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His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is known as a renowned spiritual leader and multi-faceted humanitarian whose objective of uniting the world into a violence-free family members has influenced millions of people throughout the world.

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The icon of nonviolence and general human principles, Sri Sri seeks global peace through service and dialog. Born in 1956 in the southern area of India, Sri Sri’s charm transcends course, race, faith and nationality. Millions of people revere him as their spiritual leader, and look approximately him to get inner peace and advertising ecumenical beliefs. In 81, Sri Sri started the Art of Living Groundwork, an international non-profit educational and humanitarian business.

The Foundation, at this point active much more than 140 countries, offers educational and self-development courses designed to eliminate stress and foster a sense of well-being. In Europe as well as the United States, the Foundation’s courses are supporting inner city youth turn away by gang physical violence, drugs and alcohol. Sri Sri’s Prison Programs include helped transform the lives of an approximated 150, 500 inmates around the world. In 1997, Sri Sri founded the International Connection for Man Values, a humanitarian nonprofit organization that advances man values in political, economical, industrial, and social spheres.

In To the south Asia, S. africa, and Latin America, the Association’s environmentally friendly development applications have reached a lot more than 30, 1000 rural neighborhoods. While his self expansion programs have got popularized customarily exclusive historic techniques, Sri Sri’s interpersonal initiatives addresses an array of problems such as resolve conflicts, disaster and trauma relief, prisoner treatment, youth leadership, women’s personal strength, female foeticide, child labor, and access to education. In Kashmir and Sri Lanka, Sri Sri can be working to additional dialogue among opposing celebrations to resolve the conflicts quietly.

Sri Sri travels to more than forty five countries a year to share his message of social responsibility, and that almost all great psychic traditions reveal common desired goals and beliefs. His theories of love, sensible wisdom, and service encourage harmony when it comes to, and inspire individuals to follow their picked spiritual course, while adoring other pathways. Spreading the message of your One Community Family Growing the communication of love, empathy and nonviolence, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar tirelessly promoters harmonious co-existence among people. When he addresses innumerable forums on various subjects, the regular thread through all his speeches is definitely the principle of humanity, and brotherhood.

His universal, and message is the fact love and wisdom can prevail over hatred and distress. Unique speaking to parliamentarians in Argentina, business leaders in Europe, peace organizations such as the United Nations and Muslim and Indio leaders, Sri Sri focuses on human values, and unanimity among people. Sri Sri have been invited to address the World Monetary Forum at Davos about two situations, the Un Millennium Universe Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Market leaders, the first World Our elected representatives of Imams and Rabbis in june 2006 among additional forums. With an purpose of bringing together leaders from different walks of life, Sri Sri in addition has hosted many symposiums.

The facts & Getting back together Conference to foster equal rights of the Dalit community (2007), International Meeting on Human being Values (2006) and the total annual Corporate Tradition and Spiritual techniques Symposiums as being a few of them. Through his public discussions and symposiums, Sri Sri addresses issues of inter-faith harmony, environmental sustainability, poverty alleviation and grassroots creation. He motivates thousands throughout the world to live the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or a 1 World Family. University Doctorates Doctor of Letters Honoris Causa, Bangalore University, India, 2009?

Doctor of Characters Honoris Querella, Nagarjuna University or college, India, 2008? Doctor of Letters Honoris Causa, Maharaja Sayajirao School, India, 2007? Doctor of Science, Rajiv Gandhi University of Overall health Sciences, India, 2007? Doctor of Beliefs (Holistic Medicine), Open Worldwide University to get Complementary Treatments in Sri Lanka, 2006? Honorary Doctorate coming from Kuvempu College or university, India, 2004 International Honours Culture in Balance Prize, World Tradition Forum, Dresden Germany, Oct 10, 2009?

Professor Honoris Causa, Szent Istvan School, Budapest, (Hungary), June 24, 2009? The Ball of Peace granted by The Peacefulness Doves, Norwegian, June 13, 2009? Phoenix Award, Atlanta, USA, 08 “Corporate Traditions & Spirituality” (CCS) is definitely an project of the Foreign Association pertaining to Human Beliefs. While central themes vary, this unique annual symposium delivers business and spiritual commanders with a program to share observations and activities on cultural responsibility, business ethics, and sustainable and profitable leadership. CCS was first launched in 2003 in Bangalore, India, and was attended by simply business commanders, academicians, and spiritual commanders from across the globe.

Encouraged by its success, an additional CCS meeting was managed in 2004 at the Skill of Living Foundation Head office in Bangalore. In 2006, the conference happened in Western european Parliament, Brussels, where much more than 300 individuals from twenty countries involved in a dynamic discussion on ethics and business since an integral part of ground breaking and sustainable development. The conference was at one time again managed in Brussels in 2007, and was attended by prominent leaders such as Prof. Ruud Lubbers, Former Perfect Minister from the Netherlands and co-Founder in the Earth Charter; Dr . Jacques Santer, Ex – Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Luxemburg and Ex – President from the European Percentage; Mr. Niels Christiansen, Vice-President, Nestle; Mister.

Rutger Koopmans, General Supervisor, ING Low cost Banking; Mr. Venugopal Dhoot, Chairman, Videocon Group; Dr . Hanns Glatz, Delegate with the Board of Management, Daimler motor company; and Prof. Peter Besonders, Founder, Openness International Philippines. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS The Art of Living Course provides participants the practical know-how and ways to unlock their particular deepest potential and take fullness to our lives. Whether completely happy and successful or sense the stress of poor health, disenchantment, or dread, every participant is maintained and comes away less heavy, with effective techniques for launching mental and physical anxiety and raising his or her wellness, energy, tranquility, self-knowledge, recognition, and happiness.

Simple Tips for Daily Life An extraordinary feature with the course is that participants have the ability to re-discover the modern day moment, quite a bit less a concept but as a direct encounter. Participants keep with basic but strong techniques that they may practice every single day. The Art of Living Course has become enjoyed by simply people of all traditions, religions, and walks of life, in universities, church buildings, governments, businesses, prisons, and war specific zones.

The Art of Living Foundation is dedicated to inspiring, uplifting and empowering visitors to live life to its fullest potential. Their youth applications emphasize individual values common to all nationalities, religions and traditions including nonviolence, compassion, caring for the entire world, enthusiasm for a lifetime, and a demeanor of assistance toward other folks. Art Exceed (All Circular Training In Excellence) for ages eight to 13 Presented within a practical and fun platform that interests youth of ethnic, ethnic and faith based backgrounds, ARTWORK Excel offers an enlightening approach that awakens youth for their deepest potential and life’s higher principles.

YES! for Teens (Youth Empowerment Seminar) for ages 13 to 18 Both equally fun and demanding, this 18 hour seminar provides teens with a complete toolbox to both control their own thoughts and pressure, as well as dynamically navigate through adolescence. YES+ for College Students and Young Specialists for ages 18 – 28 An innovative and dynamic educational and your life skills plan that provides young individuals with the various tools to achieve their ideal your life with ease, imagination, energy, minus inhibitions Equilibrium can be attained without cutting down goals or lessening accomplishments? it is regarding managing pressure and controlling ourselves. Depending on the Sudarshan Kriya, the APEX Training course is designed for organization professionals.

It is a simple, sensible, and effective training program that empowers managers and employees, and helps bring about calmness and focus in the middle of any obstacle or responsibility. The study course is designed to improve concentration, improve creativity, increase efficiency, and create a greater sense of purpose and team-work. The TOP course varies from most management and employee creation programs since it is not based on quick-fix alternatives, theoretical ideas, or ” light ” success formulations, but rather on practical techniques that offer immediate and real results.

It has been developed for businesses to aid change from within each employee and supervisor. The program also includes basic principles of effective living and emphasizes the essential individual values that help specialists lead more fulfilling and productive lives. SERVICE AGENCIES The Art of Living Foundation, a non-profit educational and humanitarian organization, opened by Sri Sri in 1981. The building blocks has chapters in more than 140 countries and its eco friendly development jobs, trauma-relief and self-development applications have gained more than 25 million people around the world. By nurturing the spirit of service and compassion in every individual, the inspiration seeks to develop a global world that is totally free of stress and violence.

The mission in the International Affiliation for Human being Values (IAHV), a not profit organization founded by Sri Sri in 97, is to create a deeper understanding of the values that unite all of us as a global human community, and to motivate the practice of human values in everyday life. The IAHV, employed in conjunction while using Art of Living Foundation, has started several catastrophe relief and sustainable development programs in South Asia, Africa, Europe, Central and South America and North America. Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth (VVM) is a umbrella organization under which will various support projects in the Art of Living Basis in India operate.

Furthermore to countryside development courses, women’s personal strength projects and academic initiatives, VVM is also involved with Vedic exploration, medical research and cultural research. The upcoming Sri Sri University or college in Orissa, India, is a full fledged 15, 1000 student multidisciplinary university which will combine top quality education with leadership abilities, social responsibility and values. The academic dominant that will be on offer are : Management, Legislation, Government, Mass Communications, Ethnical Studies, Anatomist, Medicine, Ayurveda, Vedic Sciences, Biotechnology and Research Sciences. University tickets will be based on aptitude checks alone, plus the campus will incorporate recreational features, meditation acces, and a sports complex.

The Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM) Trust opened in 1999 as a Charitable Psychic and Educational Community Institution to impart a valu-based education in a stress-free and child-friendly environment. The Trust facilitates several educational institutions, from country schools to urban universities. The Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Pre-University College made its debut in 2003 in Bangalore, India.

Affiliated with the Pre-University Plank of Karnataka, the College’s aim is to provide inexpensive and superior quality education to students for the threshold with their careers. To overcome the increased burden of private tuitions outside the school, the concept of “Integrated Coaching” was started. The initiative provides students the special training needed to deal with competitive tests for specialist courses. The Sri Sri Center intended for Media Studies’ mandate is usually to train and empower responsible and determined media professionals who will become reliable and objective details resources for people in a democracy.

The Sri Sri Start of Managing Studies was founded in june 2006, with the perspective of mixing high quality management education with spirituality and human values to create modern world managers. The institute provides a 2-yr post-graduate degree or diploma in Business Management, and different programs in investment and portfolio management, debt investments, modern developing, and supply sequence management. The Sri Sri Rural Development Trust was founded in 2001, with a perspective to provide long term and alternative sources of income to the rural population in India.

The Trust works with the Art of Living Base to implement initiatives including empowerment of rural girls, vocational schooling programs for women and junior, self development workshops, free medical camps, and the Junior Leadership Training course. The Sri Sri University of Performing Arts and Excellent Arts, found in Bangalore, India, is a hub of learning for traditional dance forms, folk and classical music, and the great arts.  The Sri Sri College for Ayurvedic Research and Exploration was started by Sri Sri to revive Ayurveda, the ancient system of healthcare that is native to India. The faculty is affiliated to the for the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Savoir, Bangalore, and offers a five year N. A. M. S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) specialist degree course.

Some of the exceptional features of the college include a herbal garden with diverse kinds of medicinal plant life and a situation of the skill Research and Development Middle. Incepted in 2003, the main element objective with the Sri Sri Mobile Farming Institute is usually to provide direction to farmers to become self-reliant, to revive organic farming, and to educate maqui berry farmers on water management and irrigation. The Institute? h projects incorporate workshops upon chemical-free farming awareness, environmental conservation, plus the advantages of organic and natural fertilizers and pesticides.

The use of indigenous seeds (instead of genetically altered ones) is also emphasized, and cooperative seedling storages have been completely set up. WHY SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR IS MY PERSONAL LEADER? Personally he is not only spiritual head but also peace supporter, meditation educator, humanitarian. I am genuinely inspired together with his concept of spirituality.

He has turned many attempts for people for being stress free. I also like his vision to create stress-free and violence free of charge world. He’s not just limited to spirituality; this individual has also performed many social activities such as peace, disaster relief, advertising literacy, girls empowerment, prisoner’s rehabilitation and so forth he has additionally set a large number of educational courses for students which will we have noticed earlier.

He teaches persons love and wisdom spreads message of affection, peace, brotherhood throughout the world. This individual aims at advertising spirituality amongst people and making them recognize that there is benefits in every individual. He recommends people to accept as well as respect each other.

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