Justify the Need for Keeping Records and Describe the Types of Records You Would Maintain Essay

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Through this essay I would look at the requirement for record keeping and describe the types of data I would keep as a instructor.

Predominantly you will find normally three reasons for keeping records particularly for into the Safety factors which may also be a legal necessity. Secondly to get the educating purpose so the teacher understands what the scholar has done and what there progress is. Thirdly for auditing and quality standards reasons which might mean the corporation may need to fulfill external companies who may have economic and top quality interests (Watts 2008: online).

To understand the kind of records we must keep we have to look at the learner’s journey through the course. The learner would normally become a member of a program after staying recommended or seeing some kind of marketing materials. Here the justification to the organization to stay a record of what sort of student joined up with so the college or university or training company can focus their very own marketing activity to those areas which are more successful.

After this procedure normally the learner will attend a great induction program where the Info and Advice forms would be filled in and also the initial enrolment forms. Normally, at this stage the full structure with the course and the next measures would be reviewed for progress on to other courses. Then the initial evaluation would be completed see in what level the learners are at thus if there is a need to give even more supervision then that could be addressed at this stage or it could manage parallel to the course.

The diagnostic evaluation would also be carried out at this time to identify the strengths and weaknesses and highlight any abilities gaps. The end result of the above assessments will then end up being the foundation where you would develop the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for the learner, that can set out the learner decide to learn, the time required as well as the timetable pertaining to the learning to occur. At this stage speculate if this trade to remember which the teaching and learning from the course hasn’t necessarily started yet this paperwork is generally filled out to satisfy funding, quality and legal requirements.

So the need for these records to be held and filled out accurately may mean the in the teacher being able to provide the course to that student or perhaps an extreme circumstance of the university being closed to all college students due to the quality of the records not being about scratch. By so doing as Gravells (2008: 10) mentions in case you can’t offer the session in the event that there are very good records which you have kept another person could provide the session with minimum interruption occurring. This may only happen if records relating to the session plans and other records to deliver the course have reached hand and can be accessed in addition to the register to show the novice attended the sessions.

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