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BTS came from a tiny unknown firm in South Korea. In 2013, BTS made their debut. On May 10, 2015, BTS unveiled a track called “I Need U”. Throughout the MV, symbolically there have been signs of major depression that a lot of people may experience in their lives. Majority of these kinds of struggles happen to be targets even more towards young anywhere. However the setting is placed in Korea, I feel that concerns like suicide, depression, home violence, estrangement, and overdose are a a significant any country. Since the majority of Koreans attention a great deal regarding expectations, these kinds of struggles will be overlooked and living up to all those expectations is challenging. During the times when the boys are with each other, it implies they are good friends and having fun from time to time. They are really laughing and probably escaping life problems. The MV shows every single person is having challenging of their own. Each and every reason that shows what pushed them to their disregarding point. Additionally, they represent youths that are having trouble on their method to adult life. The reasons in where, how, and how come not explained.

Inside the MV, Jin, who was at sex wearing every white and holding 6 petals showed the people who will mourn pertaining to the loss of an associate, family, or loved one. In Research stated that the bouquets were known as white lily, and people utilize them for funerals. Korean traditions burning the petals can be described as way for the soul to revive and receive innocence following their deaths. The color white colored in Korean language culture can mean death or purity or perhaps innocence. The simple fact that Jin is wearing all white could symbolize that he istrying to protect his innocence, nonetheless it ended up dropping it even though out the music video. Therefore , I believe that BTS made this MV to prove an area in Korean language society that these struggles will be real and should be taken critically. They really wanted to persuade those troubled teenager being strong but not hide day-to-day problem. That there will always be someone to miss you when you are absent. We, culture, should quit ignoring the things that mattered. It is easy to experience powerless within a world filled with success as a child. Jungkook, who have aimlessly wonders the roads, he is certainly not going anywhere. Later a few men is better than him up but this individual does not protect himself. That really shows just how powerless he must feel as a kid struggling against a few bigger and older than he could be. Later walks in front a vehicle and commits suicide. Research shown, loss of life rate per 100, 500, over 9. 05 in Korea will be traffic car accident deaths. As kids are overworked in the sense of education, it can leadto lack of determination and expect, especially when you could have nothing to help.

Namjoon that works at the gas place, holding the lollipop. Later when its drops that turns to a cigarette. Cigarette smoking is a habit that varieties around early teen years. Everyone knows that smoking can be described as health hazard. People choose to continue smoking, and disregard the risks. Since cigarette is extremely habit forming, its hard for one to quit. An estimate of 480, 1000 deaths happen each year due to smoking. Tobacco atlas states, “Tobacco harms the health, the treasury, plus the spirit of South Korea. Every year, more than 46700 of its people are killed by tobacco-caused disease. Still, much more than 59000 kids (10-14 years old) and 10030000 adults (15+ years old) use tobacco each day (Unknown). “After the lines “I aren’t do it, this sucks. Please don’t give me any kind of excuses. ” He grabs a container of products. Later, throughout the second chorus start, This individual collapses. The very fact that there was no automobiles in the scene passing by simply, he is dropped and cannot continue onward. Unlike Home-based violence, Korean language Society look at drugs as a big deal. Drugs are usually introduced to people in a young age group, during teenage years. Hundreds of people expire each year to drug overdose. People are captivated with drugs, because they can help with soreness, depression, sleeping, and a lot more. A lot of believe as drugs being harmless, nevertheless sadly in some cases illegal medicines and prescription drugs can be in the same way harmful. Overdose deaths will be staggeringly increasing.

Taehyung approaches the door to see his father and maybe his mom or sibling getting abused. Violently, he hits his father and then the music ceases. Even though, Korea has a low crime price, but when considering domestic physical violence its an entirely different account. Studies claims that nearly 80% of men have mistreated their girl in Southern region Korea. Before the most recent years, Society simply saw this kind of violence as a couple argument, law enforcement will not take any sort of responsibility. Also strangers will turn away by violence against a couple. A woman should never think that in their very own society that they can cannot whatever it takes between her and her partner. The simple fact that many girls everywhere are dealing with these kinds of struggles within a relationship, plus the man simply left with a small consequence. Southern China Early morning Post promises

“Law enforcement in Korea doesn’t have dating maltreatment seriously, with offenders getting off with light punishment • for example harassment is penalized with up to and including 100, 000 won (US$90) fine (You Soo-sun). “Unfortunately, South Koreans don’t take suicide really. BTS believed they should inspire people that suicide is a larger matter than they realize. Showing committing suicide by, medications, drowning, smoking cigarettes, and arson. Suicide is usually leading by ranked 11th of reason behind death. Common reasons could be depression, decrease of a friend, education, relationship, work success, and many other. Ana Singh states, inches South Korea has the greatest suicide level in the world for children ages 10-19 and extremely substantial elderly (60+) suicide costs. For children, many suicides result from stress in relation to education. (Singh)” Kids study over 18 hours every day and some show up at a following school plan, all this for acceptance and honor for his or her families. In which, living their very own lives of so much pressure, they take their particular lives.

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