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Auguste Escoffier is considered the “chef of nobleman and ruler of chefs by many people; this is because having been one of the greatest modern day chefs having changed the outlook of not only The french language cuisine although cuisine in general.

Escoffier was born on Oct 28, 1846, in a small village called Villeneuve-Loubet, near the city of Nice, France (Kenneth, 2002). His parents were Jean-Baptiste and Madeleine Escoffier. His father was a blacksmith. Escoffier grew up in an exceedingly joyful family members surrounding. Escoffier even when dreamed of learning to be a sculptor, yet at the age of 13, those dreams were washed out away when he was sent to Nice.

Escoffier’s food preparation career began when he was 13 years of age; when he was sent to work at his uncle’s restaurant in Nice, England (Auguste). While working for his uncle, Escoffier learned many things about cooking food and the restaurant industry. At the age of 19, Escoffier left his uncle’s restaurant in Good for another apprenticeship in Paris, France (Auguste).

During your stay on island the Franco-Prussian war started. Escoffier enrolled and served as an army chef. During this time period of duty Escoffier became well knowledgeable about canning; Escoffier undertook a great in-depth study of canning and the tactics for preserving food such as meats and vegetables. He applied this understanding later in life (Auguste).

After his time with the army, Escoffier returned to Paris to resume his career as a chef. During your stay on island, he constructed an illustrious reputation intended for himself. The simple fact that having been a chef of notable rank that served intended for the public immediately raised his popularity; especially considering that the majority of great chefs at the time strictly worked only for royalty, the aristocracy, or personal clubs (Biography).

It was not until Escoffier met Rendir Ritz that his profession really became popular. They had the two met when Escoffier was running your kitchen of the Resort National in Lucerne, Swiss. The two males created a superb bond and they both continued to am employed at the Savoy Hotel in London. At the Savoy, Escoffier produced many popular dishes, including the Peche Melba, named after a famous Aussie singer at the time, Nellie Melba (Auguste). In 1898, both equally Escoffier and Ritz opened a resort of their own, The Ritz in Paris, England. A year later in 1899, they will opened The Carlton working in london. Unfortunately, as a result of a stressed breakdown Ritz had later, in 1901, Escoffier was left to run The Carlton himself. Escoffier ran The Carlton until 1919, soon after Ritz’s death. It was as well during this time that Escoffier learned all about the practice of the i smag med carte menu (Biography).

In 1935, Escoffier died in the age 88 shortly after his wife; this individual buried inside the village having been born in, Villeneuve-Loubet (Biography). During his lifetime, Escoffier wrote a large number of books and won a large number of awards. One among his most significant books, “Le Guide Culinaire is a software program in learning The french language Cuisine (Biography). What made Escoffier so great had not been just his impact on the culinary world, but that he convinced other undertakings as well. Having been very philanthropic and developed many applications and companies to help feed the famished and provide economical assistance to retired chefs. This led him to getting awarded the “Legion d’Honneur in 1919, being the first chief cook to receive this kind of honor (Biography).

It must become noted, that before Escoffier, French dishes was excessively complicated and over the top, disguising the ingredients in dishes. Escoffier brought a fresh outlook to the industry. To simplify the art of cooking, Escoffier eliminated special displays of food; minimize the number of classes served throughout a meal, and emphasized the usages of lighter gravies and seasons foods (Biography). He was also a firm who trust in cleanliness and firm in the kitchen. The effect Escoffier produced not only in People from france Cuisine but also in the world is incredible, his greatness can be summed up by a quote via Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, “I am the Emperor of Germany, but you are the emperor of cooks. 

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