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The three resorts we decided to use pertaining to our task are the Shangri La, Conforme and Tune Hotels and that we chose these three even as thought they would give us a wide range of information and so they would have quite different styles of websites since the legend rating that they have widely fluctuate. Description of Chosen Websites Including Their Features, Readily available Information and Comparisons with the Websites The Shangri La website posseses an extremely welcoming look to that.

The colours used are extremely homely and warm which gives it a very welcoming experience which makes you wish to book an area and stay there right away.

The picture used for the home web page shows the relaxation and great food that occurs as soon as you step into the hotel and with all of the green nature in the back it gives the hotel a very natural and environmental vibe. Thisgave all of us the impression that reservation a room will be very simple and enjoyable, just like being at the motel.

The Concorde website doesn’t have similar first impression.

All of us felt that after you first continue to the website, it doesn’t make you feel like you want to stay generally there. It seems extremely ‘showy’ and black and white and it doesn’t give us any attraction at all to book there. It seems almost too focussed for the business life-style and will not make all of us attracted to stay at the resort at all. TuneHotels websites first impressions aren’t great. There isn’t whatever makes you wish to stay right now there and it’s most very basic and boring. There is certainly nothing but information and it wouldn’t have got a chance of creating us book a room there.

Based exclusively on house out of those three lodge websites, all of us decided the fact that Shangri La won by a mile. The tool bar menu on top of the site for the Shangri La is simple and doesn’t have lots of things which usually we think is a good thing, because it provides the main topics; the things that you would probably initially look at the website intended for. Unlike for the Concorde’s web page, there are so many options on top tool pub and it makes the consumer feel like they are really being swamped with information and you just don’t know where to start.

All the options within the tool tavern of the Conforme website may all be found on the Shangri La’s as well, however the Shangri La’s is much more concise and better managed as they have a high and bottom level tool club with different information about each. The Concorde internet site has a lot of options and they are the same options for the very best and bottom level tool bar, which we felt was not very good for those sites layout. The Tune Hotel’s tool bar menu is known as a plus for his or her website because it’s easy and simple to get around around.

However the layout of the Shangri La’s tool tavern menus are much better, around the tool tavern of Unito and Track Hotel as you hover your mouse above one of the matters, there is a drop-down menu which is really good since it makes it extremely convenient to get the user as they can see each of the submenu’s which can be under every category. Instead of with the Shangri La’s where you have to simply click and be given to the next site to find out the other information can be on that page.

Having this function on the Melody Hotel and Concorde internet site makes the websites much more user friendly than the Shangri La’s with regards to looking for data, because it’s so much easier to navigate around as you know exactly what information can be on which web page. For the Concorde plus the Tune Resort website, for the homepage they both have booking forms, nevertheless on the Shangri La’s web page they have no this function on the home page, you can just access and browse this once you visit it under the tool tavern function pertaining to ‘Rates & Reservations’.

It has both positives and negatives for each in the hotels. For Concorde and Tune Motel its incredibly good because as soon as you enter the website this introduces you the booking form that might enhance the users decision to book that hotel as it will be simpler as they shouldn’t go searching to get a booking contact form, which could result in these two accommodations getting more on the web booking than the Shangri La as the booking contact form for that motel isn’t because conveniently readily available.

However , the Concorde and Tune Hotel’s booking kind system isn’t as pleasing as its small , bundled combined with a load of other information and they both aren’t enjoyable to fill in the criteria to stay, but on the Shangri La’s you don’t mind filling this in as the aesthetics are available to make it enjoyable to fill in as it has its own separate page. 1 feature that the Concorde resorts website provides that the different two have no is that no matter which page if you’re on on the website, you have a slideshow of some ictures associated with the particular theme you’ve clicked on. This gives the user a further information to many hotel itself rather than just having one picture per page you will find three or four. Using a slideshow in each page also gives the site more of a better user interface as it makes the web page more interesting as there are moving what you should interest the consumer, rather than like the other two websites where everything can be stationary and can lose customer focus which might result in these people stopping taking a look at the website after a short amount of time.

While using different photos on every page, through them it seems like the Concorde hotel is trying to share the feel and mood of all the different things including all of the cafes and eating places and show each of the specialities which in turn each place in the resort has to offer and then for each stick it seems like they want to show the uniqueness to each of which. Even though there exists this very good feature on the website, this still in some way doesn’t help to make it appear as good as the Shangri La’s.

With all of the enchantement from each of the pictures that are used in the Concorde’s website, this adds to it being ‘showy’ and glowing and it can do get through the point it’s far very grand, but after a while, this getsquite tiresome and uninteresting, but with the Shangri La, having merely one picture every page somehow seems to work a lot better. We think that in this case; significantly less is more. Yet , for the Tune Lodge website very little is going upon at all, in reality too little will go on, so it is extremely boring to be on this website after having a while because there aren’t any tiny things included such as images on the pages or any shifting user interactive features.

There exists a gallery around the Tune Motel website, nevertheless the gallery is of quite a bad standard as there are only a few photos which seems like a half-job has been carried out on it and it doesn’t boost the website with these few pictures in. It does explain to you how the areas are actually like and what additions they may have in the hotel like Subway, so it’s not completely ineffective. The website artist just must put a lot more effort into it.

For the knowledge on the Melody Hotel website, it seems like that they don’t desire their customers and potential customers to find out so much about the actual motel that they will always be staying in mainly because they have information such as such things as the investors and the managing team, which usually isn’t quite what most people look for in order to into booking a hotel, so we think there is a few unnecessary data that the Melody Hotel site offers for most of the eople that search these websites. There is not anywhere close to as much useful information the fact that Concorde and Shangri La offer which may just be reasons from Track Hotels not having the same substantial standard because the additional two accommodations and maybe there just isn’t as much for the hotel to offer as the other two high ranked hotels. Using the information incorporated into each of the websites differs a lot in terms of the choices of precisely what is included and not.

When we viewed deeper in to the details of the info in the websites, we found that upon pages about the eating places and cafes on the Unito and Shangri La’s web page they had incredibly detailed details that is incredibly convenient for the user if they are looking for information concerning the restaurants and eateries such as the gown code. With having these details it gives the potential customers additional knowledge that they need and if this information wasn’t placed on the website a lot of potential customers might arrive in the incorrect attire and in addition they would be required to either alter their apparel and go back to the cafe or take in somewhere else.

This info is really a service to the users as the information isn’t a necessity to be included in the web page, but the administration thought about making the lives of their upcoming customers much easier. The layouts of these two websites for the information web pages like the cusine pages include quite a diverse standard to each other. The Shangri La’s layout and colours used are extremely relaxed, increased temperatures and welcoming; on the other hand the Concorde’s structure is very grayscale white, too simple and looks too much just like information. The font does not make this inviting to learn, however the Shangri La’s font makes it a pleasure to learn.

Some details that is as part of the Concorde’s web page is rather one of a kind to a resorts website. There is certainly information on occupations such as the right way to apply for a purpose of Hard Rock and roll Hotels, Unito Hotels and Resorts and other resorts in Malaysia. This really is something that nobody in my group has noticed or been aware of before. The Tune Hotels also include this kind of feature on its internet site, however it just isn’t anywhere near the professional common that the Concorde’s is at, as there isn’t any design of what specific jobs are available or perhaps where, nevertheless on the Concorde’s all of the details is presented very skillfully and obviously.

Tune Resorts and Concorde also have a characteristic on their website which is Guest Opinions. However , we faced a single problem with this kind of. We at first saw guests reviews on Tune Accommodations website and it was revealed in a very little box with changing comments and evaluations of prior customers appointments, but there after we couldn’t find it again anywhere on the webpage. On the other hand, the guest testimonials on the Concorde’s website is easily sighted upon its homepage.

The two bigger rated resorts, the Shangri La and Concorde include a feature where you could change the language of the web page to suit your choice. The choices of language will be English, China or Japan. These terminology choices are limited, nevertheless for this particular resort in Kuala Lumpur these types of three choices of language happen to be enough to accommodate the requires of the vacationers that will enquire about these resorts as the majority of the users should be able to read or speak one of these three key languages.

For any three from the hotel websites they give you the offer of joining their group on Facebook or myspace, Twitter, Vimeo and a few additional less well-liked ones within the Tune Accommodations website. This kind of shows that all the websites happen to be targeting a number of age groups through having these kinds of features within the websites it will help them obtain a new addition to the target market in the hotels.

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