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Flooding, Learning Models, Learning, Ethnical Revolution

Excerpt from Term Paper:

Slide Ten traces a plan to fix the issue. This can include increased autonomy for TAR, increased spiritual freedom, ukase of the water damage settlers into the region, and official Tibetan recognition of China’s present control of the area. This matches with plans of the Dalai Lama, American ordained monk Robert Thurman and other American analysts. The perfect solution allows the Chinese authorities a way out with the messy situation they have produced that saves face and retains their very own capacity to exploit Tibet’s vitamin resources, while at the same time eliminating the systemic human rights abuses.

The sources used for the presentation supplied me with extensive information about the current circumstance and defined the famous context in the events. The State Dept webpage in particular outline the violations not only in Tibet but various other Chinese abuses as well. The two sources that discuss alternatives are straight mentioned inside the description of this slide.


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