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Superstitions are usually irrational, and resulting from possibly ignorance

or fear of the unknown. Several believe that superstitions can take control over

their existence, for instance, if the black kitten crosses youre path, you will have

bad luck. The majority of regard this as folk traditions and witchcraft. In the play Julius Caesar

by Shakespeare, superstitions took hold and played an important a part of

many people lives. The characters thought that they had been getting a vision

into their long term. Each persona dealt with the superstition in different ways, some

dreaded them, and a few disbelieved them. These superstitions not only provided the

heroes, but also the audience quick looks at what is to arrive. They are

essential, and help shape the way the enjoy was performed, and viewed. The

initial superstition, which was clearly noticeable, is the soothsayer, who in the

first action tells Caesar beware the ides of March. This is a irrational belief, because

it truly is irrational, with from a situation of high risk, and involves

influences, that happen to be unseen. This kind of also shows Caesars selfishness, its not simply

that he could be not superstitious, but this individual also does not even allow soothsayer

clarify himself. This individual laughs on the soothsayer, and says he’s a dreamer, let

all of us leave him, pass. The soothsayer is warning him of his own loss of life date, and

he a laugh at him. He would not believe in superstition, and this is clear by his

reaction, many others in his circumstance would be anxious of the ides of 03

from the warning and omen, he received. Caesar thinks he is stronger then

future, and that he could have nothing to bother about. Caesars arrogance cost

him his lifestyle, and revealed that superstitions sometimes found true. Another

superstition took place the day of his loss of life. Calpurina tendencies Caesar not to go to

united states senate today. She tells Caesar of the horrible dream your woman had, the night before

the ides of 03. Caesar recalls the dream to the additional men. The reason is in

my will. Let me not arrive. That is enough to satisfy the senate. Nevertheless for youre

personal satisfaction, since I love you, I will show you. Calpurnia here

my wife remains me away home. The girl dreamt tonite she saw my sculpture, which just like a

fountain with an 100 spouts, did run pure blood, and lots of lust Aventure came

grinning and would bathe their particular hands in it. And these really does she apply for warnings

and portents and evils upcoming, and on her knee hath begged that we stay at home

today(Shakespeare, 79-81) Caesar just remembered and foreshadowed his very own

death, and yet he even now leaves pertaining to the united states senate. Caesars cockiness is again

showed. He does not have confidence in fortune telling, or perhaps superstitions, although

everything is usually warning him of the upcoming danger he is about to face. His wife

however , may be the opposite of him, in this she is very superstitious, she fears

her dream, and fears for her husband. There were also one other warning Caesar

received. When ever several men killed a beast, in the streets, they will slaughtered him

and found simply no heart. This kind of slaughtering in the beast was also a irrational belief, for

the men believed they could use the beast to determine, if there would be danger

today. This is a great example of a superstition, because it something to us

that seems reasonless, but to superstitious people, they would believe that a

beast may foretell the near future. Everyone, different then Caesar, and in the

audience, could clearly notice that he really should have not remaining his home that day time, but

Caesar believed he was smarter then simply any omen, or superstition. This was his

ultimate down fall. The other irrational belief that enjoyed part from this play, was

when Brutus was confronted with the ghosting of Caesar, before he entered challenge.

This irrational belief foretells of his personal down fall season. The ghosting comes to him, as he

can be sitting up reading in his tent. Anordna, who comes here- I think it is the

weak point of mine eyes that shapes this monstrous spirit. It comes upon

me-Art thou any thing? Artwork thou some god, some angel or any devil, that makest

my own blood frosty and my own hair to stare? Speak to what thou art. Thy, evil

spirit, Brutus why comst thou? To tell the thou shall see me at

Phillippi Well, however shall find thee again? Ay, at

Philippi(171-173) This really is Brutuss superstition, about going into battle.

He can fearful of death, associated with Caesar. He knew which the ghost was an omen of his

ultimate downfall, however he does not need to be regarded as a fearful or perhaps

superstitious person, so he chose to disregard the omen The superstitions about

dates, and events enjoy a more important role, then apparent in this enjoy. They

provide dilemma, and drama towards the play. They also reveal many important character

traits. They can save ones life, or perhaps take it. It is done up the folks

hands that they interpret the superstition. A large number of people in Brutus or

Calpurnias position would not believe a beast, dream, or perhaps ghost can

foretell the near future. This is what makes it superstitions. Occasionally though

were most then only superstitions, simply because they came accurate. The omens these

personas received could have seemed great, or not possible, but for many

people, they rely upon superstitions, and omens to make decisions. Superstitions

are really remaining up to presentation, for example , Once Caesar told of

Calpurnias superstition, about her desire, the different men viewed in while

that, the Romans, had been flourishing in Caesars blood vessels and success. Caesar

discovered superstitions, preposterous and mocked them. It is really all in how, the

person recognizes the situation, and how they interact with it, this is exactly what

determines exactly what a superstition is usually, and its importance. In this perform, the

superstitions were very important.

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