Law Enforcement Today Essay

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There are many issues facing that law enforcement today from things such as ethnic discrimination to probable trigger and for the officers who have go through this on a daily basis it can be has been a everything fight. In today’s police force agencies there are many local, federal and state agencies that are in contact with the Department of Homeland Secureness.

Racial elegance is a concern for law enforcement today since there are cases in which a white expert arrests or perhaps shoots someone who is a fraction and the community public views this to become an act of ethnic discrimination compared to it being that someone who happens to be a minority certainly not abiding by the laws that govern these people and all the citizens around them as well as trying to cause harm to those around them. For example I am sure everyone has heard about the Michael Brown case that occurred in September 2014 where a white police officer shot and killed a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri which includes caused problems in other companies while their very own officers take the road. One more incident that has been an issue is a safety of officers.

For example back on September 12, 2014 when a man who had been seeking change shot and killed a Pennsylvania Point out Trooper while injuring another. Another concern all local, state and federal companies deal with could be the issue on immigration. The main reason immigration is an issue intended for police companies is because if you have a person or a group of people that have arrive to the U. S. intend to they can cause problems in culture that are undesired and that cause crime to rocket within a specific place or nationwide.

Another concern that the law enforcement officials agencies proceed through would be cybercrime. Cybercrime is a big issue for police companies because the work of the police department is always to protect the citizens and when a child has been bullied for the point the kid takes all their life or perhaps child porn material is being exposed on the net it is a crime because it is creating someone else to become unsafe as well as it being illegal. Cybercrime is also very hard for legislation enforcement agencies to deal with because they can be very difficult to catch except if someone highlights in plain view the particulars of whom, when, where, what, and just how it is occurring. Local, state and federal law enforcement companies interact with Homeland Security in lots of ways.

Some ways in which these companies interact with Homeland Security is by helping to continue in keeping the citizens of the United States of America safe report and by eradicate terrorist episodes or whatever will hinder the lives of the American people in any way in the United States. For instance if a local police agency runs a traffic quit that absolutely identifies known terrorists than they can accept the terrorists for questioning and alert the state and federal agencies as well as the government about information about the terrorists and their groups.

The way the Office of Homeland Security has got the federal, neighborhood and express law enforcement agencies involved is by collecting info, information, equipment and methods that each of such agencies are likely to need in order help get rid of terrorism in the usa. While trying to get all the organizations involved in addition there are different things that DHS plus the local, federal and state agencies can do in order to improve their relationship. Such things consist of on how they will communicate and share information, boost federal methods as well as supporting them through grants, training and other means. Lastly, they will be to boost its discursive capabilities to obtain better understanding of new and emerging threats.

As one who want to become a police officer one day We too would want to gain gain access to in helping to solve the issues that the local, federal and state governments are facing today as well as in the future as well as safeguarding the individuals of the United States. Acquiring it detail by detail will help eliminate the threat of terror and also even the problems of the section and the Normal Operating Techniques they go through.

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