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I. Introduction A. Stalin died in Drive of 1953. 1 . Korean War as well ended. B. Eisenhower started out a new armed forces policy known as the New Appear. 1 . The real key was American ability to build and deliver nuclear weapons. 2 . Would allow the U. S. to destroy the S. U. C. Khrushchev 1 . Sputnik. a. Delivered the U. S. right into a deep mental depression regardless of the U. H. New Look insurance plan. D. Thesis. 1 . After the Suez turmoil, Eisenhower and Khrushchev could never entirely trust the other person again; their very own relations starting from then on became based upon brinkmanship and their ability to prevent war.

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II. Dien Bien Phu and South Vietnam.

A. Dien Bien Phu (1954) 1 ) Isolated garrison north of Hanoi. a. French set their best soldiers there and dared the Viet Minh to come after them. b. By simply April french were dropping. i. The fall of the garrison would mean the end of The french language rule in Vietnam. ii. Dulles and Eisenhower saw a victory for Communist violence and an inability of containment.

N. The Breaking of Southern region Vietnam III. Dulles Prepare (January 1954) A.

Significant retaliation 1 ) Used while the chief tool of containment. a. Under no circumstances used for liberation. b. Utilized much less following the Soviets were able to threaten the U. S. with destruction. installment payments on your Three cases of the use brinkmanship. a. Korea (February 1953). b. Vietnam (April 1953). c. Formosa Straits (January 1955). IV. Quemoy and Matsu (January 1955) A. Eisenhower 1 . Determined to hole Quemoy and Matsu. a. Assumed they were integral to the protection of Formosa. i. In the event they dropped, Formosa might fall, taking a chance on the anti-Communist barrier and putting many countries in the West Pacific under Communist effect. 2 . Asked Congress for a blank check because he was afraid this individual wouldn’t possess time to respond if the Oriental attacked Quemoy and Matsu. 3.

Major war scare. a. Eisenhower seriously considered falling nuclear weaponry on the China and tiawan mainland. i actually. Chinese pressure on the destinations lessened and the crisis retreated. ii. Brinkmanship succeeded. Versus. Kremlin VI. Stability of Eisenhower’s Government A. Eisenhower 1 . Increased Russian-American relationships. a. Avoided war and kept the arms competition at a decreased level. 2 . Strong placement. a. American GNP proceeded to go up devoid of inflation. n. NATO was intact. c. Western European overall economy continued to boom. d. American army bases inside the Pacific had been safe. electronic. U. T. was armed service superior to the S. U. VII.

Khrushchev’s Secret Talk (February 1956) A. Magic formula speech 1 ) Shocked the Party Our elected representatives by denouncing Stalin’s criminal activity. a. Mentioned that Stalinist restrictions can be loosened. 2 . Russians dissolved Cominform (April 1956). several. CIA received a copy of the speech and distributed this around the world. a. Khrushchev was forced to disband the old Stalinist Politburo in Warsaw and enable Wladyslaw Gomulka, an independent Communist, take electricity. VIII. Suez Canal Crisis (1956) A.

Suez Apretado 1 . U. S. withdraws support through the Aswan Atteinte on This summer 19, 1956 because of Nassar’s trading marriage with theS. U. (Soviets give Nassar guns). a. Nassar seizes the Suez Canal in response. i. Uk and France furious since they are dependent on the canal to get oil. installment payments on your British and French start plans of invasion of Egypt without telling the U. H. a. Concern an commandement, arranged before hand with His home country of israel. i. Notify combatants to stay away from the Suez Canal. 2. Nassar neglects the ultimatum, so Europeans begin bombing Egyptian armed forces targets. 3. U. H. introduces a resolution in the U. N. Basic Assembly. a. Urge a truce and impose a great oil retención on Britain and Italy. b.

English tried to seize the cacera, but the U. S. causes them to return it to Egypt. IX. Budapest Crisis (October 1956) A. Budapest 1 . Khrushchev gives benefits of the stalinist puppet dictators to Imre Nagy. a. The Russians also withdrew their tanks from around Budapest. installment payments on your Nagy withdrew Hungary from the Warsaw Pact. a. Soviets attacked the Hungarians, eliminating thousands. w. The U. S. by no means considered assisting the Hungarians. i. U. S. armed forces were not in a position of traveling the Reddish colored Army out of Hungary, except through a nuclear holocaust. ii. Hungarians left to fend on their own against the Russians.

X. Eisenhower Doctrine (July 15, 1958) A. Eisenhower Doctrine 1 . Gave Eisenhower the power to use U. S. armed forces in the Middle East if this individual deemed the necessity of assisting against armed hostility from virtually any country manipulated by intercontinental communism. a. Sent the Marines in Lebanon to back up President Chamoun. i. Intervention illustrated Eisenhower’s methods. ii. Unilateral actions that chanced war supporting a significantly less democratic authorities threatened simply by pro-Nassar Middle easterns. iii. U. S. troops limited to taking airfield as well as the capital just. XI. Sputnik (October 4, 1957) A.

Sputnik 1 ) S. U. successfully released the worldi? ¢s initially man- made satellite. a. Americans furious, ashamed, and afraid. installment payments on your The Gaither Report. a. The published findings and recommendations in the Ford Groundwork. i. Presented a dark picture of the future of American security. 4. Sputnik had the effect of establishing rules for the Cold Warfare. a. Soviets would not challenge the West’s vital hobbies. b. Eisenhower indicated that he did not want a great arms competition and was eager for datente. XII. Second Berlin Crisis (1956) A. Second Duessseldorf crisis 1 . West Duessseldorf an economic miracle.

a. Came into existence the greatest production city in Germany. b. Its GNP exceeded regarding more than half the members from the U. In. 2 . Khrushchev moved against West Duessseldorf in late 1956. a. Terrifying the growing rearmament of West Philippines. i. Adenauer, the Western German innovator, was increasing the rate of rearmament. 3. Free-city proposal. a. Turn West Berlin right into a free metropolis and might remove the troops from almost all alien countries. b. Eisenhower rejected proposal. i. Feared the Russians would frighten the U. S. into an biceps and triceps race that could bankrupt the nation. ii. Khrushchev soon began to back down.

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