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Petersburg, 20080. It is because drive-through restaurants must be found in highly circulated areas simply by vehicles. Additionally, such eating places require unique spacing facilities. These eating places must generally provide by least five stacking places at or behind the menu table.

These spots must be plainly delineated from all other vehicular use areas. In addition to this, drive-through eating places must ensure people connections. The speaker bins of drive-through restaurants must be carefully focused towards areas where the noise level permitted is higher.

Marketing Strategy

The reasons for introducing the drive-through support in China rely on the numerous expansion potential that the take out industry in this market supplies. KFC provides identified selected characteristics of its consumers that determined the company to sustain this idea. For instance , the company’s buyers have unveiled increasing flexibility, which takes a drive-through services (QSR, 2002). In addition to this, buyers on the Chinese market had been reported to benefit from improved customer spending power and increased desire for purchasing vehicles.

By introducing drive-through eating places, KFC intends to increase the quantity of customers. The strategy developed by KFC is founded on increasing the convenience level of its customers. The introduction of the drive-through system in China is likewise intended to appeal to customers that are oriented towards the Western civilization (Bison, 2002).

But KFC probably should not stop at this time. The company’s achievement on the Oriental market and the introduction of drive-through eating places must lead to a designed strategy. For instance , KFC ought to combine several facilities that its consumers are interested in. Besides the restaurant, KFC should incorporate its efforts with gas suppliers and develop a job consisting in a KFC drive-through restaurant, a gas stop, and an automobile maintenance outlet in the same unit (Trading Markets, 2009).

The fact that McDonald’s would not recur for this strategy might seem problematic for KFC. This might be because its competition have not discovered the potential of this tactic in China and tiawan. However , it is vital that KFC facilitates its strategic decision with market analyses.

Another concern that KFC must address when planning to introduce the drive-through services on the Oriental market is displayed by consumers’ willingness of accessing this service. The very fact that APPLEBEES has a good position on the Chinese marketplace supports its intentions. As mentioned above, a higher quantity of Chinese plan to purchase vehicles, which boosts the number of potential customers that APPLEBEES targets through this service.

Consumer Attitudes

KFC need to study the development of this service based on the constituents of the buyer attitude:




Cognitive attitude

Consumers kind their view on KFC’s products upon services from information they will access through different multimedia channels. Additional information is offered by the company through its website and advertising campaigns. Consumers’ direct knowledge is the most important aspect that can determine their attitude (Schiffman Kanuk, 2007).

Efficient attitude

This is represented simply by customers’ thoughts and thoughts about the KFC manufacturer. The fact that KFC is among the most preferred brands in the world reveals that consumers possess a positive attitude towards KFC. The company can exploit this kind of advantage.

Conative attitude

This kind of component of customers’ attitude has to be significantly taken into consideration by APPLEBEES when growing the drive-through system strategy. The company is definitely interested for the actions that customers might take when working with this services.


APPLEBEES is one of the most famous brands around the world. The company’s global position helped KFC gain significant business in Chinese suppliers also. Nevertheless , there is a lot of potential in the Chinese market can make use of. This can be attained by creating competitive advantage. In order to reach this kind of objective, KFC must develop its range of products and providers. Therefore , APPLEBEES must consider the introduction of drive-through restaurants. The Chinese market conditions as well as the attitudes of customers towards APPLEBEES support this plan.

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