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Ladies and gentlemen with the court, I’ve been charged with investigating, and bringing to the attention with the court the whole background and figure of T. J. Avery from a great impartial viewpoint. These are my personal findings.  T. J. Avery comes from a sharecropping family members which living and working on Mr. Gangers property, they are poor and lack financial self-reliance. T. J. s dad is a weak old man and in consequence lacks the physical strength to punish him, for anything at all he truly does wrong.

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Big t. J. has almost no principles, so this individual has no issue with getting other folks in trouble when he was the one who was the cause of that. One event was once T. L. had gone to the Wallace shop, and his young brother Claude had used, when he was seen up there by simply Misses Logan she told his mom that having been there, when T. J. s mom questioned him about it your woman just stated that he had increased there to get Claude, who he said was sneaking up there to get free candy, Claude was beaten, this individual didnt tell his mom that it wasnt him.

He shows these attributes once again at the end with the school term, during examination time, T. J. had written some be unfaithful notes, and when the educator who were Misses Logan, he offered them to Stacey Logan that is his friend, but before Stacey could hand them back, his mom saw that and interrogated him about it and after that proceeded to punish him in front of the entire class. Ahead of this Capital t. J. had been caught rummaging threw Yearns for Logans literature at her desk trying to find the test, following sneaking in to her place, while visiting the Logan household as a friend of the Logan children.

T. J. is befriended by R. W. and Melvin Simms, whom buy him alcohol at The Wallace Shop. T. M. is proud of this kind of friend deliver with the two white kids, but T. J. is usually disgusted that Grand Mother Logan wanted to see Mister Wade Watts. Jamison, who may be an attorney at Law. This can be while he was visiting the city of Blood with Grand Mother Logan and the Logan children. Likewise while in strawberry Stacey Logan is definitely foolishly confident by Big t. J. to look into the white-colored mans store, which is various other wise understand as The Barnett Mercantile, while in the mercantile T. L. is mesmerised by the peal-handled pistol.

Later that month Stacey Logan is given I new coat form his Uncle, Hammer Logan, Capital t. J. mocks him and his coat, saying that he seemed like a fat preacher because the layer was a tad big on him at the time, later To. J. downsides Stacy in to lending him the layer until Stacey grows into it, when Stacey realizes his foolishness and asks for the coat to be returned, Sludge hammer Logan inform T. L. to keep the coat, Capital t. J. will not even try to give it back again, he just simply takes this, he has a very small notion if any kind of.

At the end in the last university year, To. J. was caught cheating in his test and consequently fails, he knows that if Yearns for Logan had not caught him he would of past, nevertheless he is filled with resentment and anger therefore he designers the termination of Jane Logan, then he takes his revenge on her. He says that Does not show for Logan is definitely not sticking to the program, this is and then a trip to her school by a university board recognized, Kaleb Wallace and Mister. Ganger, who is the head of the school table, Misses Logan is then right away dismissed. If the Logan children discover that To. J. is behind her dismissal he’s completely declined by all the other children.

T. L. after all his pretence about hating white wines has used those to satisfy his own selfish motives.  T. J. came to the revival festival together with the Simmss, he could be dressed in a fine suit which usually he the Simmss bought him, and tries to display, but can be doesnt operate, and the gathering ignore him. The Simmss call Capital t. J. as well their car but he hesitates to get a moment like unsure if perhaps to go or perhaps not to move, he chooses to go with these people and nothing even more is known. With what happened to him following he kept the resurrection meeting.  I hope this will assist the judge and jury to make this hard decision. People of the court docket

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