

The world of Islamic Cosmology is sophisticated and requires extensive research and understanding. The emergence of Sufism is visible as a natural development inside the religion and as a necessary thought of Islamic faith.


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