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Patton, without doubt had faithful subordinates that worked as a team to carry out his orders which makes them successful. This is another thing that made him such an excellent leader. He previously the prefer of his superiors plus the respect and loyalty of his subordinates. Some may possibly view his manner of presentation as unusual, but total it proved helpful for him. He was extreme and fierce and would not give up. He may have been delivered with these qualities, nevertheless his armed service schooling and extracurricular activities probably helped to fully develop them.

As successful because Patton was, he was not really immune in order to poor decisions and bad mistakes. Mainly because Patton a new tough interior and exterior, he predicted this of his subordinates. He was seen to slap guys whom he felt were showing indications of weakness. This individual did this kind of to a few subordinates during trips to clinics around the time of the challenge of Messina. When Eisenhower heard of this kind of, he had not been pleased as soon as reporters observed how Patton treated his mean, Eisenhower was under pressure. As a result, this individual passed above Patton to get the position of commander of yankee ground causes (Ethier, 2001).

Patton may possibly have made a lot of mistakes during the course of his career. He may have also been known to be brutal to his subordinates and frequently swore too much. However , he was cunning together a caring side to him. Patton had a son-in-law who had been captured in Tunisia and later imprisoned in Hammelburg, Germany. The troops were told they were to prepare for any special overcome mission once in reality Patton had planned most along to get his son-in-law to be rescued. He put many of his troop’s hails from danger because they don’t have an obvious understanding of what precisely their mission was. Because of this, the objective was a disaster leaving various troops wounded or useless (Niderost, 2006). However, Patton held his ground and that what he did was right.

Many things can be related to why Patton was this kind of a successful armed forces leader. His upbringing and education undoubtedly played an important part and some could argue that his being dyslexic manifested on its own in a way that built him seem more aggressive and perhaps more threatening to the people reporting to him. Patton knew how to work the room. He knew exactly how to cope with his managers and he knew the right way to treat his subordinates to acquire their esteem and loyalty. His strategies may not be regarded politically accurate in today’s world, however it is still generally believed many years after his death that he was one of the best military leaders of all time.


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