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Sometimes persons hold representational value to their material possessions, e. g. a dress. When those assets are stolen it hurts more, and it makes that harder to condemn the thief, especially if the robber is somebody and trust. Such is the case in Julia Darling’s short history “The Dress” where the primary character Rachel gets her dress stolen by her own sibling, Flora. This kind of story works with things like laying, betrayal, commitment and family. It explains the process via when anything gets stolen, to speculations concerning the robber, to discovering the thief, and finally working with the robber and viewing the consequences to get the thief.

The relationship between Rachel and her sibling Flora is incredibly tense. “”I wish she would shut up! ” snapped Rachel. “What are you angry about? ” asked Bot�nica in a casually whipped words, as she chewed a prawn. “You know for what reason I’m upset. “” This is why, their conversations are very warmed, perhaps an indication that issues between them aren’t too good between them, even before the dress was taken.

It could likewise just be siblings fighting, as siblings carry out sometimes.

The very fact that Flora stole Rachels dress can also indicate that she is jealous of her sister. “At first the girl had basically thought that she’d try it on for a moment and then replace it, but once it clung to her fresh body she found your woman was struggling to take it off. She walked surrounding the empty home, rejoicing in how the dress manufactured her truly feel slim and long legged. ” This quote may indicate that Flora is usually jealous of Rachel’s pure beauty. Maybe Flora normally hails from the shadow of her sister, and would do anything to become just like her. Better than her. Laying also appears to come normally to Flora. “”The outfit, ” stated Rachel, not able to contain their self. “I need the dress back. ” “I don’t know what she’s discussing, ” stated Flora. ” That could be since she is knowledgeable about stealing, or that the girl simply have been forces to lie a lot in her family. In either case, the relationship between sisters provides diffidently made worse after the incidents of this story.

In the beginning of the story, The mother feels like a normal, socially active and adjusted person. She is four old, and her birthday celebration is actually happening during this history. She is sense the excess weight of her age. “”I’m so older, ” stated the mom. “You’re not! ” stated Flora. “No, not older, ” explained Rachel. “I think I might leave my job. ” said the mother. ” Often when people turn fourty, one of two points happen.

Possibly they try to revive their youth by purchasing and doing things which make them feel young again, or they become depressed with their age as well as the fact that their looks and wits are fading. This may be the case judging from the offer. The mother also begins to show intoxicating tendencies nearby the end. “So the mother drank all of those other wine and sat looking out at the black night, hearing footsteps in the street of people coming home from the pubs in exciting skittish groupings. ” Because seen in the quote, The mother becomes to alcohol when her problems want solving. This might be a thing that she only did on in the evening, or maybe it has been a consistent problem throughout the lifestyle she has made out of her daughters.

In the end, this is certainly a short story that is trying to teach it reader probe like, don’t lie, may steal, end up being kind on your family etc . But the story is finally a quick look at a slightly dysfunctional. The sister that shop lifts, the mom that beverages and Rachel who is still left as the only “normal” loved one. The one that must lo experience a sister that cannot be trusted and a mom that aren’t even help herself, much less her daughters.


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