Junk Food Taxes Essay

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What are the real reasons for the terrible eating methods amongst Carribbean people today? More and more people gravitate to what is commonly called “junk” or “fast” food. I reckon nobody stops to take into account the dangers the over usage of processed foods does to our body. The work of ensuring a wholesome life, and by extension healthy food for residents, is the government’s job in the first place then the people themselves.

This is so since the government offers control over the marketing of goods in a region and is in a position to tax whatsoever they want and thus discourage the consumption of that which is regarded as bade or perhaps unhealthy. Putting higher taxation on processed foods within Carribbean countries will prove effective as it would help in lowering the accessibility of junk food to consumers, improve the country’s economy and help improve the wellness status of people. Placing larger taxes on junk foods and making healthy food choices more affordable is going to aid in reducing the purchase and over consumption of meals with little or no nutritional value.

Unhealthy foods is easy because it is simple cheap to get; so that it is more expensive is going to encourage different foods being eaten. One of the reasons people will not choose more healthy foods today is because of cash, another is of convenience. In the event taxes are put on fast foods to make them more expensive, in that case people will be driven to search out healthier food as they are cheaper. When Washington researchers compared the prices of 370 foods sold around the world, calorie pertaining to calorie, fast foods not only are cheaper than fruits and vegetables, but junk food prices are also less likely to increase as a result of inflation. (Pope, 2007).

This research has led us to realize not only can your people not really afford to have healthy yet sooner or later will end up with numerous diet- related ailments as a result of growing increase in the consumption of processed foods. Taxing unhealthy foods and similar food products would create extra incentive for consumers to consume healthier. A study conducted in Guyana claims that it’s easier pertaining to low-income individuals to sustain themselves on junk food rather than vegatables and fruits (Drewnowski, 2007).

One of the drawbacks of being poor is that you can only endure on what you can afford and that is the problem experienced by many consumers, not only in the Caribbean but the world in particular. Many healthy food items are and so expensive today that poor or low- income family members have to sidestep them and turn to the less expensive, detrimental goods. Junk food items tend to easily be accessible and require little if any preparation prior to eating, thus, making them highly better over healthier diets. Elevating taxes will make the prices of Junk food high-priced thereby lowering the charm they have upon consumers. Countries that inflict a tax on junk food can improve and grow their economy vastly since it limits how much money being put in unnecessarily.

The consumption of unhealthy foods places a heavy cost on contemporary society as it contributes to many significant health problems (which have to be cared for, sometimes intended for prolonged periods) so challenging junk food would make people spend social cost of eating unhealthy food. For example , eating unhealthy foods leads to the problem of obesity. Overweight is believed to price the Caribbean’s economy about 6. 6 – several.

4 billion dollars a year (Blackwell, 2009). Placing an increased duty on unhealthy foods will help the us government raise substantive sums pounds. They can use this income to balance other expenses.

That funds could be used to subsidize the purchase of staple foods just like seasonal shades of green, vegetables, fiber rich foods, dried dried beans and fruits (Pettinger, 2012). A 20 percent increase in the price of junk food nationally could result in in regards to a 20 percent reduction in consumption, which in the next 10 years could prevent 1 . five million people from turning into obese and 400, 1000 cases of diabetes, saving about $30 billion. ( (Bittman, 2011). The consumption of junk foods deteriorates the body so putting higher taxes on unhealthy food will help to raise the health status of individuals.

One of many disadvantages of junk food is the fact it qualified prospects people to receive overweight after some time since unhealthy foods contains little nutritional value, although contains bare calories, and a high level of saturated body fat, salt, or perhaps sugar. The stomach often has challenges digesting processed foods, which leads to health problems. Moreover, the availability of junk food ends in people consuming junk food each week or daily, and doing this increases their health risks. three hundred, 000 people a year die from obesity-related health conditions which includes heart disease, diabetes and cerebrovascular accident all resulting from the over consumption of junk foods (McCuen, 2000).

Because junk foods include high fat, cholesterol and salt articles, doctors have established that the intake of too much trash damages the liver and the pancreas, resulting in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (Lee, 2007). Healthful lifestyle options help people stay physically very well and excessive junk food leads to complications since it prohibits the mind from working properly, resulting in underachievement and a host of different disorders. Authorities may argue that what we eat can be described as personal choice and that it is no one’s business exactly what a person decides to eat.

The freedom to eat a slice of apple curry might not appear quite because stirring because freedom of speech, but the ability to choose how to live our lives is the most fundamental independence. What you consume is no one’s business but ours (Morris, 2012). They might also argue that the government has no right to penalize people by taxing all their food alternatives as it is very difficult to know definitely which foodstuff to duty to prevent complications in the body.

They may also argue that some foods can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle if perhaps consumed in sufficient quantities. Because of the convenience of junk food, people will continue to purchase that no matter how very much tax is put on them. Folks who work have got short hour breaks plus they want to get something to eat fast. They see eating processed foods as the fastest method to eat (Cummins, 2012). The critics may possibly have a valid point but it can be become argued the choices manufactured by individuals who consume junk food typically end up priced at a country when they must be treated over long periods of time intended for illnesses that result from their very own eating habits.

Carribbean people, especially Jamaicans have sufficient low salary families who will have to get what they are able to afford and tend to buy futhermore economical. Additionally, they will take just about every opportunity to economize on food and utilize rest to purchase other areas with their lives. So , if authorities implements higher taxes in junk food, it will result in within eating habits which notonly benefits the individual’s health and cultural wellbeing but also the country’s economy.

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