Landfills problem in Hong Kong Essay

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Picture one day we may include nowhere to dispose each of our waste, ______. You may be dubious that there is still a long way to the nightmare; however , according to the Hk Environmental Protection Department, three major tactical landfills in Hong Kong will be saturated inside the mid to late 2010s. In other words, each of our landfills will be filled up within ten years.

This implies that Hong Kong indeed posseses an imminent waste materials problem linked to the sturation in the landfills. Currently, we depend merely on landfills to dispose of each of our garbage. Therefore , it will be unavoidable for us to handle great difficulties concerning the disposal of spend if we pay no attention to this severe situation and let it to deteriorate. Thesis statement Currently, most of Hong Kong’s foodstuff waste can be disposed of in landfills combined with other city and county solid waste.

In 2011, there are some almost eight, 996 loads of MSW disposed of by landfills daily. Of these, about 3, 584 tonnes (39. 8%) had been food waste, constituting the biggest MSW category being landfilled. Among the meals waste discarded daily, some 1, 056 tonnes were generated coming from commercial and industrial (C&I) sources including restaurants, resorts, wet marketplaces, food development and digesting industries.

Recently, the amount of meals waste arising from the C&I sectors has grown steadily: by less than four hundred tonnes daily in 2002 to over one particular, 000 loads per day this year. Cause a couple of: food squander 5. References

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