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Their escape by persecutions was always prepared, which heightened relations of community members and later changed into a duty of mutual help and assistance, typical for members of Jewish Diaspora today. This period of scary and deprivations molded nature and will of Jews, influenced the growth of cooperation of different communities all over Europe and resulted in moving to Asian Europe, in which they quietly coexisted with local populace up until seventeenth century. As opposed to other countries it was already typical in the centre Ages for Ashkenazi Jews to receive widespread education, that has been not only limited to Talmud and Torah studying. Sinful actions of money loaning, which were shameful for Catholics, were typically occupied by Jews who have achieved extensive success in finances across Europe and gave these people reputation of successful financiers and bankers.

Sepharadi Jews suffered persecution following your end of Reconquista in Iberian Peninsula. The main target of queen Isabella was going to convert Moor and Jewish population of former Cordoba caliphate in Christianity, thus Jews experienced two options: either to leave the region or to undertake Catholicism. Some of Sepharadic Jews adopted Catholicism, secretly observing Judaism for the next a lot of centuries. In majority Sepharadi Jews still left to Spanish colonies of South America, The southern part of Europe, Chicken and Netherlands (Amsterdam). Nevertheless, even people who adopted Christianity saved ethnical particularities and language, enriching Spain culture, art and literature by simply original Jewish elements,.

Producing a conclusion it’s important to be aware that Jews are nearly the only nation, which was able to preserve its self-identity and culture under generations of persecutions. They have tailored to the world they lived in and nearly always succeeded because of the strength with their communities, belief in The almighty and education.


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Jewish Life in Medieval Europe

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