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The author of the book, The Ladies of Missalonghi, by simply Colleen McCullough describes for the reader just how Missy, an unattractive woman, in a small community differs via Alicia.

Missy, the daughter of Drusilla would not really have virtually any self-confidence in herself. She’d begin by wondering what your woman really appeared as if. The house possessed only one looking glass, in the bathroom, and it absolutely was forbidden to stand and gaze for ones reflection. Thus Missys impressions of herself were hedged with guilt that she could have stayed too much time gazing. Also, she recognized she was quite taller, she understood she was far too slim, she recognized her frizzy hair was right and dark, that her eyes had been black-brown, and her nostril sadly away of kilter due to an autumn as a child. The lady knew her mouth drooped down in its left nook and garbled up at its right, nevertheless she couldnt know how this made her rare huge smiles fascinating and her typical solemn appearance a clown like tragicomedy(Pg. 35-36). Missy didnt really pay close attention to what she genuinely looked liked. It couldnt matter how women appeared in those days while how it can do today. They will seem to think that its wicked to look at your self in the reflect, and that its forbidden for a woman to consider her very own image. Lifestyle had educated her to consider herself as being a very homely person, yet something in her refused to believe that entirely, will not be confident by anywhere of rational evidence. Therefore each night she’d wonder what she viewed like(Pg. 36). She realized what she really seemed like, but her conscious was telling her different. It had been like she had something in her that really was setting her apart from her family and friends.

Even in her mid-twenties she would still be treated unfairly. Her mom looked straight down at her and did not appreciate one of the things that she would. Any pip-dreams Drusilla could have harboured about Missys developing up to grab the ladies of Missalonghi away of penury via a magnificent marriage perished before Missy turned then simply, she was always comfortable and unprepossessing(Pg. 39). What her mother pictured Missy to be had been vanished when Missy was about ten. Her mother shed fate in her just before she actually had a chance to confirm her decency. Missy as well was surviving in her own fantasy community. Her mom was against her coming from reading romantic endeavors books as it was a sin to know regarding love. The lady was break inside pertaining to she believed she will never experience love, thus this made her even more interested in romance and love. She also grew up to a family where love was evil and bad. She also never experienced that personal passion that she always wanted to truly feel. Her mother may make her trust in other things that wasnt authentic, but the lady wasnt likely to abide by this.

Missy sensed that your woman was in-slaved by her mother and her aunts. Her mom made her do each of the chores even though she was so ill that she couldnt re-locate of bed. When ever she received so sick and tired and fainted, her mom and great aunt were considering who was doing the tasks. She was just like Cinderella who was left behind to wash and do anything. Even when the girl left the house to go get something, she constantly thought about milking the bovine and that she had to hurry back ahead of her mom would get crazy at her. She experienced such a big responsibility that she didnt have any moment for anyone, not really for her self to enjoy. Also let it not really be darkish! Prayed Missy. I want a scarlet outfit! A lace dress in the sort of reddish that makes your eyes go swimming when you appear t their thats the things i want!? brown, Drusilla finished at last, and sighed(Pg. 51). She desired a darkish dress of all the colors she had to select from. She always felt that she matched brown ideal aside from additional colors. The color brown which made her figure even more darken, is the color that she liked best. I know how disappointing this must be, but the fact of the matter is, Missy, that not any other shade becomes your half as good as brownish! In pastels you look sick and tired, in dark-colored you look jaundiced, in navy you have reached deaths door, and the slide tones convert you into a Red Indian(Pg. 51). Actually her personal mother did not have virtually any confidence in her. She suggests that the girl wears a brown dress because it complements her finest. She became very disappointed that her mother thought that all brown was your only color she liked. She genuinely liked the pastel costume a lot and was overjoyed. Brown, what an unsightly color(pg. 66). She resented the color dark brown, but she wears that the most. Missy, like a darkness who was by no means noticed is usually beginning to come out of the darker. Missy also has a serious cardiovascular problem. Occasionally she would faint and not actually know that the girl fainted. Her mother couldnt really put more emphasis on Missy, and her health issues. They all had more serious stuff to handle than her disease. Her mother and her aunt had been worrying about who was going to be the subsequent Ladies of Missalonghi and this who was much prettier. She also had a cousin by the name of Alicia Marshall. A truly exquisite monster, Alicia Marshall. Very high and built on sexy yet self-disciplined lines, your woman was angelically fair of skin and hair and eyes, with beautiful hands and toes, and a swanlike throat. As always, the girl was wearing perfect taste, and put on her ice-blue silk outfit (eyelet padded, its shorter overskirt fashionably pointed) with incomparable sparkle and grace(pg. 47) Alicia was different from Missy. She wore very nice and elegant clothing and seemed very great. She is also the same era as Missy, but with an entire different attitude and position. Alicia arrived in a motor car, which in those days only the wealthy got motor vehicles. She also was chauffeured and was remedied like a california king. Even though these were both the same age, Alicia had the potential to start her own cap store, as opposed to Missy who had been still in the home and being bossed around. It appeared as though Missy had no social existence, and that she never realized how the exterior world was like. Her mom also cured her such as a child as though she had nothing to live for. That they seem to feel that Alicia experience it all, this wounderful woman has the look, the wealth, and the men getting at her feet. Alicia had an close relationship and discovered what love was. She experienced romance and enjoyed her everyday life. Your woman didnt value what other persons would believe because your woman had her beauty to rely on. Even Missys mom respected Alicia, she dropped her dreams and hope for Missy consequently she transferred it towards Alicia. As pretty and smart this town thought Alicia was, the girl ran away with the chauffeur to get married.

As I have defined the differences between Missy and Alicia, all their roles alter. Missy finally finds her romance and love, as well as the intimacy the lady always wanted. Her husband, a wealthy gentleman, makes her part of his company and Alicia runs off having a chauffeur who have makes lower than what she made by her hat store. Missy finally leaves home as well as the torment after her mother died and aunts.


McCullough, Colleen. Women of Missalonghi. New York, Nyc. Avon Catalogs, Inc. 1987

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