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In today’s society, law enforcement representatives are confronted with many concerns. Different problems can happen in any level of the law enforcement agencies. One of the primary things to assist with the issues is good for officers to be trained to the best of their capacity. Each standard of law enforcement is linked in one way or another. In this composition, I am going to explain some of the problems that the police department are facings in today’s contemporary society. Describe how the local, point out, and government law enforcement companies currently interact with the U.

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S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). As well as, give ideas for how the marriage between DHS and law enforcement departments might be improved. Presently there may not be the proper answer to fixing the issues of law enforcement firms, but understanding what the issues happen to be will be the first step. Helping fix the issues inside the systems and between the amount law enforcement organizations will help the criminal rights system increase stronger.

According to Schmalleger (2011) the issues facing police departments in todays happen to be corruption, on-the-job dangers, plus the use of lethal force get from the extremely nature of police job (p. 266). Some of the issues are as a result of risk representatives take to serve and guard our areas, unfortunately there are issues that officers take on their particular. When an office choices to refrain from giving their work with honor they may choice corruption. “The abuse of police expert for personal or organizational gain (Schmalleger, 2011). Corruption affects the entire community, the police office, and every law enforcement officials department around the world. Part of the current challenges stem through the level of medicines, the new prescription drugs that are being developed, along with the bande and guns in our metropolitan areas. Other problems that officers encounter are problems that some may say feature the job.

On-the-job dangers, the application of deadly push, and derive from the extremely nature of police operate can be very dangerous. Officers place themselves within the front collection every day and is harmed simply by criminals who have no matter for others lives. Working in the queue of duty can also set officer in harm’s approach by risk of disease and infected evidence and tension and tiredness. With the training and always remaining aware of the officer’s environment, they can aid to protect themselves. Each member from the law enforcement can be grouped within a level, with these amounts working together concerns can be dealt with. When there exists good conversation and work together more may be do against crime. Our local and county authorities in today’s contemporary society role is usually to serve and protect the citizensin the communities. Each of our state authorities are responsible for their gaming commissioning, wildlife security, and personal corruption.

Government law enforcement focus on the larger concerns such as migrants, drugs and human trafficking, and weapon smuggling. The U. T. department of Homeland Secureness (DHS) can be an agency through the federal government. Each of our local, state, and federal state police force agencies will work together to help in the reduction of offense with terrorist. “As component to its determination to hometown security, DHS has worked to get tools, information, and resources away of Buenos aires, D. C. and into the hands of our federal, condition, local, tribal and territorial law enforcement partners (Homeland Security, 2014). Each of our text says, “In today’s post-9/11 community, local authorities departments enjoy an especially natural part in addressing the issues of terrorism (Schmalleger, 2011). According to Schmalleger (2011) they also have “Prevention, not just response and restoration, must be paramount in any national, state, or local secureness strategy.

Intended for too long, federal government strategies have minimized the importance of reduction, focusing rather on response and recovery (p. 198). With the neighborhood, state, and federal police working with the Department of Homeland Secureness there has been development in the prevention against terrorist. To keep every one of the levels and departments of law enforcement working together will not only assist with terrorist good results . all offense that is fully commited in the United States. A large couple of suggestions for improving the relationships between U. S i9000. Department of Homeland Reliability and police departments. There should be agents from DHS which come to higher terrorist rate areas to interact with the police department helping tell them.

They can buy more information staying there rather than reading reviews. This should likewise go the other way round, members from the police section should spend time at the DHS offices to have a better knowledge of how it can be ran and just how they can support. As the times change in the world today legislation enforcement agencies have to alter with that to stay ahead of criminals. Taking care of the issues and doing the very best they can to overcome them and to find out safest ways to work with these people can only enhance the officers. There are numerous types of crimes in existence and different organizations need to interact, just like the way they support the DHS on terrorist. Going agents or officers around to experience and find out new approaches or approaches can only aid to improvewhat the criminal proper rights system really does for America.


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