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ENG 100

16 Sept. 2004

Why Did the Lower South Secede?: An index of Marc Engals

Rethinking the Secession with the Lower To the south: The Clash of Two Groups

Historians believe that the South seceded because of one of the

following five reasons. The first reason is mental, Steven Channing

argues the fact that South seceded because of a crisis of fear, fed by

anxieties regarding abolitionists as well as the large slave population (qtd. in

Egnal 261). Another reason is rationality, According to William Barney

the needy need of the planters for fresh soil, which the recently

elected Conservative Party at this point denied all of them (qtd. in Egnal 261). A third

explanation was ideological. Lacy E. Ford says South Carolinians were

specialized in republican beliefs and preferred secession to abandoning their particular

principles (qtd. in Egnal 261-2). Internal discord was another reason.

Jordan P. Meeks felt the fact that tensions among wealthy servant holders

and poorer white wines lay in the middle of the tale in Atlanta (qtd. in Egnal

262). The plantation owners started out the secession and developed

patriarchal republic because of issues that Republican patronage may well

dis-a-line category conflict. The last reason is the traditional perception

that the security of captivity drove the confederates to start out the secession

(qtd. in Egnal 262). Whether realistic or illogical, whether dedicated to

slavery or republicanism, or perhaps in reference to single ideology or perhaps mindset

there are serious concerns confronted (Egnal 262). I believed that

the last purpose, slavery, was why there were the City War.

This essay suggests a new method to secession simply by saying that the

battle in the Lower To the south was the true struggle between your two groupings

(Egnal 263). The first one with strong jewelry to the Union and the additional

making its way without the help through the North. Egnal first looks at the

split: its resources and the differing views of the two organizations. Then, he

looks at the importance of the two groups atlanta divorce attorneys Deep To the south state by simply

the 1850s (263). Finally, it looks at what portion the two organizations had in the


Two factors especially shaped the clashing societies of the

organic cotton states-the roots of the settlers and the habits of the regional

economy (Egnal 263). My spouse and i didnt feel that these factors would really have

anything to perform with how come the southern seceded. I guess I was wrong. This likewise

gave climb to the several views that led the conduct with the two groups.

The two factors shared many values, which includes slavery and racism. Just 50

to 60 % of voters approved action toward the secession.

Many of the migrant workers came from the top South, and may trace

their particular heritage to Northern Ireland and European countries (Egnal 264). The additional set

migrant workers came from a unique hearth: the tidewater area of To the south

Carolina and Georgia. Several Lower Southern region residents experienced ancestors

who have hailed by Southern England (Egnal 264). Most importantly was your

separation of states in to northern and southern locations. The migrant workers had

different views, genealogy, and even other ways that they constructed

their homes as well as just how thy talked to their neighbours and friends.

Economic actions constituted a second set of factors that divided

the citizenry of the Reduced South, rewarding the categories established

by the pattern of settlements. Whole wheat cultivation, backyard crops, and home

makes gave the northern gets to of Sc, Georgia, Alabama

Mississippi, and Texas an economic unity that mirrored the settlers distributed

origins. Whole wheat was a prevalent note throughout much of this kind of region. Although

the quanities raised were far under the levels of the North, wheat growth

was an essential facet of the regional traditions. The plants fostered a

society of independent farmers, small milling centers, competent

craftspeople, and vigorous regional exchanges (Egnal 267). I really do understand

for what reason this is.

The kinds of transportation would more to divide the low South than

to unify it (Egnal 268). A lot of the rivers in these states happened to run into the

seas making transportation to that part of the state painless to have to. Many

of the individuals who did this did not transfer to all of the other counties

apart from the ones on the river. Railroads were unable for making travel

in the coast to the northern part of the Lower Southern convenient (Egnal

269). The effect of these links between the Higher South as well as the

Northern portion of the cotton says was an overland control that expanded

markedly inside the years ahead of secession (Egnal 269). I do think that they

needs to have made the transportation better for the Lower South, in that case

maybe we

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