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Portion 1: Exploration Networking Criteria Organizations Collect information about the main networking criteria organizations simply by going on a web surfing treasure hunt. Determine important qualities of some of the organizations. Part 2: Reflect on Internet and Computer Networking Activities Reflect on how a various networking standards agencies enhance our experience of the net and computer networking. Background as well as Scenario Applying web search engine listings, research the nonprofit companies that are in charge of establishing worldwide standards for the Internet and the progress Internet technology.

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Required Assets In Part one particular, you will identify some of the significant standards companies and significant characteristics, including the number of years around, the size of their membership, the key historical figures, some of the obligations and tasks, organizational oversight role, as well as the location of the organization’s headquarters. Make use of a web browser or websites for various businesses to research information about the following agencies and the people who have been instrumental in maintaining all of them. You can find answers to the queries below by simply searching the subsequent organizational acronyms and conditions: ISO, TERSEBUT, ICANN, IANA, IEEE, EIA, TIA, ISOC, IAB, IETF, W3C, RFC, and Wi fi Alliance.

1 . Who is Jonathan B. Postel and precisely what is he praised for?

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